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  1. I don't really watch any women's football beyond England/GB when they're on terrestrial television so I am not the best placed to comment, but I've never really understood why Lucy Bronze has been a dedicated Right Back throughout her career. She's faster, more powerful and probably has more skill (certainly ball control) than pretty much anyone else I have seen. Physically and mentally she's basically a dream box-to-box midfielder as far as I can work out. I know full or wingbacks are regarded as vitally important in the men's game nowadays, but I am not so sure it's quite so crucial in the women's game, though absolutely happy to be put right on that. It's like Gow or Shelton or Marvin Elliott (errr... let's not talk about that. Forget I mentioned it. Right?) or even Bryan Robson just spent their careers not being able to drive play through the middle, especially against a team like Chile where the step up in power and direct running would probably overwhelm them when we're struggling to break them down for a second.
  2. By and large, I have a lot of sympathy for fans in this situation as none of this is really their doing but there comes a point where they defend lunacy. Their owners and administrators have tried every tactic, greasy or otherwise, to get out of this and it appears that they have breached every single time it comes to audit. Not only that but there’s clearly a godawful culture at the club and absolute garbage being served up on the pitch. We, of all clubs know, from bitter, first-hand experience, that what would be best for them is a reset. All this manipulation just looks ridiculous, every football fan I talk to thinks Derby are basically a joke at this point. By refusing to accept they’ve broken the rules this ridiculous limbo will carry on and on and will probably end up with them being relegated in front of disinterested, dwindling support. Just take the punishment and relegation! Sort out the squad, culture and the pointless excesses! Restore some pride (it’s the name of their stadium for god’s sake)! Basically, get the house in order. Find the right manager and within a couple of seasons they’ll be right at the top of the 3rd tier. If it’s done well then it’s only likely to be a season or 2. It’s not the end of the world. Most of their fans will be loving it and they can be back in the Championship in a much better place than they are now. Yes they’ll lose a bit of sponsorship and TV money in the short term but if they’re in such a state to genuinely think that is going to make a difference they’re absolutely stuffed anyway.
  3. Terry Venables. Portsmouth. Some time in the 90s…
  4. That's the problem. I actually got my hopes up because of the way we dealt with Denmark in the second half of extra time. OK, the Danes were cooked by that time and Italy had barely got going last night, but the way we did it gave me confidence that we, finally, could play with a lead in a big game and at least not make the same mistakes as we have so often as you listed above. Not only that but we handled Germany with confidence as well. So much more disappointed because of that. If we'd hung on grimly as Denmark had thrown the absolute kitchen sink at us, I probably would be a lot more pragmatic about the whole thing!
  5. I’m frustrated as the performance was absolutely reminiscent of our QF with Portugal in 2004. Less so but also the QF against Brazil in 2002 and in some ways against Argentina in 98 albeit that one was with 10 men. It’s not the Alamo, particularly, but if you invite pressure, international teams good enough to be in the latter stages of international tournaments will, eventually, make you pay. Once Italy scored and we dealt with the immediate disappointment, we were then more than a match for them, which suggests we let them dominate us rather than they were better than us, albeit there are probably many psychological elements that explain all this. I would say, it’s a real lesson for Southgate as this mindset when taking an early lead is unlikely to ever bear fruit.
  6. No Names mentioned of course...
  7. You don't want to get injured. You wouldn't like me if you get injured.
  8. Am I dreaming that LJ said that Baker was basically injured in 19/20 and would need surgery, or at least prolonged rest to sort it out? Anyway, Rennie is presumably best judge of whether we can keep Baker fit and if there was ever a City manager who can coach Baker to make the correct decisions regarding availability it’s Nigel Pearson. ‘Here Nathan, have a look at my knees!’
  9. Escala was the name of the quartet that Sky Sports fell in love with and used continually for a couple of years. I suspect it is much the same though.
  10. awbb


    I’m sorry minister, but if the wool was over his eyes then he couldn’t see the wood because of the wool, not the trees.
  11. I probably wouldn't remember this if it wasn't for it being the day of The Hillsborough Disaster. Lost 2-1 to Blackpool. Returned home to find my mum in tears as she just assumed that me, my brother and my Dad were at the game that was on TV.
  12. As Player Pathway Manager I spend most of my day smoking a large cigar in my office. MTG.
  13. Horrible flashback to Wigan away sometime in the early 2000s...
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