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  1. Wasn't he was signed by Steve Coppell? Seem to remember he came as one for the future, made his Championship debut with us due to injuries, was an instant success and never looked back.. Also him and Bolasie ripping a few sides apart.
  2. I can sympathise with your view, but County Cricket just isn't producing battle hardened Test players for England these days. Contrast this with Sheffield Shield in Australia where just 6 teams play the sort of cricket that produces Test players. In England we have gone for one day comps, the blast, the hundred all to attract spectators and generate cash to support the existing structure. If you want to see the best players you'll see them in these comps and rarely in the county champs, where red ball contracted test players don't even play anymore. Much as I've loved county cricket I can see that it's no longer fit for purpose, doesn't produce Test players, is of little interest and attracts a diminishing number of spectators. Perhaps reducing the number of counties would be sensible, which would leave space for the money making stuff, and also make sure that the best players play in the 4 day game against the best opposition.
  3. COD is one of a number that don't even nearly justify their wage. The whole lot need to go and be replaced by players who actually earn their keep. Given the club's finances and FFP the club needs a complete reset so the likes of COD and Co going is no bad thing.
  4. Yes, I'm sure they're thinking the same thing. Trouble is that we'd then be without them. Develop potential and then sell once they get any good ain't going to get is to the Prem anytime soon.
  5. I thought Conway looked promising, although he's obviously raw. He made a few good runs and had enough about him to get into goal scoring positions - good instincts for a striker. Unfortunately his composure let him down, which is about experience and confidence, which will come with games played. If we're going to produce our own young players they will have to start when inexperienced and we're going to have to accept their growing pains.
  6. Most of those wanted to go, and if not sold would have left for nothing. Also, had we not achieved those sales we'd have been in deep financial do-do. (Agree about the purchases though - many have been dire).
  7. Behave yourself - you know exactly what you're doing. Rascal...
  8. Saw a lot of him and the great Yorkshire team of the 60s. That's him, Trueman and Close gone of the 4 legends - only Sir Geoffrey left now. Illy was also an Ashes winning captain in Auatralia and a very fine Chairman if Selectors for England. Very sad day for me. RIP...
  9. It used to be that when attendances were announced some would reckon that there were more in the ground and that it was a tax fiddle. Now we announce the number that had actually paid to be there that's a problem as well. It must be as frustrating as hell running this football club.
  10. Watching that I got that feeling that if Kasey Palmer wanted to go somewhere else to train that Nigel couldn't care less. If KP has any professional pride or ambition he should bust a gut to prove the manager wrong.
  11. Or, given that he never used to look at league tables, he might think that Weymouth are in the Prem.
  12. He's 'relocated' to Dorset and found a local job in football with a mate. Not so much a fall from grace as a bit of interest in semi-retirement.
  13. You are of course correct, but then normal POTD prices are ridiculously high anyway. I took my son to the Stoke game, buying the seat next to mine in central Dolman. £39!!! Couldn't believe it. Personally would't go to the Fulham game at that price and don't buy the overpriced food and drink either. I'm in the fortunate position of being able to afford to go if I want to, but this just isn't fair for an awful lot of supporters and I shall vote with my feet. Football is a game for the fans or it is nothing. Sad days.
  14. This is what happens when you give a penguin a Rovers season ticket...
  15. My son, who is now a GP, used to work in A&E in his early days. One day they had a lady in complaining of a violent itch 'downstairs'. Son had a thorough look around and a good rummage and found a small, hard object that seemed to be the source of the problem. Upon though investigation it turned out to be a scrunched up, sticky blue label bearing the word 'Fyffes', the like of which you see on bananas. The lady offered no explanation and expressed surprise at the discovery.
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