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  1. Christ, what would he have done to Sharp if they had lost??? Utter person I disagree with.
  2. First 10 minutes I thought this is the guy to watch.... then became a bit Bakinson.... not using his physicality in the way someone like Vierra could. Really wanted him to stand out, but for me that award went to Conway, Rose, Tyler and Bell (at the end)
  3. Good game, Coventry just more clinical with the few chances they got. One moan though... for the last 10 minutes, Zack Bell was crippled with cramp. Unlike Coventry, No one on our bench had packed any gels or salts, which Conway was screaming to give him. Ffs amateur hour.
  4. But apart from that, you quite like him right?
  5. It's 90 bloody minutes. No one died of starvation today. Not at Ashton gate anyway.
  6. Not sure you can ignore another big aspect of manager influence and selection.... bringing youth through. Bloody hell he gets an A+ from me on that one. Probably the most exciting aspect of this season....
  7. I would need to suspend my subscription in a leap year
  8. Some great days. Highlight for me was pulling into Port Vale Central where we were met by a welcoming party of proper nawty boys, covered in scars and lesions and brandishing half a scaffolding company's stock. They turned to one of our lot and demanded to know the time - he hadn't got past "quarter to..." when the accent giveaway saw him dropkicked down the platform, given a good shoeing before homeless dogs set about his twitching corpse. One of our top boys announced he wasn't having that, grabbed the nearest Vale lad and tore his arm clean out of its socket. He then waded into a bunch of skins knocking several senseless with a battering from the bleeding appendage. It was all going crazy, bottles, bricks and IED's flying everywhere. The casualty list would have got even more serious if it hadn't been for the arrival of a ticket inspector. We had to put our heads down and make our way back onto the chuffer before we were found out for having invalid tickets. A great day only marred by someone being in the seat I had reserved. Fuming.
  9. I learnt never to criticise the chef until the food was served. Otherwise, it's special Source for you....
  10. System needs simplifying. Buy a season ticket, then, on a designated day, join with all other ST buyers for a "Le Mans" style sprint start to grab a seat of your choosing. You have 5 mins to grab a seat, occupy said seat and resist eviction from someone else who may want it. Hooter goes after 5 minutes, dead and injured are removed, and the resulting seat occupiers have that seat for the season. Come on City, get it sorted.
  11. True fact....Of the 31 professional football leagues across Europe, the team with the lowest number of penalties awarded since 2018 is..... Bristol City.
  12. The coaching staff at Southampton weren't short of touches in the 80's
  13. To be fair to Massengo, he declined to give the little spermer his shirt, but instead signed his top. Hopefully it was his best jumper and his old man gave him a clip for getting perm marker all over it.
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