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  1. When Johnson was in charge he infuriated me with his team selections in key games and mistakes he made as a football manager. But overall we have had much worse managers who have relegated us and spent with no success. We had good times under Johnson some big results beating Fulham routinely at craven cottage, beating Man United a top 8 finish, the 3-2 win at Sheffield United when they were clear in second place The stick he gets in comparison to a Coppell,Millen Mcinnes for example 2 much more damaging influences in our recent history, managers who completely slowed our momentum baffles me! Pearson joined us based on LJs results and reputation he built while in charge we are a respectable championship club. I want Pearson to succeed and I think he will this season I like the team he has built
  2. Those players were not released by Johnson they were signed by him and before a covid pandemic that I guess you and a few others on here must have predicted Brownhill, Elliason? Inherited Bobby Reid and Joe Bryan ? Reid was on his way out of the club and Bryan was back up to Golbourne when LJ arrived that £16m in transfer fees was his work! I would also wager we don’t get to a league cup semi final Middlesbrough don’t pay £7m for Flint so I count that as a Johnson win also. So that’s Webster, Reid , Flint , Brownhill,Elliason I would also put Kodjia in that list as he was only on 10 goals before LJ arrived in January 2016 ended up going for £15m after reaching 19 so he made a lot of money of his work this rewrite of history is embarrassing! You did not predict Covid 19
  3. Most were sold for a similar fee and had reputations which gave them a sell on value. We had a plan to get to the Premier League by trading if Covid never happened this argument is void. You can call it reckless but no one none of you could have predicted what happened between 2020-2021 it’s tiring to see people blame. Pearsons quotes about collecting players have since empowered many of you to continue this argument my opinion is he said this to justify his own bad results over the last 2 seasons Football is all about opinions but the fact is Johnson’s squad was competing for top 6 places but Pearson would have had you believe they were conference standard 2 years ago
  4. He was sold for a similar fee for what we paid for him I think as with many of the deals which didn’t work out: Eisa, Szmodics, Maggnison excuse my spelling but apart from adelakun I can’t think of a signing under Johnson which didn’t leave for same if not slightly more of a fee ! Im willing to be humbled but another toothless argument against the unfortunate Covid pandemic Financial damage victim Johnson if you ask me Pearson/Holdens cull was releasing of Johnson’s players 2 years after he left
  5. The defeats have not been due to being over run in midfield it has been down to individual costly errors 2 from our newest recruit at CB Fans tend to get obsessed with one position as the “issue” last season it was replacing Chris Martin as he was too slow and the worst striker we ever had. We have 2 results possibly wins if not for individual errors and we have not yet been outplayed. No reason to experiment with players in midfield yet IMO that is over analysing, to repeat again we have lost because of individual errors at the back !
  6. But Gary’s achievement is not just getting us that close to the premier league it was getting us out of League 1 at the first attempt after 9 seasons of failure then a 4th, 10th and another 10th place finish before being sent packing to Peterborough after not being given a chance to rebuild a squad which turned his back on him lead by the poisonous Paul Hartley, who I may add left the following summer after ruining the dressing room after the damage was done. Will never sit right with me how we all turned our backs on him. Any manager after Gary simply added to his work and reputation he built.
  7. No we did not. We had been sitting in League 1 for almost 10 years and the fact GJ came in and took us to a championship play off final from the bottom of league 1 in 3 years tells me in context GJ was our greatest ever manager period
  8. Jury is still out on Naismith he has made 2 costly mistakes in single goal defeats in the first 2 games of the season and some fans are already on our managers back because of it
  9. The Johnson obsession some of you have is embarrassing
  10. Sad news known of him since I was a child acquaintance with my late grandad Going to games with my old man always identifiable home and away by his stand out trademark hats! As I got older would also catch him floating around pubs and bars in Bristol when I started going out in town through the years always a character and a symbol of being in home base to me if that makes sense…welcoming aurora about his presence Will be missed
  11. He hasn’t got the aggression in him to be a consistently effective defender at this level, he’s a good footballer but you only have to look as far as our new defender from Luton to see what he will never be it’s just not in him
  12. Exciting stuff beating a PL on their own patch this close to the seasons start, if Semenyo is the player we believe him to be once he’s back in who knows what we can achieve this season
  13. Slightly odd thing to bring up but hey ho
  14. A prediction of 18th shows a lazy reporting imo. I see few Championship teams who should have more optimism than us for a top 6 finish this season. We have 3 exciting young players Massengo, Scott and Semenyo all having breakout seasons playing over 30 games , mixed with experienced professionals who have been promoted before James, King and some very good new signings a wing back who won a Leagues best player award last year which is a hell of an achievement and a central defender who was player of the season as a CB for a top six Championship side months ago! We also have a proven manager who knows how to get out of this league getting in to his 3rd year! This is typically the best season you will have from a manager who sticks around more than a year in my experience with previous managers! Our season only started in January when Semenyo, Martin and Weiman got going we figured out our best team! The 5-0 win against Hull got me very excited about this season coming! I know I may be Bristol City blind and bias in my opinion but looking around I see few clubs players attracting the level of interest ours have been and I see even fewer clubs signing the players we have been, Cardiff for example I think their recruitment this year has not been thought out at all they have seemed to be collecting free transfers for the sake of it, I see them struggling this year so that’s understandable but we have strengthened in weak areas Coventry, Stoke what are they seeing in them exactly? Even West Brom they were terrible at the end of last season and looking at their squad it looks very weak. With Fulham and Bournemouth out of the league I think 2nd place is more than achievable for a so called underdog team !! Hopefully I’m not disappointed but it’s good to be looking forward to it as I was not so much last season!
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