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  1. Don't think we will sell 1500 for Birmingham on a Tuesday night not with Coventry coming up on the Saturday after.
  2. Our away average at the moment is 1719....its what we do
  3. We've had a tough week but we have played 2 teams that will probably be PL next season and another (Forest) who I think will end up in the top 6, I thought at the best we would get 2 points from the last 3 games, looking at the next 10 struggling to see where we can pick up wins, Barnsley home is massive in my opinion, if we fail to win that game we could be in serious trouble and the knives will certainly be out.
  4. You would think if they are such a big club as they make out with a huge fan base they would easily get 10k plus but in reality they will be lucky to get 7.5k, it's what they do !!
  5. Really good point..away fans walking past The Sun generally kept their heads down, certainly seen away fans being a bit more cocky in that area this season, before and after the game.
  6. To be fair...he could be right if he is talking about the Mid Somerset Premier League.
  7. That all moved to the Memorial "Stadium"
  8. That shouldn't be too difficult tonight
  9. Colchester away on a Tuesday night...that's a big test for the "we take huge numbers everywhere, massive away support, we will take 1 to 2k everywhere, bigger than Norwich, Fulham etc, best away support in the land, its what we do" and all the other statements they make about their average away support, still big night for Colchester must be their first cup final for a while.
  10. Good following that for a Tuesday night, think they had 27000 at home v Blackpool on Saturday, they are third in the current form table, unfortunately can only see another away win tomorrow, would definitely take a draw.
  11. Wasn't there someone on here that called them Bomo ?
  12. We were nowhere near average....very very poor today.
  13. That photo has been doing the rounds, a Bradford fan said " I hope they are not planning to come to Bradford on Saturday...we will all be frightened to go"
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