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  1. A project is something you set out to achieve. Bristol City football have no interest or ambition to achieve the goal of Premier League football. By claiming that Bristol City has a project to achieve Top flight football is frankly embarrassing it’s the equivalent of suggesting that Bristol Rovers has a project to play in the EPL , if the gas did claim to have such a project we would laugh at them and by saying we have a project the rest of the football world are laughing at us. There is no project , the club gets giddy with the dizzy heights of the Championship , I suspect that those who runs the club would be happy to see us back in League One because the way the club has been run in the last few years I can only assume that is their aim.
  2. Shelter and homelessness is a worthy cause to support but I for one just want to go to football to enjoy myself, and escape from the harsh realities of life. I don’t need constant virtue signaling at football matches even though I may agree or disagree with the sentiment can we just focus on and enjoy the football.
  3. So when they have a pitiful attendance that day they can blame us, which would make a change from blaming the ballon festival, or bike race on the downs or Tokyo World or Christmas shopping or the Rugby or a protest for world peace on the centre , have I missed any other excuses for their poor crowds.
  4. bs3


    When you say wrong person coming, is that a new manager or new coach and by wrong person I take that you don’t approve of this appointment. A but cryptic but I will definitely be logging back in at 5 .
  5. An Evening of Queen – The Memorial Ground, Bristol Hi there, This event has been postponed... The event organisers have been in touch to let us know that the show on Wednesday 25th September has been postponed and will no longer be taking place on this date. The event organisers are working hard to arrange a new date and as soon as we get any update on this, we'll be in touch to let you know. Please understand that given the circumstances, our Customer Service teams are incredibly busy at the moment, so we encourage you not to contact us. Instead, we will send out any further information as soon as we can We're sorry for any disappointment caused. Best Wishes, Bristol Rovers Customer Service They are really the gift that just keeps on giving. A Queen tribute band which was unscrupulously promoted as the real Queen now postponed with only days to go . Tinpot doesn’t even begin to cover this shambles.
  6. Interesting comments about Bears playing in the top league, less financial drain etc but the main thrust of my point is that Bears are bigger than City as it stands today and I have yet to read a reason post to counter that specific point .
  7. Yes , It’s full of kids. Rugby ST £60 for U12 plus a free shirt
  8. Bears expecting a crowd of over 20,000 on Friday, have we had over 20,000 this season? Bears now definitely biggest sporting club in the City. We have to accept we are now playing second fiddle to the Rugby in the Bristol sport set up and in the mind and pocket of Steve Lansdown.
  9. Many many clubs have spent less and achieved much mor success. . For what have been invested over two decades and only came close to reaching the Premier league once in that time we must be one of football’s greatest under achieving clubs. i keep reading on this forum we must be patient and we must fix the mistakes of the past years , well it’s the same old story of the last 20 years . SL have been a sleep at the wheels for years at this club how else can you explain the shambles of the Mark Ashton era. The dream of the Premier League is well and truly dead in 3 years we will be a league one side again .
  10. We need better players to compete in this league otherwise we are going to and have struggled to get results and performance. The expectation of most fans and now it seems the club is just to survive in this division. Where is Bristol City at the moment, I would say we are a poor Championship club. I like Pearson but he can only do so much with the tools at his disposal.
  11. It’s time to admit the players are shit and until there is major investment in the team it’s not going to get better.
  12. bs3

    Soccer Aid

    They did promise David ‘Diddy” Hamilton not sure if he turned up.
  13. There was no segregation back then and no such thing as an away end. Fans would have stood together all around the ground.
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