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  1. Well, no one's perfect RIP, anyway .
  2. The girl's first reaction was pretty much Bristol'a reaction, "No, what ?" closely followed by "so what ?" She actually looked pissed off..................do I REALLY have to do this ?
  3. Saw him many times for Glos, home and away, what a player ! RIP, you "fair dinkum Aussie"
  4. FFS...................thank god it's supposed to rain on Sunday (if we last that long ) Putting them in............that worked well !
  5. They do that simply because their crowds are so crap, they are embarrassed to call it a city !
  6. Can't have been worse than the mob that got you out of the league ?
  7. Surely you mean Donny UNITED ?
  8. Surely you mean Donny UNITED ? Surely you mean Donny UNITED ? Surely you mean Donny UNITED ? Surely you mean Donny UNITED ?
  9. I was thinking of giving you a whoosh, but no, (to be clear, I WAS jesting).
  10. 'ere, how comes you know so much about these"players"? I wouldn't have a clue who they are or how many games they've played (excepting Porky Pitman, of course ). I reckon you're a secret fewer ...get 'im, lads !
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