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  1. Try and get the word around lads. Its poor from the club that they dont try harder to acknowledge these things.
  2. Brilliant stuff mate. Keith Stroud is a massive helmet, but we will see how it goes. Looking forward to the game, especially due to the fact over 23,000 tickets have been sold! Nice to finally see the Dolman and lower lansdown full again. Sunderland bring a lot. From what I can remember they bring thousands more then their allocation. First away game back in the Championship, they will be up for it. Lets send them back up to scumcity with what they say as ‘nout’.
  3. Better than du du du du du Chris Martin
  4. fa fa fa fa fa betterrrrr
  5. My mate sent me this one him and his dad thought up. Rhythm is a dancer Naismith is the answer You can play him anywhere Stole him from the luton He is our solution Try and stop him if you dare Oooohhhhhh Kal Naismith Oooohhhhhh You should see him in the air Oohhhhhh Kal Naismith Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhh
  6. Need to start to get creative lads, start of the new season and we need chants for Wilson, Naismith and Sykes. What we thinking? Will be quite inspiring to the players having their name sung in their first game for the club. Some inspiration needed I believe!
  7. 100%. At AG, if im honest its not the most hostile experience compared to other stadiums, and really quite enjoyable at the top of the lansdown when your just watching the football. Maybe avoid away games for a few years, you get the ‘ultras’ (as cringe as it sounds’ who travel the miles to give some to a innocent man, because they feel like they are on top of the world. Just is what it is unfortunately mate.
  8. Completely understandable. In a preseason friendly, whats the need?
  9. Quite right, and cost effective too. Win for both parties.
  10. Do the club still give out wallets for the season cards? My first season ticket since the covid season (19/20) and they club always gave out wallets to keep the cards in.
  11. Hi all. For the Sunderland game on the 6th, is it possible to bring two mates and sit in another area of the stadium? My dad is up for coming, however I sit in s24 and obviously due to no available seats, I cant have him sit next to me. My dad and his mate were thinking of going, but sitting elsewhere in the ground with me in the South. Is this possible?
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