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  1. I’ve yet to see us be remotely dangerous against a team who are happy with a point whilst we remain equally susceptible to any sort of counter attack in games when we’re asked to break down our opponents. I’m behind Pearson and want us to stick with him and trust him to sort it out in time but, sadly, I can see the abysmal home record going on a little while yet unless there a complete change in how effective we are.
  2. I'm expecting (hoping) to see Fleming sporting the Britney Spears/Sam Allardyce (take your pick) headphone & microphone contraption this evening relaying orders from a spluttering Nige who is wrapped up with a warm blanket and a Lemsip/whisky (take your pick) while his wife asks him to calm down and to stop swearing at the telly and does he know that his phone has been in a call for 75 minutes?
  3. We (Warwickshire) are bowling really well. Getting movement and a little help from the pitch now too. Our catching in the slips has been good. Yates has held on to a couple of tough ones. Honestly, I haven't seen anything that makes me think Somerset are not interested or giving their wickets away, it's just hard.
  4. More like Kingdom Come and Led Zeppelin.
  5. Despite spending 13 of the last 15 seasons in the Championship I still don't think of us as a regular fixture! Probably because it took us so long to recover from relegation in 1999. As for SL's investment it's hard not to think he feels a little hard done by, but you reap what you sow, and there's been some big mistake seeds planted since SL has been driving the tractor. The appointment of Pulis, Wilson (or more specifically "the drinking culture"), Tins, GJ being seemingly unable to recruit and manage players that might have got us to the next level post 2008, the spiralling costs then the cost cutting and inevitable disaster that followed him to the strangeness of not backing Cotterill followed up by backing Ashton. We're rebuilding again now... just this time, we're doing it in the Championship (and picking up points, albeit not convincingly right now). That's progress of a sort! Absolutely. I'd hope we wouldn't deliberately game the system, whoever is in charge. Whether it's SL and his way of doing things or an individual or consortium who wouldn't convert their loans (whether it's their money or money they've borrowed). I suppose, unless any of these clubs generate a lot of transfer revenue, most of them will still run at a "manageable" and acceptable loss, as far as the rules go, like we do!
  6. Running up debt, probably, and taking out loans to cover them. Which is basically what is happening now, only SL converts his loans into shares as opposed to us having to pay interest to banks or other "investors". We wouldn't necessarily go into administration or fail FFP though.
  7. Though I can’t imagine the absolute shambles of last season would have happened under CH we almost certainly wouldn’t have got off to that blistering start, points wise, as, I would like to think, our players would have done a proper preseason. They wouldn’t have been so fresh but equally wouldn’t have fallen so completely to pieces (literally in some cases) as the season wore on. I would also say he’d have still been “under” everyone’s favourite CEO and therefore probably not having the best time regarding recruitment! Bearing in mind what happened, I am pretty sanguine about things. I certainly would not swap NP for CH right now, and wouldn’t have any time he’s been with us.
  8. There was an article on Bristol Live that mentioned it this week.
  9. I think our numerical friend was having a joke there, Videotape. In all honesty, I don't recall Pearson specifically talking about "bad apples" (he could easily have said it and I would have nodded vigorously when he did (I'm old and have probably slept since) so have forgotten). It was clear, however, that he felt that some of the players were not taking their careers (at City) seriously enough, which impacted their ability to train and play at the level that he expected as well as impacting his ability to influence those players who showed better initial characteristics. Pretty much all of us know that all of our first team players had an extremely easy ride for the majority of last season and NP's attempts to address this was akin to Gary Johnson needing to drive the drinking culture out of the squad he inherited 15 years before and was largely mirrored by the performances on the pitch.
  10. Sorry, any excuse from some Springsteen related nonsense. I loved it. The eyebrows, encouraging nod and grin as the words "physically competitive" are uttered. I wonder who Tanner clattered unnecessarily in training to warrant such gushing praise and emotion from NP?
  11. Holden - see Peter Principle, Tinnion.
  12. Maynard - to quit your job and move home due to concerns about your children.
  13. Dinning - a complete lack of interest or effort after a target has been achieved.
  14. My daughter is 4 and I am priming her. Tough going at the moment though, utterly disinterested!
  15. No transfer window in the National League and below, players can move whenever. Not sure how it would work for him coming back to us if we needed him though, if he had been registered for them.
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