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  1. They have recently brought in Broadhead from Everton and Fletcher from Watford, both on loan and both forwards. Will be a tougher test for our defence who will need our midfield to help and "stand" in front of them and be an outlet for them. We have the players in defence and attack who can score but our midfield is key, going to be a baking hot day, Wigan will be at us from the off. Solid team performance required to get anything, we are certainly capable, so lets bring home ALL the points. Wigan 1-2 B.C.F.C
  2. you missed the posts calling BB a cock then, lets not dwell on that, well played the boys tonight
  3. love my club and great win tonight, but really can we cut the verbal abuse
  4. Sad to see vile name calling by some of the most prolific posters on here aimed at a fellow fan, his crime was to express his views, and those were not the same views as those posters.
  5. Sad to hear of your dad passing, seems we were both at most of those very games over those very years collecting progs, have 2 suitcases full. Fortunately for me I am still here; just brings back the memories of those heady days at the footie for me, I would just say take your time in sorting these progs out, just remember when they are gone they are gone. What ever value there is in those you dont want will prob only increase as time goes by, so as said take your time, Maybe in the future your children or your childrens children could be gratefull for you keeping all your dads collection, anyway dont rush.
  6. I predict a championship club will get through in our game, lose and we "can concentrate on the league" win and we will be play off contenders... the game could well go to penalties i.m.o......if they dont score in the first 30 seconds
  7. Certainly but a high price to pay now with no contact at all, from brother or sisters, sad life is so short; so we go on one step at a time; have my wife for 45yrs now a daughter and son and a gorgous grand-daughter and son 5 and 7yrs. meanwhile the tests continue with an endoscopy in a fortnight, just to see if the dreaded big C has stayed away.
  8. gl2

    What a mess

    reality a bitch aint it, by the way had loads of fun and great days out and at the old grounds in Cardiff, Liecs,Swindon, Millwall, Southampton,Watford, Qpr, Wolves, Brum, Preston, Blackburn, Burnley etc, etc; not forgetting great days in the Eastend/Enclosure/Open End; great fun and great days at the footie. Now what have you got f.f.s sit down shut up and dont fing swear what ever you do, its the way it is now, even have a computer telling the ref if it was a pen/offside/goal/foal wtf I`ll pass on that.
  9. gl2

    What a mess

    Been to the top and bottom with this my club, had season ticket for Dolman for its first 2 years, used to go to most away and all home back in the Galley, Garland, Gow, Gibson days. Gone to pot since the EE got chopped, lost our way now and continue to go around in circles. Poor manager and CEO selection has got us here, new engine driver required for a new journey.
  10. gl2

    What a mess

    For "bed wetters" read fans who are worried. Take a look at the 2 teams last night WBA and Watford either would blow us away at the moment and both are likely to be in a different league than us next season. Then look at the games coming this month Wigan, Luton, Cardiff, Blackpool, Hudders, wouldnt bet on us getting 2 or 3 points from the lot; past that hmmmm, Sept brings Blackburn, Preston, Norwich and Burnley...we should all be worried. Cant see where the wins or any win is coming from, add that to the fact that if any sort of bid that comes in for any of our top players they are gone, We seem very weak atm on and off the pitch, if we do manage a few points somehow, likely we could well get points deduction, if you are not worried you should be we will be doing very well to stay in this div this season. NP seems very "dull" and needs a bit of bounce around the ground injecting, I`d bring back double winning SC myself, not gonna happen with SL here. So would love us to be midtable at least this year, cant see it though...worried, very worried.
  11. wonderfull "chip" wont see many of them this season
  12. Exactly this, the managers have been his choices so where we are today is down to him; no-one forced him to invest his money and he has not exactly chucked it down the drain. He will be looking to "cash in" on some of his investments, his and Dawes first mistake was sacking our double winning manager SC giving him far less time than LJ or even his present choice NP. So anotherone who is just passing through our club bye then, next.
  13. We are still on the roundabout and likely to stay on it for the fore-see-able. We will continue to see the likes of Notts Forest pass us by while spending around 85million on 12 players, likelyhood of us being anywhere near that...NIL. We get by, by clinging to a forlorn hope that the next 10 games/transfer window/ manager selection by SL will change our direction, it wont round and round we go.
  14. Waste of air and hair space, too nice for a midfielder needs off loading asap.
  15. Mid-field can we have one please, in-case you havent heard of one its the bit that protects the defence and links the defence to the forwards. The midfield must consist of a "general" who bosses the area and those around him as close to a Mr GOW as possible please...thanks.
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