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  1. His agent/father behind the camera mouthing 'BE HAPPY'.
  2. Still ESTC sales only at the moment. I think general sale could be any time or day. UEFA seem to just release randomly. this guy seems to know his stuff. Also
  3. I’m sure we were linked with him a few years ago.
  4. A black out kit could be cool.
  5. He’s at Villa, highly doubt he’d leave a Prem outfit for us
  6. trial postponed. 21st century and Justice waits for Zoom
  7. Can he go down for this? Approx sentence?
  8. Rocky


    Is this the last thing to complain about - a charity sweepstake
  9. What about Danny Drinkwater, on loan abroad at the moment I believe. Also, Chelsea contract expires this summer.
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