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  1. I know Tattotime used to, so it may be worth contacting them. Not sure if they’ve changed their policy as I haven’t been there for at least 6 or 7 years!
  2. Ok thanks. Odd that they hadn’t defined this before releasing new stuff in the shop!
  3. Does anyone know: 1. If there will be a £10 start up credit for the shop? 2. If yes, then will it be the same as before where 10% credit is added per purchase 3. Also if 10% discount still applies to season card holders? Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. Where I used to work there was a bloke who had an eye missing and everyone called him “Keth”. It took me a while, but one day I realised his name tag actually said Keith
  5. Same feedback as every season to be fair. At least they’ve gone for a bit of a sentimental idea (50’s/John Atyeo era) and they don’t have those awful templates some kit manufacturers ship out via third parties.
  6. Been a couple times, but not for a while. This recently put me off the idea of returning: https://ratings.food.gov.uk/business/740632 So I went Indian and tried Chilli Masala instead. Very nice. Staple Hill area.
  7. Just noticed this when I attempted to go to the online store. Does anyone know if the store itself is closed?
  8. Almost had me for a mo when I first glanced at the link. Looked like we’d moved Kasey Palmer on
  9. Remove agent fees. They instead work on a rate per player, using the player’s league as a ‘rate’.
  10. Which clubs do not sell their best players? Man City? Real Madrid?
  11. If it’s a performance issue then he doesn’t need to look any further than the likes of Jay Dasilva for an example of coming back into contention. Put the work in and you’ll get a chance. Cannot apply what’s asked, then someone else will take the place. Pearson has been doing this all season. It’s only a big deal to Cam if he makes it a big deal. Either way there’s no real issue.
  12. George Elokobi. Played a few minutes, so counts. Never been such a hench beast play for Bristol City before.
  13. It think it’s 40% squad, 60% mentality. To take the lead as many times as Fulham, but lose it more than anyone else shows a glaring issue. It’s obvious to Nige and he needs to ensure he can correct this over the summer. There are positives to take and attitudes which have been tested. Dasilva, Scott, Weimann and Semenyo have been some of the highlights of the season within the squad.
  14. Surprised he’s not had a thread already?! I’ve not seen him over 90 minutes before and was very impressed with him yesterday. Against a team with some good individual players, he didn’t look out of his depth and made some good interceptions, along with being strong in the air. His diagonal ball across to Atkinson for Weimann’s goal was exceptional too. I hope he can keep this up and he seemed to work very well with Klosse, who has proven to be a good signing.
  15. Seemed to admit his own mistake on two separate occasions in the first half. One for blowing the whistle on our advantage and again when their player was on the floor. Was also odd that he was like an opposition player leaning over the player on the floor; assuming he was also telling him to get up. Didn't help with the amount of driving/gamesmanship from 'Boro. Probably the worst I've seen since Dirty Leeds a few good years back pre Bielsa.
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