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    Flint was almost unmarkable at corners for us. He was so aggressive and physical, defenders just couldn't deal with him. It actually came to a point we were more likely to score from a corner than anything else just because of how dominant he was. It was a joy to watch.
  2. Let's face it, Baker is going to get injured whether its a light knock or something more serious sooner rather than later, so Kalas will be back in the team.
  3. I get what you mean, and we see that probably 9 times out of 10, but when a race is thrown up when the two favourites can’t win and there’s drama allowing an unfavoured winner, those are the races that stand out to me.
  4. I agree, both drivers were caught out by the conditions and the cars actions in front of them causing Bottas to lock his wheel and career into Norris while Stroll was trying to avoid an Alpine I think, tried an escape but got caught on the grass and couldn't stop. They weren't trying any stupid overtakes or driving recklessly.
  5. The rule is "teams must ensure a one-litre sample of fuel can be taken from the car at any time during the event". If they can't fulfil that then the penalty is disqualification i.e. taking away points which is what you suggested anyway?
  6. What!? Obviously ideally we'd have a race with that much excitement with every driver finishing, but that was the complete opposite of a dreadful race. Who wants to see Hamilton and Verstappen racing out to a 35 second lead every race? I'd much rather see some drama, overtaking, tactical pitstops.
  7. When they are not refereeing or in a charity match. Unless acting human now means doing your job entirely incorrectly. I can allow leeway for a referee making a mistake because they are 'human', such as the third goal which was off-side (apparently) and out of play when crossed. Fine, ref can't see, linesman had his eyes closed. It's all about opinions. In my opinion, referees should be professional, unbiased and honest regardless if it's a pre-season game or not. They would get so much more respect. but this referee was just playing up to his premiership mates no doubt to earn some brownie points when he goes to Villa Park at some point this season. Actually, why didn't our players play in skins? Or only try to score back-heeled goals? Or even bother trying? It's only a pre-season game, it obviously doesn't matter how people act!
  8. I know, the way Friend acted was disgraceful. In a professional role which comes under constant scrutiny from fans as it is, to not referee a game (whether its Sunday league, pre-season friendly or Champions League Final) in a proper way is crazy. Glad you agree with me.
  9. Alan Statham from Green Wing for me. Played by Mark Heap. Plays a very similar character in Friday Night Dinner.
  10. You're only round the corner from me too! (Tring)
  11. Come on Dave, you know better than to use facts and the truth on here!
  12. I disagree to an extent. While the results don't give you points for the season, winning always gives you confidence whether its a training match, friendly, league match, etc. I don't expect refs to be booking people as per a normal match, but I do expect him to ref it fairly and not be playing up to the Villa fans. After all, this is the refs practice match to get ready for the season as well. Almost anytime a Villa player was touched he would go to blow his whistle. He played advantage a lot, otherwise it would have been a very stop start game. Friendly matches are also a way for players to build up understanding of each other such as Palmer and Martin to get used to each others movement. Atkinson and Baker to build up an understanding. It's much more than just a jog around to keep your fitness levels up. There is a reason why our level of opponent has increased ending up in the premier league team. NP says he doesn't like pre-season friendlies, but if that was the case, we'd just play 4 local non-league clubs. He's said all that so fans don't get caught up on the results and deflected importance away from them. After some of the awful play last season, many fans are looking to see some semblance that this season we're going to be able to string more than 3 passes together and get more than 1 shot on target a match. Based off yesterday, second half in particular, it looks a lot more positive. That in turn will get a few more 50/50 attendance fans interested and may tempt them to go to the match v Blackpool.
  13. One thing I noticed about Atkinson is that his passes in-field go slightly in front of the other centre back or right back meaning they are stepping onto the ball moving forward positively. Last season it was so frustrating seeing the pass slightly behind or straight at the player meaning the first touch was always a 'recovery' touch to get the ball into a better position. He also passed onto Dasilva's left foot meaning he can run forward straight away, whereas last season Baker (until his injury) always passed to his right foot meaning he had to come backwards.
  14. Just seen this on twitter. Guy should be banned. Imagine acting like that in a professional role.
  15. If you'd of seen Weimanns shot in the first half when put through on goal, you'd know why he's not the answer up front. Wells played through the middle for a run of games with some more positive minded players around him is the sort of player we need up front.
  16. Thats a fine way to show you don't understand football in a single post. Congratulations, you won't be missed.
  17. In comparison to last season...that was 100 times better. In comparison to where performances need to be for this season...defence need to shape up massively and we need to be more composed with shooting and final ball. It's almost like our players get too excited/scared when they get within 20 yards of the opposition goal and start misplacing passes or dragging shots. I'm a big fan of Palmer, but I don't think I'd mind if Scott started in that AMC role next week. He looks so composed on the ball, strong at shielding it, decent in the air for flick ons and drove forward when he got the ball. I actually think we missed Semenyo today as I thought AW and COD were quite poor at finding spaces for KP to find.
  18. I think Scott may be the best player in the world.
  19. James looks good, trying to dictate our play which we haven't seen for a while. Always seems available Atkinson looks very good on the ball, won everything in the air (except the 2nd goal), but seems to 'struggle' following players movement which he'll need to work on. I've seen some nice play between Atkinson - James - Palmer - Martin - back to Palmer and then looking for Weimann/O'Dowda which looks promising. While we're 2-0 down, we look a lot better than we did for the last 25 games of the season last year against a better team which is positive.
  20. So you'd rather see the team v Exeter + 36% from the Plymouth game replacing them? I think that's what's going to happen anyway.
  21. So you'd rather see the team v Exeter + half the team from the Plymouth game replacing them? I think that's what's going to happen anyway.
  22. FYI the Exeter game is available on their Youtube channel for those that missed it. It's not jittery as it was live so those that 'watched' it earlier might want to see.
  23. Yes, with how Wells has been putting himself about in the bits I've seen him in, I'd prefer to see him and Palmer as those top two. KP will have a bit more movement ahead to pick passes out. Martin is very static.
  24. Plymouth goalie sounds like a good kid. Is he any good?
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