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  1. An unwelcome blast from the past. Now playing for a club called South Park around London.Just looked at their website. Fevs is their assistant manager. He doesn't look how I imagined him.
  2. Ok, Don Howe but Bryan Robson!? Robson was a terrible manager - obviously a very good player with a big reputation but no manager IMO.
  3. Definitely Lincoln and then don't mind between them and Blackpool. Both better days out than Sunderland. Also, when Sunderland finally do make it out of League 1 with their new owner and his money they'll be a much bigger threat than the other two.
  4. Exactly this. Can't wait for everybody to get back going to football.
  5. According to the BBC he is Chelsea's second top scorer with 12 goals at 128 minutes per goal. Not too shabby I would have thought...
  6. Did they refund people in full for last year? Big gesture if they did.
  7. Is there a better website or a finer URL anywhere on the internet than this? I believe Doris has been involved somewhere along the line. http://www.nicecupofteaandasitdown.com/
  8. Too difficult to have an opinion either way based on his time here. Certainy done well at Peterborough this year though. Not that doing well at Peterborough means anything that much - they are THE Championship/League 1 yo-yo club. They've had their usual good time in League 1 and on past evidence it would surprise none of us if they struggled next year, Sammie included. It's what they do.
  9. We could do worse than get Keith Dawe back for this if he fancies it. It's years since I've spoken to or even seen Keith and not sure how his health is these days - but am sure he's been a very big miss behind the scenes.
  10. Have renewed today on the strength that Pearson is now in place and will be sorting out the place out. In theory social distancing will end at the end of June but you can see there's a risk that restrictions will still be possible. On the other hand there's a risk of losing your seat if you don't. Sick and tired of what the last year has been so decided to just hope for the best and go for it. Hope eh? A disease we all suffer from.
  11. Shepherd Neame - now you're talking. Lucky enough to go round the brewery a while ago and then on to Whitstable for fantastic seafood. Particularly liked their Spitfire related advertising. All banned by the Advertising Standards folk for some odd reason, but still produced as souvenirs by the brewery. Those of a nervous (or German) disposition look away now:
  12. It seems that he doesn't. You watch - he'll be wanting to close Parson Street station next.
  13. He did. For a while it was credited to Damian Spencer but now seems to have been given to Holland. From what I remember a cross came in and Holland got his head to it whilst on the run. It then hit Spencer on the 'upper thigh' (ie ars3) and went it. Not that it mattered Stoke sneaked the winning goal late on while Carey was still arguing with the ref.
  14. Maybe he's sniffing what the rest of the team have been sniffing.
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