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  1. Or they are being made available as saleable assets!
  2. Is there anywhere that has the u23 friendly fixtures for the next few weeks?
  3. I think QPR and Birmingham could be a surprise this season.
  4. Made a little dig at Gregor at the end, saying this will be his only interview tonight. I really doesn’t like Gregor!
  5. Why is everyone banging on that Scott is the saviour, he’s played a couple of games! I’m not knocking him, I think he’s going to be a very good player. However he’s played 180mins of 1st team football and one of those games is a friendly and you couldn’t tell if he played well or not as it was a shit camera angle. Palmer how’s showed up well in the last game but did average today, claimed an assist.
  6. Gregor has not mentioned he’s injured, maybe he’s on trial somewhere for a loan move but it’s unwraps?
  7. Got to love the bloke that keeps cleaning the screen with a tissue!
  8. Can also see a 4231 formation with Bakinson in the number 10 with Williams and Nagy sitting and Scott and Bell either side of bakinson with wells up top.
  9. Could it be more of a 433? With Scott joining Bell and Wells up top in a front 3 letting him come inside and drop into holes in behind the striker at times?
  10. Still under contract at Norwich
  11. I wasn’t far away from the line up v Celtic
  12. Looks like they played 433 in training matches today. Gregor has said the back 4 of 1 team, Simpson, Dasilva, Baker and Atkinson but not mentioned anything else yet other than Vyner played RB for other team.
  13. I see you the same players as I mentioned but with a different formation. I can see Nige going with 2 up top this year but time wil tell. I’m that formation you are playing I can also see Bakinson instead of Massengo and Nige converting him to an attacking midfielder like he did with Doucouré at Watford.
  14. Nige has trust in them and he knows what they offer, if they perform in pre season I can see them starting. A lot of Nigel’s interviews have been about trust in players and these players he knows and trusts!
  15. I would have him in the starting 11 but he won’t be here.
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