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  1. If it was verbal abuse or even the threat of violence, it would normally be a charge of assault.
  2. But according to various news outlets, all which could be false obviously although I would think if they were false surely Bartons legal team would have been all over this like a rash...the woman concerned did receive an injury but didn't need any treatment.
  3. Anything between 9/1 and 16/1, most are closer to the 9/1 though.
  4. Ah yes of course...that would be the Row M stand, wasn't that the one they built when they were 2nd to Spurs on ground improvements.
  5. I'm the first to rip the piss out the gas but all the oddball gear is sold to raise money for testicular cancer so even tho it looks horrendous, it goes to a good cause..I presume.
  6. Remember those no trainers days, as if it made any difference...also remember pubs with signs outside saying "no bikers" or "no skinheads". Fairly sure there was a pub somewhere, more recently, saying "no Stone Island"
  7. Best wishes to him, as others have said fantastic player for us.
  8. Not many available in SS but seems to be plenty elsewhere.
  9. Normal coming back from injury procedure for our players then.
  10. Always thought the same about companies being shirt sponsors, I doubt if most people would have known who or what Dunder were when they were on our shirts, I think sponsorship is tax deductable so I'm guessing many do it for that reason.
  11. England for me...55 years is a bloody long time..
  12. That's very tough...best wishes to you.
  13. My dad for me, I blame him for introducing me to BCFC in the mid '70s. He would have been buzzing for tomorrow, hopefully raise a glass for him after an England victory tomorrow.
  14. Seems expensive..Bath City v Cardiff was £10 to get in today and Cardiff charged £3 to watch on Cardiff TV
  15. I feel the same...its almost as if we have done the seemingly impossible by reaching the final, anything else is a bonus now, probably won't feel like that at 8pm tomorrow though, its certainly within touching distance, 2-1 England
  16. And unbelievably lucky to still be in the Championship.
  17. I thought from the start that Italy would win it, obviously now not so sure, everything seems to be falling into place for England, playing at Wembley will be huge, I'm usually a massive pessimist when it comes to football after far too many disappointments with City and England but I think we might just do it, still hasn't sunk in that we are actually in the final to be honest.
  18. All those things you mentioned...Spice Girls, play offs etc...don't think we were amongst a world wide pandemic then were we ?
  19. Oh dear...England now need to end "the curse of itv" think I read its 5 wins from 25 tournament games shown on itv since '98.
  20. I see the Denmark game is being screened by ITV and BBC, England's tournament record on ITV since 98 is 5 wins from 25, on the BBC its 15 wins from 24. So to sum up..if you watch on ITV you will probably see England lose..watch on BBC and a good chance of an England win !
  21. Mad days indeed....good memories...hopefully see you next season
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