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  1. Whoever leaked it, won’t be anywhere near AG ever again!
  2. He's past it. Game has moved on massively. I am absolutely not enthused by Simpson, Downing and Holden in the slightest, but I think I would still take them over JJ. At least they've been working recently(!).
  3. JET I think started as tongue in cheek and some then took it seriously
  4. What's the obsession with City fans (maybe other clubs) wanting to bring back former players and managers. JJ been here 3 times before and is likely to be semi retired. Arguably also one of the old school, the game has moved on massively since his 'day'.
  5. Simpson and Downing get handed the cream of English talent on a plate, why does this then equal them being top Championship coaches? Holden has never managed at this level. Deary me. What a shambles.
  6. I bet LJ will be managing in the Prem before we get there (if we ever do). I would also wager if he gets a Championship job, he will be back and spank us 0-4 at AG, whilst the crowd goes mental.
  7. These guys get to pick the best young talent to work with from OTHER clubs. City do realise we're not England and cannot do that? What by looking at these guys CV's makes SL think these 3 are the next level messiah's? The club hierarchy genuinely think they can do better than LJ and get us playoffs at least? So if this doesn't happen, we're sacking the lot and trying someone else, no?
  8. https://www.managerstats.co.uk/managers/paul-simpson/
  9. Cycled down AG about an hour ago, absolutely empty and no life down there at all.
  10. Where’s this from, Paul?
  11. Don’t know what to do with myself.
  12. Is it because he sacked the staff at his cafe?
  13. Holden assistant to Hughton / Another
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