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  1. So, they've got ONE first class (sic) county and we've got TWO ! The "great and good" have always treated us both like Minor counties, t'was ever thus !
  2. Yes, what were they thinking, lumping us in with Wales , don't they realize we don't get on ? It may have been more acceptable had it been Western Fire, and played a couple of games in Bristol and Taunton . Now we have a situation where ,at best, we don't care and worst we want them to lose every ****** match !
  3. Tony Ford, Trevor Jacobs,Shadow Williams. Seemed to happen a lot more in 60's, early 70's than now. It used to be where old City players went to see out their dotage !
  4. Is it, I know the final isn't at Lords ?
  5. Might have JUST kept us in with a bit of interest !
  6. Let me guess......it begins with a C ? County, am I right, or partially so ?
  7. I was just going to say the same. Now I'm not a women's football fan, never watch, BUT they seem to be tarred by the same brush as the men. "yes, I was one of the team that did so poorly last season, but I'm too good for the Championship, I'm off!" Is that girl who scored all those goals for City last season (name escapes me ) still at the club ? I bet a pound to a pinch of shit she ain't !
  8. Yes ,and in the open letter ,Wally reverts to what the sags do best.....throw someone else under the bus ! "WE didn't say it, it was a quote from the CPS/police ,whatever, ....it wasn't us, guv, honest " !
  9. No, no, you're wrong ! Listening to that ,how could we have ever let him go ? We should have moved heaven and earth to keep him , because he is simply the best ! At least, that's what he says .
  10. Well, when they are on the way to relegation, the new incumbent can throw the manager under the bus saying how totally incompetent he was !
  11. What was the fart, I must have missed that bit of news ?
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