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  1. I know of a man who seems able to stitch together a club purchase on behalf of Americans and has excellent contacts with the Lansdowns. He would even be prepared to run the club as CEO for the new owners. Welcome back Mark Ashton. Good night all, sweet dreams....
  2. Is it because a small number of them behave like total Richardheads? Flares, bottles etc - it needs to stop and when it does maybe restrictions might relax. Reading through this some still don't seem to get the basic truth - using flares in a football ground isn't allowed. Simple.
  3. Sad news - another bit of my childhood gone. They'll be digging a hole - hole in the ground, big and sort of round...
  4. Good news, but sad that it's come to this. Would also add similar sanctions for those that throw bottles, cans etc. onto the pitch. Unfortunately we had a few of those last year and that needs to stop also.
  5. Was at Taunton yesterday and unfortunately have to say that was just about the worst performance I've seen from a Yorkshire side in the 50 something years I've been watching. More leaving this year, obviously including KC. Central contract absences are one thing but we've always lived that. Many things still very difficult within - definitely trouble at 'mill Was very surprised that Somerset didn't declare and give Yorkshire an awkward last 20-30 minutes to finish the day. Somerset should be winning this comfortably but seem to struggle killing teams off.
  6. Calculus


    Ha! McIndoe?
  7. I changed tactics a while ago and now focus on eliminating options. Mostly working, but which is why I now usually get to the last line:
  8. ... and you didn't take her use of the word 'little' as a sign of potential issues?
  9. Yup, just back myself. Amazing performer. Wasn't quite sure about the sound system early on from where I was but it seemed to get sorted out well enough. Great night though...
  10. Long Ashton all day long....
  11. You would think so, but football is full of managers that think they can succeed with a player where others have failed. Mind you, even Ashton won't take Bakinson back, which says something.
  12. If it's an attitude thing and it's got that bad maybe we should pay him up and get rid. Why have him hanging around with young developing players?
  13. Seems very short sighted by the club - lots of folk are struggling with the cost of living, could well be reluctant to part with a lump sum and won't be finding ridiculous POTD prices all that attractive either. Just throwing away supporters IMO.
  14. Max is also 26 in October. Really needs to move on and be a number one somewhere.
  15. The great Phil Bennett, 73. Legend.
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