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  1. Frank Schmidt appearing in the betting at 25/1 which probably means very little. I know little about him other than he has performed wonders with Heidenhelm (his birth place) and is the longest serving manager in the German leagues. Saw this quote on him "Although his own person, Schmidt shares the social competence that Jürgen Klopp is a master of. He has recognized that so long as the effort is right he knows that for many on-lookers in Heidenheim it doesn't matter how the team plays." It's odd that there has been no announcement if Dean Holden is going to be appointed unless the
  2. Steve Cotterill let JET go and said his body wasn't designed for modern day professional football where athleticism and the ability to get up and down the pitch counts. I think he was being genuine rather than using natural lack of fitness as a euphemism for laziness. I could see a committed JET still doing really well in league 1 with the right manager and his stats for goals and assists were excellent. You'd think he would almost be worth taking a chance on as a last ten minutes impact player in the Championship. The problem with that is that JET seemed to get up to his best after
  3. I thought midfield recruitment was either particularly poor last season or decent players had their natural ability stifled by LJ's set-up / on the pitch instructions. It didn't seem balanced or a success. Brentford is the model to follow and investment in a successful recruitment system and personnel pays off financially with results and results. I think fans need some clarification on how City operate and, particularly, Mark Ashton's role. His role needs to be limited to negotiation rather than identification. There are far better better qualified people to do the latter. Fol
  4. I'd be quite happy if Dean gets the job. Good bloke, endorsed by the likes of Aaron Wilbraham, good man manager, will give academy talent a chance and will create internal unity. An angry and resentful fan base won't help him so I hope fans give him a chance. Ideally, I'd have liked someone such as Arne Slot, but if potential candidates such as him just weren't interested or realistic then I am more than comfortable with DH. He played a set system consistently that suited the available players and switched from LJ's contain and route one approach to a more attacking mindset which was
  5. I agree. I think any new appointee would have wanted a sizeable budget and a commitment from the Club to have gone for seasoned professionals. Cook has a good eye for a player but he also spent quite a bit of cash at the start of the season at Wigan. If he isn't given the green light to do then you take away the tools that make him successful so there is no logic in appointing him. If the circumstances mean we have to rely on youth and the academy and some astute trading with proceeds from Diedhiou and Elliasson then it's much better to have someone who knows the up and coming existin
  6. I don't think anyone has been as strong in the betting as this so, for the first time, it might be a decent indicator of the outcome. I think Dean holden will be retained and that makes sense in terms of finances and giving Cook someone who knows the Club and players well. Wouldn't be bothered if Jamie McAllister left to focus on his restaurant and staff recruitment.
  7. Why not Dean Holden? Top coaching qualifications Good man manager - the players like him and the old hair dryer rant and rave approach no longer works. In touch with modern coaching approaches. Financially viable for the Club Will play young talent and attacking football seems more tactically astute than LJ would bring entertaining football within the current limitations Calm and consistent - the man even meditates! may well have come across as the most impressive in interviews. knows the Club inside out so City can hit the ground running
  8. I think you are right if the performances were as turgid as under the latter couple of seasons with LJ. I don't think that's Holden's instinctive approach though. Also, if DH continued in the same vein where we saw him getting the best out of players and using and sticking with a formation that suited the squad then most fans would cut him some slack for anything above mid-table. More so if he started playing the likes of Walsh and Morrell in roles that highlighted their ability just as their recent loan managers did. For me that would bring the 'feel good factor' back.
  9. Probably in a minority of 0.000000001%, but I wouldn't be disappointed at all.
  10. In the absence of Arne Slot I think Paul Cook is probably the best choice for those whose priority is to see good football. I think Dean Holden would also play easy on the eye football and bring through young talent. Whether we’d win much is another matter but I think we would. He could turn out to be a brave and inspired choice. Brave because most of the fan base want a ‘name’. My favoured priority is to see attacking football rather than a dour defensive setup that grinds out results to get into the pay-offs. As a few teams have shown, winning and playing entertaining football a
  11. Disappointed not to see Arne Slot higher than 40/1 in the betting stakes. He’s my choice. It’s a bonus that his sides play exciting, winning attacking football and he seems likeable. More importantly, his name makes the best anagrams. ‘Real Snot’ being just one of many.
  12. Unlikely, but maybe Karanka will do a full kit photo shoot at Birmingham
  13. That Bristol Post City headline caught me out :- ‘Alex Neil installed as new ...... favourite’ They know what they are doing there as the mind reads it in advance as ‘ installed as new ...manager’. Don’t mind too much who gets the job as long as they play pleasing on the eye attacking football. Team style often reflects a manager or head coach’s personality. Just don’t want to see another set up to contain the opposition ‘identity’ imposes or a miserable SO’D. I fear Alex Neil is a touch dour at best.
  14. Good endorsement from Aaron Wilbraham for Dean Holden. https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/18530618.bristol-city-coach-backed-perfect-candidate-bolton-job/ I agree and if he has taken his coaching qualifications I'd like to see Wilbraham back in a support capacity. Dean - seems to favour good attacking football, he would probably give players like Walsh and Morell a chance, he sticks to a system and positions that suit players, got the best out of several players who were struggling under LJ and is highly regarded as a modern coach who puts on sessions that the players enjoy
  15. I think the lack of preparation for a replacement is linked to the Lansdown's close relationship with the Johnson's. SL puts a lot of emphasis on behaving honourably and, no doubt, more so with family friends. He wouldn't want a scenario to emerge where it was clear he and his son were planning behind LJ's back. I don't think this would have applied to other managers but for the Lansdown's it was a bit different with LJ and probably to the detriment of the Club.
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