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  1. It's nothing new, back in (I guess) 69 we were well in to December ,home to Bury, I remember the EE singing "All we want for Christmas is our second home win " (and we got it) There's time yet !
  2. Yes, and for 90 minutes it was going ok !
  3. He had better players to start with !
  4. Away games are the yang .
  5. I've told this forum many times the guy's a dirty sag !
  6. One point, when you stood in the EE, it was YARDS, not meters !
  7. I guess they get battered, I'm sure Arsenal are really worried !
  8. Yeh, what's that all about ?
  9. Funny Ipswich, on their official blurbs, don't mention Bristol City once, the suited *** just says that he's worked with him for a number of years ! I get the impression there is no love lost between *** face and us .
  10. He doesn't know shit from pudding, that one !
  11. Sorry, what's funny, the facts about travel or where I corrected your poor use of language ?
  12. Yes, and MOST ****** clubs don't have to travel 215 miles there and the same back, MOST clubs are in the midlands or north of that !
  13. TBF it was MID WEEK, had it been the Saturday we'd have sold out no probs ! I thought nearly 1000 was ok, so don't be a sag apologist ,please !
  14. It must have been a big fight for the back seats ! Hope all their packed lunches survived .
  15. What happens when they beat someone reasonable ?
  16. That sort of thing stinks, still, you may have lost had they been there .
  17. In the 50's/early 60's ,as was almost the norm , dad who worked at BAC would go to who ever was home. Not being a local ,he had no real preference but he said he proffered the ambiance (wouldn't have used that word, necessarily) of Ashton Gate, so thankfully that's where he took me for my debut, the Oldham promotion match.........hooked ever since !
  18. Yoffy makes a finger, and the mouse is there.
  19. Thought he went to Lincoln (or somewhere) ? I blame Lansdown, putting all his time and money into bloody football !
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