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  1. My second team is anyone playing the Sags
  2. Was that the game where I think Tony Thorpe smashed in a equaliser in stoppage time after Flapper went walkabout to gift them a goal ?
  3. Yes I was there too , remember the City players stopped for a second to take it in before going back to Cash to celebrate
  4. Nope not foggy ,windy and raining
  5. Watched The Levellers at Port Talbot Civic Hall about a week before lockdown
  6. Would have said Wycombe because the Sags hate them so much but Matty at Oxford has swayed me .Nothings bloody simple is it
  7. Another unexpected one happened when I was staying in a hotel with my family just by Crystal Palace park South LOndon ,About mid afternoon we left the hotel I decided to wear my City top ,nice to show colors when away somewhere .Just about to cross the road by hotel when a v flash open top sports car drove past ,the driver slowed a bit and shouted " up the City " Completely took me by surprise ,they had past me by then but pulled up at nearby roundabout .and pointed to his passenger and shouted " its Scotty Murray " I had recovered my composure then and shouted You Reds or something like
  8. Me and my wife were at a Folk Festival at Butlins Skegnes a few years ago . I was wearing a City hoodie and remarked to my wife that I felt a bit out of place as most others there were wearing band/festival attire but as the words came out of my mouth a old guy appeared wearing a City shirt .The fact that someone else was wearing a footy shirt was one thing but it being a City top was amazing . The guy never took it off all weekend and was pissed every time I saw him ,did have a chat with him and a few pics .Great guy have seen him at gigs at the Fleece since and of course at the Gate .Dont th
  9. I was there ,just finished School ,had a job lined up and was allowed to sign on then as well .So long hot summer and money for nothing ,looking forward to the game and fxxk me we won as well .Bit dangerous getting away from the game ,natives werent happy :laugh: What a great day .
  10. Londons Burning ..Londons Burning She was a girl from Birmingham She just had an abortion . Kick out the Jams Motherf**kers
  11. I watched that , still have the vid in the house somewhere .Was quite funny tbh
  12. The starting sentences with "so " seemed like it was just a younger generation thing but now many people interviewed on the news etc are saying it .MPs ,scientitsts , doctors .All the sorts of people saing it now .Grrrrrr
  13. Had that on vinyl ,well it all was back then of course ,lent it to a mate ,never saw it again .Oh well But still remember it .Great song ,
  14. Land of Confusion by Katzenjammer Good cover version from a great band ,excellent live
  15. They did a lot of new stuff in between those years a lot of good new stuff and some not so good but last few years they seem to enjoy playing their older stuff again with some newer tracks too .Of course us fans love to hear the old tracks and sinalong .
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