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  1. Disappointed Walsh isn't staying but that's offset by the likes of Alex Scott emerging. I just hope that the recruitment planned isn't predominantly more of Mariappa, Lansbury etc and the balance leans towards emerging talent. ALso, we should get a fee for Walsh:- "Where a professional player, under the age of 24, has been offered a new contract by his club (subject to certain requirements that the offer must meet set out in Rule 64.3 of the Football League Rules) and he rejects that offer in order to take up the opportunity to sign for another club, compensation will be payable." https://fullcontactlaw.co.uk/2016/11/compensation-players-24-mystery/
  2. bcfcnick


    Well, they were hamstring in injures I think. So, if he has been injury free then, in the absence of Andy Rolls, he should be okay going forwards.
  3. bcfcnick


    We do need a clear out though and, whilst Bentley is a good keeper, if we can get a good fee to provide funds to rebuild and pick up low cost but class act options like Maenpaa for example then that fulfils what Pearson said about having to be smart in the market. I'd really like to see Niki Maenpaa brought back on a two year deal if he is fully fit. Fitness and remaining fit is the issue though. He is currently in Italy with Venezia and they have an option on him for another year. Dominates the box, great positioning and a good shot stopper. He makes saves some keepers would turn into acrobatics look very comfortable. He has a calm assurance that seems to make the back four play with greater confidence. That's not to say we don't need a better back four though as we definitely do.
  4. One recruit I'd love to see would be Niki Maenpaa brought back on a two year deal if he is fully fit. His calm assurance has a positive knock-on effect on the back four. Makes hard saves look comfortable with his positioning. Currently in Italy with Venezia and they have an option on him for another year. Aged 35 so still a good two years in him for a keeper.
  5. Okay, please name and shame them. There's been injuries, management uncertainty and a complete lack of confidence but I can still only come up with Diedhiou as someone who looks like they aren't trying and shirking challenges to avoid jeopardising whatever he has lined up. I said at the start of the season there weren't enough goals in the side and we were lucky early on to nick some fortunate 1-0's. The performances were generally awful but I still don't think lack of effort was the reason.
  6. Make that 4 C's lacking - communication.
  7. Which players didn't try on Sunday? Please name them. Three C's lacking; confidence, competence and concentration but the only obvious one who hasn't shown effort in the squad has been Diedhiou.
  8. I've put top two. Is nobody else as happily deluded as myself? The under-23's just won their group that included the likes of Colchester and, no less, Charlton Athletic. There will be a transformational coaching team and new manager in place next year with a mass clear out of out of contract players who can't be faulted for effort but a bit of ability would have come in handy. We will retain the Scouse Messi though. A new fitness team will no doubt be part of the new set-up that will match the grade A training facilities. Remember that well-know saying in the financial market? "Past performance is not a guide to the future."
  9. I thought Pearson was a bit too prickly. Journalists have a difficult job to do and I don't like to see managers making it unnecessarily uncomfortable for them. They should see it as a means of communicating with the fans. Interesting that Massengo said "I don't know" when asked about whether he would be here next season. I know he's only young and he's also developing his English but a "I hope so, I really like it here" would come across so much better. I think his dad referred to 'the project', namely the 'Massengo project.' Nobody could be more committed on the pitch, but I just think he needs to be advised to make it sound like he feels part of the Club rather than coming across as if it's just a convenient temporary stop-off as part of his footballing journey. Not an easy pair for journalists to interview compared to the likes of Tommy Rowe and Kallas.
  10. I spoke with a friend who is a Forest supporter and he said that their TV channel mentioned Ashton Gate has a very hard pitch and they felt this could be the prime reason our squad has suffered so many hamstring injuries. I assume the Club have investigated this as a reason as it really could be something as simple as this? There are too many hamstring injuries for the spate of this specific injury to be a coincidence. That said, a lot of clubs have 4G pitches and they don't get the same level of injuries. Is our hybrid pitch harder than most? Forest observers seem to think so. https://eandt.theiet.org/content/articles/2016/10/hybrid-football-pitches-why-the-grass-is-always-greener/ "Harder surfaces, the argument goes, can lead to impact injuries in the legs and lower back. With less give in the surface, boots can get stuck in the turf, causing over-rotation in the lower limb, or a twisted ankle, if you’re speaking English. “[On harder pitches] players can reach peak velocities quicker and they don’t get dead legs like they used to on the old soggy pitches,” says Mike Davison, managing director of Isokinetic Medical Group, London, part of the FIFA Medical Centres of Excellence Network. “The pitches deliver back more reactive energy to the players, but players will feel the shock going through their bodies, in their joints, bones and tendons.”
  11. I think Steve Lansdown will be waiting to make sure we are safe from relegation before appointing Nigel Pearson. Then he will be asking the following questions. 1) Why did Dean Holden and LJ get more out of the squad than NP is? Yes, it was mostly dreadful football but they did get better results. 2) Will NP be able to do an effective job without his usual support team (coaching and recruitment)? 3) If not are the personnel (available? 4) Is Danny Simpson's recruitment an indication of the type (age and character) that NP will recruit? 5) Can he work effectively with the budget available? I'm impressed with NP but all the above are reasonable and sensible questions to look at before committing? I think if he can bring in Shakespeare and Walsh then it's a proverbial no-brainer, but, if not, then I'd want to know who he wants to bring in - his targets for new players and new support staff - and then decide.
  12. Always felt Niki Maenpaa was the most assured keeper we have had for a long time. Calm, good height, great positional sense that mean he could make what would be difficult saves look comfortable. Still has two or three more years as a keeper so it was a pity he was injury prone. No denying Bentley has made some spectacular saves and was excellent earlier in the season. All keepers will make mistakes but it's the tendency to go on a run of mistakes that is the issue. There was a reason he was moved on by Brentford and Bentley seems a confidence player who always has one stage in the season when he will make a run of mistakes when that confidence is lost. I don't think sides aiming to push for promotion can have a keeper who is prone to that. It's harsh but I'd sell for any offers over 3m and get a solid Maenpaa type of keeper to compete with Max. I'd like to see Max given a run of games until the end of the season. He can do the same reaction saves as DB and deserves his chance.
  13. I tend to be on the glass half full side, but the posts that were a bit wary of seeing Lansbury play and protect the back four did have some logic bearing in mind that in every other appearance he made the team hadn't picked up a point. I guess 'trust Pearson' is the best approach.
  14. I think Nigel Pearson will relish the challenge and sign a longer deal. He doesn't seem like a quitter and it just seems like a good fit for both the Club and him. I think it's clear that Steve Lansdown has taken a much more active role again and whatever Steve wants then Mark Ashton will follow. So the key relationship is between NP and SL. Pearson will be very clear on how he wants to run things but he does like to have a close knit team and everyone pulling in the same direction. I don't think Mark Ashton will have much say in recruitment and fitness matters going forward though. I get the impression that Steve L realises all the infrastructure is in place and he wants success on the field asap as he's not getting any younger. He is very reasonable and pragmatic though and will surely recognise recruitment has been a bit of a mess and give Pearson time. There aren't many chairman who are both reasonable, honest and patient so that will appeal to any manager. It's a stressful job and with NP's health scares I am sure he'll appreciate having a decent chairman. It's a great opportunity for Pearson to replicate what he did at Leicester. He's highly intelligent and will recognise that. SL likes a good relationship with managers which is why he kept LJ for so long and has maintained friendships with Brian Tinnion and Gary Johnson and no doubt remains on good terms with the likes of LJ, Keith Millen and Dean Holden. I have a feeling he will strike up a good working relationship with Pearson and there will be mutual respect. NP has good communication skills and all former colleagues seem to appreciate him. He's tough and driven but there is a wry and reflective sense of humour there and he's quite personable. He's not the out of control tyrant I thought he was from the media image and he's much more smart and subtle than that. I am sure he will be much easier to work with for Steve Lansdown than SOD for example who was somewhat dour and awkward. The large number of players out of contract will also give NP the chance to shape things for next season as well. In short it's a good fit all round and I am hopeful and quite confident Pearson will be given a much longer opportunity to sort things out and he'll relish the challenge.
  15. I think I read somewhere that they were persuaded to come by giving two and half year contracts. They won't be on colossal salaries though. It always staggers me why clubs such as City splash out millions on players who may or may not come off but penny pinch instead of head hunting elite recruitment coaching / managerial staff. Not only does that help bring a successful side but more than pays for itself in the enhanced value of players recruited and coached.
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