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  1. https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/3-peaps-in-a-podcast/id1003085363?i=1000561149123 Have a listen to Tinman talking about the kids. There’s some talent coming through, especially central defenders it seems.
  2. Mates rates first game is great, PACK the gate!
  3. Looks alright like....https://www.hotel-im-park.at/
  4. They seem to be quick at withdrawing the old stuff, or at least not selling anything new/restocking when the popular sizes sell out. eBay is a decent source, Facebook marketplace, gumtree, maybe even some City fan groups on various socials. I have in the past arranged for an old shirt of mine to be shipped to a NZ based fan. Perhaps some people on here might want a clear out as well
  5. Linked to the new CFO (or whatever his title is)...?
  6. I'm sure his sexuality is not on his CV?
  7. What’s the latest with their court cases, anyone know? could be a big struggle on and off the pitch.
  8. Seen a few of these tweets as well. Most seem to see our attackers as some of the best in the league, if NP sorts the defence and midfield, we could have a strong season.
  9. Khaki stuff is nice and so is the blackout. Hoping for a blackout away shirt.
  10. With the blackout t-shirt and hoodie, I’m hoping for a blackout away shirt
  11. Cheers. Maybe you could get COD back?!
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