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  1. The season between Scott and Barnard we had Stuart Munro (a right back) playing at left back IIRC. We got relegated.
  2. Difficult to say. From his personal development perspective, hopefully the one positive he gains from his dismissal is that he cannot afford to make, what appeared to me to be, the same mistakes repeatedly. The streaks. The way we played when getting beaten game in and game out all bore the same hallmarks. Lack of confidence in possession and passing and boneheaded individual errors (which I appreciate some feel were not Johnson's fault but my feeling is that they were a symptom of they way they were being managed). Whether that was because he felt that he wouldn't be removed from th
  3. Meh. Changing the post count per page down to 25 from 50 has caused hyperinflation not seen since post Great War Germany. CH wants 200 at least I would’ve thought.
  4. For anyone of a certain age, watching Tinman take part in a bit of a 5 aside (or some variant where Kasey Palmer appears to be playing for both teams) was nice to see. Not a lot of footage but 2 passes, a pinpoint cross-field pass from left-to-right (obviously) to Pereira and a through ball to Eliasson, weighted to perfection (obviously), even had McAllister purring. Go to about 7 mins for the Tins stuff. To be fair Cisse was playing as well and was nicely efficient in possession... I reckon they could do a job. Both might be considered a little wet behind the ears for the new head coach thoug
  5. In this world there are 2 types of football fan. Those that like Revie and those that like Clough. It is of little surprise that Leeds have so few allies.
  6. awbb


    My personal opinion, probably already listed above, is that he consistently attempts to create a siege mentality amongst his players and to try to give them confidence at every media opportunity. He combines this mental approach with a relatively rudimentary and pragmatic tactical style that puts the players, who he hopes are feeling positive and bloody minded, in a position to play football where it's actually quite difficult for them to make errors. Especially errors in positions that would be an immediate goal threat. I have no doubt this is what he's trying to do at Middlesbrough as w
  7. Kalas steps up and makes a good challenge on the halfway line... oh to see him return to form.
  8. No Chris, it’s OTIB not Otis...
  9. Ultimately, he did accept he knew "little about football" when Mark Ashton was appointed as that was one of the main points City made when he was unveiled. Ashton was signed with West Brom until he was 18 (albeit as a goalkeeper) and he did some coaching for a couple of years too. OK, this was a long time ago and he's clearly since embraced the administrative side of things but that pretty minimal experience was probably the main reason he got the job with us. Whether this is good enough or not, is open to debate! I often read about Lansdown getting his fingers burned by the Coppell
  10. Not sure on your rationale to be honest! Makes sense to me to sack him now as it gives a new man a theoretical 7 games to figure out what he needs to do between the seasons with the squad. There is also that slim chance of a ‘bounce’ that might see us into the playoffs. Keeping him will inevitably lead to 3 excellent performances at the end of the season which though nowhere near enough to get us into the playoffs will be used to buy him another season or more to ultimately disappoint! I can take a defeat. These performances are just unbearable though.
  11. LJ will look at that list... rub his hands at the technical prowess of our players then reality would hit and we'd play poorly against a team with several 6 or more footers and we'd feel forced into signing a similarly sized midfielders to address our midfielders lack of aerial ability. I am pretty sure LJ or MA said Henrikson's height was a key factor in our decision to loan him in and as a forerunner to that, the decision to sell Marlon, in that regard, hurt us. LJ has said that most of the time (as depressing as it is) you need at least 4, preferably, 5 outfield players who are 6
  12. That’s an entirely fair and legitimate comment and my normal prejudices are once again exposed! I genuinely think Orr was better as a full-back and Carey was far better as a CB than RB but forgetting to mention him was a glaring error! Yeah... Bailey, Scott, Barnard, Bell, Brennan, McAllister, Cunningham, Bryan and now Dasilva... I’ve probably missed a couple of useful ones there as well!
  13. Do Blackburn supporters still hate Bradders? If they do, I suggest if they listen to this podcast they might reappraise his time with them. His loyalty to their club in accepting the potential risks to play when he did is mental. Especially when others were making the demands that they did*. Slightly off-topic, having more time than usual, my brother and I did a draft somewhat like Stanley did on a rival podcast month or two back. Our rules were anyone who played for us from 1988/89 to 2014/15 due to "reasons". With the caveat of Luke Ayling (who never really played right-back for us
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