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  1. Really excellent write up by Jerseybean. Hava-esque. Thanks..
  2. Maybe it's a Covid thing. Knowing who was sitting next to who for 2 hours just in case someone turned out to be affected might be the reason. Who knows?
  3. Obesity in the US seems to be getting worse. I saw a survey recently and apparently 2 out of 3 Americans have now become 4 out of 5 Americans.
  4. Not that I've been to see the Bears but don't they sell 2 pint glasses?
  5. Anyone mentioning Jehovah will be put to the death. Oh b*gger!
  6. Have you tried Rovers' Club Shop? They've got some very funny looking costumes in there.
  7. Getting rid of betting and alcohol would be a good thing IMO but then I would like to see all advertising taken off shirts and a return to those simpler days when footballers weren't commercial billboards. Of course there will be many arguing the loss of income. Well here's an idea - how about football starts behaving responsibly and gets back to being an affordabl game for all. Over-commercialisation of football has been a disease for years and it needs be stopped before it kills the game
  8. Yes, quite right - me being a pedantic git does have its disadvantages.
  9. Is the RR asking which is the largest town in England with a team in the PL or EFL? Or are we covering the while of GB, the UK or even further afield? And what does the word 'professional' mean? For example, Warrington and Slough have been suggested. Both have football teams, it costs money to watch them, you can buy season tickets and they pay players (not much but they do). (Obviously we all have fallen into a trap here).
  10. Calculus


    Fair enough, just think that we should concentrate on frying those bigger fish rather than looking towards Bents. None of the full backs or wide midfielders that started today are fit for purpose IMO, and then there's the striker problem.
  11. Calculus


    Think Bents is one of our better players. Understand this though: every one of the players we have or have ever had has been with us because there's something wrong with them. We need to cut players a little slack and not give them grief just because they're not perfect - we're a mid table Championshio club.
  12. ... now doing the same job for poor old Ipswich. Mind you, it will be Cook that takes the fall.
  13. I don't think Kalas' long throws are ever going to be particularly productive for many of the reasons given on this thread. Also don't believe throw ins have ever been all that well thought out right across football. Klopp and Liverpool have done something about it by employing a throw in coach and the results have been amazing. Here's a link to a story in the Grauniad: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/sep/23/liverpool-throw-in-coach-thomas-gronnemark-klopp Must be worth thinking about....
  14. True, and isn't fhe FA museum somewhere thereabouts? Lake District is also within easy access - always good for a few days hiking and drinking. That said, the city of Preston is a bit of a dump. Used to stay at a hotel near the bus station on business. Now that was an experience. Quite of few of the local lovelies would turn up playing their trade, as it were. Much better to go to the Tickled Trout just off the M6.
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