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  1. GMcG is obvs being stupid if he believes external press will be directly part of pre-season friendly matches. Have a look around at the other clubs and see how much external press interaction is occurring, let alone post match interviews during pre-season. Clubs have their own media - it's there to use, especially for the non-formal. Moving on...
  2. Never understood aggressive posts. It's a forum on the internet. How can anyone get personally wound up? And as for checking posts before sending, you've double spaced in the quoted above. Please edit. And finally... Phil, **** off already. Ta.
  3. Looks good. My sort of thing. Had a Phat Burger takeaway from their Warmley branch yesterday. Have to say I was disappointed. My beefburger was like meat sourced from a supermarket and the chicken burger was overly dry. Nice shake and dirty fries were better than some others. Good portions tho. May go back some time and try their nachos and a loaded up hot dog before I make a full judgement, sometimes (like any place) they have off days. https://www.phat-burger.co.uk/ Not a patch on the Hob Goblin, Glos Rd.
  4. How is Mario's Fish Bar not on the list. Banging fish and chips, great portions and amazing prices. Not to mention the rest of the menu Lazy journalism from BP
  5. Well hyped and marketed but average at best imo. Going for a Phat Burger from Warmley soon. Heard good things about them. Check their website. Also in Clutton. On the subject of alternating locations; Pizza Adorare is worth a mention. Often difficult to turn up and get a pizza. They often sell out on pre-orders. My mate and his wife run it together and fair play to them as they've done really well. Check their Facebook page
  6. I would expect they'll be doing sets of lifting among many other activities. It takes some muscle to get through their sessions, let alone the fitness side of things things. Sam Bell looks like he must be lifting 150kg plus the bar itself. My guess is that he weighs about half of that. And they're not squatting I've not often seen skinny (maggots ) manage to deadlift or squat double their weight tbf.
  7. "it’ll always look like they’re very muscular." Have you not seen the pictures showing how many KGs they're lifting?
  8. https://www.specsavers.co.uk/ You're welcome.
  9. https://twitter.com/SkySportsNews/status/1410318000549416965?s=19
  10. Nick Pope Harry Maguire Matthew Clarke Martin Cranie Ross McCormack Akos Buszaky Jesse Lingard Ethan Ampadu Sergi Canos Andre Grey Reuban Reid Europa League watch out.
  11. Bit 'pretentious' for me. Can't say I've ever been a fan of that approach to dining. Hope it's worth it
  12. Indeed. That food market area is a spoil in general. Coffee, meats, cake, lunch; it has it all there more or less.
  13. Bang these on the list if you've not been... Pasture (city centre) - Steak/roast dinners Spitfire BBQ (city centre) - Meat platters etc Hobgoblin (Glos Rd) - Burgers/'dirty' fries Shadin (Staple Hill) - Indian food Matina (St Nics Market) - Middle Eastern wraps For Bath, there's a few again. But Capadoccia is a great Turkish restaurant. And Jars Mezze is amazing.
  14. Jason Donervan was the guy. Probably still is.
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