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  1. Some Wigan fan on a generic forum suggesting you've failed FFP....I called bollocks
  2. I know Mr P has had his issues over Wednesday and rightly so, some points we will never agree on but given we had an embargo over late wages last year I find how Derby have recruited to be truly wrong. They look capable of challenging rather than struggle.
  3. Suspect it was due to location
  4. Hopefully the club is saved but they've been allowed a lot of leeway and time to sort it and there has to be a final deadline on it all.
  5. We paid 300k loan and wages for BPF, waste of coin
  6. Be interested in seeing what transfer restrictions they have to adhere to. We couldn't pay transfer fees or wages above a level cos of the prior rule breaks but surely Derby will be under even more stringent parameters given the administration aspects
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