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  1. Still brings a tear to my eye now...TC loved this club and fans.
  2. Oh dear, awful news, absolute legend in the history of BCFC...RIP TC...Will never be forgotten...our club may not even be here if it hadn't been for you.
  3. "We're all having a party when Matty Taylor is dead" dear oh dear, in all my years of watching football and visiting grounds all over the country I've never heard anything like that being sung by fans, they really are the weirdest bunch of fans, they never cease to amaze.
  4. Was he the one that got non stop abuse from City fans at Bournemouth and was never seen again ?
  5. I've definitely used my phone in the past....can't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to.
  6. Any relegated team will always be in amongst the favourites to go back up in any division, stick your money on them going down
  7. Mine arrived today, I only bought it last Friday
  8. No away tickets on sale at the moment...seems a bit odd.
  9. Love your optimism but don't think we have sold 14.5k season tickets, I thought we had sold just over 12k.
  10. 17 to 18k, think we are a couple of thousand down on season ticket sales, covid, holidays etc.
  11. Punching well above his weight I would say...excuse the pun.
  12. If it was verbal abuse or even the threat of violence, it would normally be a charge of assault.
  13. But according to various news outlets, all which could be false obviously although I would think if they were false surely Bartons legal team would have been all over this like a rash...the woman concerned did receive an injury but didn't need any treatment.
  14. Anything between 9/1 and 16/1, most are closer to the 9/1 though.
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