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  1. This was true but I think the last team to do it was Sheffield Utd and that was 5 seasons ago. The Championship has increasing become a closed shop and league one teams are consistently struggling in the first season and often are relegated in the second.
  2. He is so similar to his father and seems to have picked up that trait too, I seem to recall Gary Owers regularly being referred as Two touch as the ball never seemed to be under control.
  3. Not sure this is completely accurate. A bit of due diligence on LJ would show that he improved the position of the team every full season and that was whilst selling his best players bringing in a lot of money for the football club. He developed or at least gave gifted young players the opportunity to showcase their talents which brought them to the attention of the premier league clubs for a lower/mid championship club he is the ideal replacement. LJ has plenty of faults and I was pleased to see him leave but it is unfair to suggest that he is not a championship standard manager.
  4. I think the plan is there to concentrate the majority of the funds into the top six. I suspect that there is some concern from the bigger teams that perceived smaller clubs are starting to catch up due to the money the premier league continues to generate. Wolves and especially Leicester are coming close to consistently breaking in to the top six and other clubs will join them. United have been poor for an extended amount of time struggling to gain a champions league spot most seasons and the more clubs become competitive the harder it will be. These rule changes will stop that by reducing the ability for premier league clubs to be as competitive once the bigger clubs are able to sell their own games to Sky, BT or their own channel the collective sky sport subscription package will be less attractive. It is cleverly packaged but Liverpool and Man Utd are only looking how they can reduce competition to ensure that they can gain the benefit of the champions league money and sell their own services.
  5. I don’t particularly like Mark Ashton but he has been involved with various football clubs for the past 15 years. I’m not sure that him not having football experience is true.
  6. True, more a case of wishful thinking on my part. He is going to be difficult to replace and whilst I think the Morrell/Nagy will do well longer term there is a lot of pressure on them to perform when they have either played 1 game in the Championship or not been fit for half a season.
  7. I think if I was Holden, I would be contacting Korey again and offering a new deal. To buy a replacement will cost at least £1m in this suppressed market and there is a lot of uncertainty with the current group of midfield players whether they actually are good enough.
  8. Got beaten to it. Shows why I never post.
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