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  1. What's happening with Korey Smith too? Has he been left in Limbo? No announcement about him leaving.
  2. Yeah. You don't really want to be taking the main gig at a championship club with negative credit from the off!
  3. What happens if he says no? Do we get back on the blower to CH or PC?
  4. Kit launched being filmed today. Arghhhhhhhhh.
  5. The fact that we haven't heard anything about Korey Smith gives me hope that a new man is incoming, who'll then have that decision to make.
  6. So we've been kept in suspense for 4 weeks and been linked with individuals such as Chris Hughton, and now we look like appointing somebody with limited managerial experience. With all due respect to Dean Holden, there's a whole world out there to search. Are they sure Dean is the best option available to us?!
  7. They wouldn't dare... would they?
  8. Imagine the vacancy being open for one month, only to announce Dean Holden. With all due respect to Dean, I'm not sure how his experience validates him becoming a Championship manager.
  9. Haha. A fully grown man has paid £20.75 for Filip to say that? Blimey, what a wasted opportunity. He could have something that was actually funny or witty. £20.75 to a good cause though! Filip is a top player. Would be great to have him back next season. We can hope at least, anyway.
  10. He's in the David Noble bracket for me. You pay your money to see these sort of players. A real touch of class, but seemingly not of the right mindset off of the pitch. Real shame.
  11. Yeah. Just somebody that loved his football but wanted to live life on his own terms. Fair enough I say. Like he alluded to, I guess GJ got fed up with his approach to the game. As a player I was trying to see who I could compare him with in relation to our current squad. Many might disagree, but some aspects of his game remind me of KP45. Brilliant interview though guys. Very slick production and you could tell you were both well prepared. Keep them coming.
  12. One of my favourite David Noble moments was his goal away at Middlesborough in the FA Cup. They were a premier League side at the time with some big names, and that goal silenced the home crowd. A shame he couldn't reach his potential. Great to watch though, and his goal away at palace will always live in my memory.
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