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  1. Just found out that Leslie Bricusse has died. He was a writer, composer and partner (in show biz terms ) with Anthony Newley (and his brother Tony, no doubt ) He scored a lot of Bond movie themes. He was best known for writing the music and lyrics for the films Doctor Dolittle ,Goodbye Mr Chips, Scrooge, ,Willy Wonka, and the stage musical Stop The World, I Want To Get Off ( with Newley ). Great bloke. RIP
  2. Lads, lads, where were you when you were needed to relieve your beleaguered forces (GHS) at Fort Sportsman, just a few of you could have made the difference !
  3. Now THAT is the personification of pathetic, and that (for them) is after a "good" run ! OOPS, just read that sag tweet, let me assure them, there was NO pun intended !
  4. You're just pissey cuz you're bunch of ***** are getting stuffed at home by the Taffs !
  5. Cardiff are stinking this game out, Boro should be at least three up ! I thought we could be bad, but ..........!
  6. The night of the Sunders game BBC tv (only West, I assume) actually broke into their scheduling to update the scores, much to the disgust of my workmate sags, the next day (there was more of them in those days ).
  7. The only thing I know about Eritrea is that they have guerrillas !
  8. Did I mention I needed a haircut? First World problems, eh ?
  9. Did you also know that St Crispin is also patron saint of cobblers (very fitting )?
  10. Haven't Bears got a game this weekend, then ?
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