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  1. @Lewisdabaron, can you stop being a cock please? The post was about a vlogger's vlog; like it or not. Nobody asked for opinions regarding YouTubers.
  2. Not bothered or shown interest in vlogging, but that's a quality video. The guy is really good and likeable to be fair. Will subscribe and like. Would also be interesting to compare his away days thus far
  3. To be fair, Pearson could've moved the players around to put him on the left, but I think there was good reason not to. Dasilva won't offer anything near the same on the right, but I think Pearson put him there to test his application and attitude more than anything else. And he was excellent in doing what was required. As mentioned, Pearson clearly appreciated his contribution which was great to see. This manager is getting his message accross to the squad. His interviews are consistent in what he requires. You can be a Bakinson or a Dasilva
  4. Probably cus they were so shit and also piss-poor, the first thing they must've thought of was the toilets to relieve their tensions.
  5. Been to Pasture at least 10-15 times and it is always exceptional. This includes Sunday lunch. Not the cheapest, but I have no issue with paying for top quality food and drinks. It's not uncommon to have to wait months for a peak time/day slot.
  6. Welcome to the AFCON.
  7. He looks like at least a 7/10 in all required departments at Championship level. Can only get better. Probably the biggest positive of the season.
  8. Furthermore from this. Here's the breakdown: https://twitter.com/KieranMaguire/status/1475835655192203280?t=k43rh5WkNsKLpLloY4geJQ&s=19
  9. A couple of things to consider if not seen. Namely the Wages to Turnover and Owner Financing. More so, the fact that other clubs around Bristol City are in the shitter. https://twitter.com/SwissRamble/status/1470649243354472449?t=iKh0anZycViqYgaijORHBA&s=19
  10. How much you sell it for, out of interest? I have one too.
  11. We have to open our coats/jackets these days when entering the grounds of the stadium. For that reason, safety is guaranteed Obvs
  12. About as exiting and hopeless as Sproule in a City shirt. All pace no product. Perhaps some potential, but many frustrating ifs in his 'ability'. Nothing like Zaha or Kyle Walker when they were Championship youngsters.
  13. Wasn't there supposed to be an agreement that Gregg's were going to supply the food at Ashton Gate a few years ago, or have I imagined that?
  14. There has been some decent outlets. I used to love the Mexican burritos which had part of a kiosk in the Lansdown concourse. And the Spanish van outside the Lansdown which is ran by two brothers. Then the Jamaican on the South Stand corner where you could get Red Stripe and some good food.
  15. The Night Manager - Amazon The Serpent - Netflix The Spy - Netflix Check if not seen. All really good.
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