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  1. Tony I would say Mark Ashton has lied. When they sacked LJ they said they wanted a manager with experience of promotion. Holden doesn't have that unless I was feeling sarcastic as he just promoted into his job.
  2. Yeah but he didn't attack Ashton's mum. You are well out of order.
  3. Benny unfairly gets a lot of stick but but he came in to be DoF. John Ward refused to work with him and walked. All a bit harsh on Benny.
  4. No sure who Paul Hirst is. I have heard of Paul Hurst. He has a good lower league record.
  5. That's interesting because on BBC Sounds commentary is blocked. I think the app you used streams from outside UK therefore the blanket ban doesn't apply.
  6. The BBC can't do live internet commentary because the club's sell the commentary themselves under tge iFollow brand.
  7. Ah the Ninian Park experience, dodging coal, coins and bottles of piss after the match while held in on the terrace.
  8. Same here. Bought the first and got the rest free. A bit of a pisstake for those who gave season ticket money
  9. Grew up next to the Wedlocks or Star if you are old enough. Who else was I going to support
  10. Think Gerrard will stay Rangers as he wants to make history there. The manager who failed to stop Celtic getting 10 in a row
  11. I have wondering about these leaks that claim Gerrard is first choice. Normally City are watertight on Managers. Could Gerrard be a smokescreen? It would a allow the club today we tried for Gerrard we really did when announce Lowe or Appleton
  12. Yep, you not the first person to say this. @Davefevs said similar. I get the feeling the Cowleys just wanted to survive this season. That Huddersfield side at Ashton Gate was gutless so not surprised they may have a bit more agricultural. Clean sheets when struggling don't come from expansive play
  13. That is a good point about managerial ceiling. The main point I am trying to make is we don't really know what that ceiling is yet for the Cowleys. My Crewe analogy does stand little as they made it to this level with an 8000 seat ground np budget but played fantastic football. I get people are frustrated but we don't know how good a manager will be until they start the job.
  14. Great debating there. Well done. Welcome to my ignore list
  15. We were talking about style and budgets. You insisted a big budget was required. I'm saying it isn't. Can I ask, are you dense?
  16. Not when you are talking about a style of play no. Crewe have always played lovely passing football pleasing on the eye. How big is their budget.
  17. What utter tosh. Division and budget mean nothing. You are talking about style of play and adaptability. I used a very good analogy sorry it doesn't fit your hate campaign. Also no one knows who will be good or bad at City or any club. It is not an exact science. You only know once they get the job.
  18. Can I just remind a few people to the comments when Steve Cotterill was appointed. Things like oh no long ball football and only really done it with Cheltenham were mentioned. Did Steve Cotterill play long ball or adapt? Who is to say Cowley can't adapt too?
  19. Just be careful which pub you go too with the family
  20. Convinced it will be Michael Appleton. He doth, protest too much plus Mark Ashton probably misses him
  21. Well I know where he is tonight..................in France as Rangers are playing Lyon in a friendly.
  22. Totally. Out with old and in with new.
  23. I believe that Gerrard will probably Gary McAllister with him as No 2 so you have an experienced coach who has managed supporting a new manager who hasn't done a lot wrong in Glasgow
  24. Has anyone checked the new training kit in the shop. They currently only stock one size in each adult colour. Way to sell product City. If it is a case of supply issues then don't bloody advertise yet. I wish I worked in the Commercial Department as the current group are terrible.
  25. I feel for you mate I really do. I can buy a season ticket but just not use the instalments. What annoyed me was my reason was legitimate. I genuinely could no longer afford it but no compassion was shown.
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