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  1. Seen them at the Harbourside Friday night, really good
  2. Awful run of away games, suppose you could say we are getting them out of the way early doors.
  3. Portsmouth wouldn't have gone past Stonehenge to get to Plymouth.
  4. You used to be able to buy plenty of other "items" other than alcohol in that pub if you were that way inclined, sold more mushrooms than most fruit and veg shops !!
  5. Not my cup of tea and I would imagine most football fans would feel the same but shifting 53k tickets is not a bad effort to be fair.
  6. May have a long wait for the transport issues to be sorted !!
  7. Mentioned by Phantom further up, 500 up on last season at this stage.
  8. 13,000 and rising was the update yesterday.
  9. Wishing (if i had a photograph of you) The Flock of Seagulls
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