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  1. I think if the away end is sold out then it should be reserved seating to cut down on problems. If there is plenty of space then sit where you like. The argument that if you want to sit you have to be at the front to me is unfair. Why should my view be worse because medically I cannot stand at a game?
  2. I am not sure the programmes available are official. My mate was a programme seller for 30 years and was told he was no longer required this season.
  3. Having lived 3 doors down from Wedlock’s for 20 years I would agree the football is a good earner for 9 months of the year. To make money during the week and the summer you need things like pool teams, darts teams and possibly a football team. When I was local there was darts 3 nights of the week and a regular Friday meeting by a group called the RAOB. It was still quiet during the day. Personally I went in there every Friday night with mates, all home games and when I got off the CATS coach after an away game. My mum and dad each played for a darts team.
  4. Seems the club are making quite a few mistakes this season and all to maximise profits. Firstly no hard copy Programme, change of pie supplier that appears to be lower quality and finally the beer price increases.
  5. My reasoning is I don’t believe it to be effective. The longer it goes on the less people take notice. Personally I believe that it has now lost its impact.
  6. I think the kneeling should end now. Guess I will be called a racist now.
  7. There was me expecting to hear a Reeperbahn story
  8. Would appreciate a private message how to get IPTV please. Bit of a Luddite
  9. That is a good idea. A bit of help with petrol and parking costs. Good way to make new friends too.
  10. I just want to say I really enjoy your posts. They are sane sensible and reasoned. We may support rivals but they are fair minded. Unfortunately I have so agree with you as both clubs had a rather bad reputation with a minority which was not helped with a sheep mentality of people following.
  11. Although this does not excuse the actions of our fans the gas retaliated by booing throughout the minutes silence for our then chairman Des Williams at the Louis Donowa derby game.
  12. First away game back. Played on a Sunday. We played Blackburn home opening day.
  13. Gotta say the pies I tried were Jumbucks Aussie Jaffle pies which was based on the Triangle.
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