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  1. I am happy a manager wears what he wants, but I would prefer it if he didn't pick his nose or smell his fingers
  2. Its such a shocking idea to grab a novelty chant from international tournaments and then claim it as our own. Last time it was the Icelandic clap. We really nailed that one didn't we?
  3. It's noticeable how un-noticeable it's been that no one has noticed Liam Walsh hasn't been given a squad number....
  4. Thanks @Silvio Dante. For anyone who didn't know, Phil (OTIK) managed to complete each of the marathon 'majors' plus a marathon on every continent (including Antarctica). Amazing.
  5. Sensible management to leave him out. Wouldn't want him to pick up a yellow so we couldn't play him..... hang on...
  6. I don't think the fact they are German makes much difference. Pretty much every country hates us.
  7. Is it just me, or is anyone else concerned about the reaction skills of our two keepers? I just hope they can be a little quicker reacting to a ball.
  8. If you are walking past Failand this morning and puzzled by a weird noise like firecrackers, it's just the sound of snapping hamstrings. COYR.
  9. I guess they would have to talk "penalty area". The days of going down in the box are over.
  10. Whatever you think of him, I can't see him ever playing for Rovers
  11. Yes. It's about time those rugby lot snapped a few hamstrings
  12. Been through your boxes @midland red - couldn't find any programs, just a load of old 'Razzle' and 'wet and smelly periodicals.
  13. Curse this innovative modern day football management strategy. I am glad City haven't followed the herd on this one.
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