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  1. Never a yellow, on yellow card that should have been shown was to the Swansea player for kicking the ball away.
  2. Jersey Bulls are live on the red button this weekend in the FA Cup.
  3. Was it me or did it look like Wells was holding his hamstring at the end???
  4. Because of works on the line and they replace the train with buses!
  5. Are the trains running to Cardiff tomorrow or is there replacement bus services at some point???
  6. So they are not going to get fans off trains then and straight into pubs? They are going to get fans to walk from station to ground and no escort??
  7. I also liked how he mentioned we’ve not been working on long throws and Kalas took it upon himself to put the throws in, however I was told Alex Ball mentioned on Robins TV that he mentioned they have been working on it in training and it’s nice it paid off, bit strange that Nige didn’t take praise on this as something that worked from a training session and he gave praise to Kalas.
  8. redpole


    I’m struggling to see the love in for Janneh last night, he didn’t look like a winger last night, to many times he was one on one down the left hand side and instead of trying to get past his man he would come side ways or play the ball backwards. The one time he did do it, he caused havoc in their defence. The boy just didn’t look comfortable out wide. I think he’s a central striker who would prefer to be in the box.
  9. I thought Scott tried to get the runs in behind when Martin won the flicks. Someone who I thought should have offered more today with his pace off Martin flicks was Weimann, I thought he was one of worst players today, not sure what he offered today.
  10. Someone who wants goals! He won’t be happy sitting on the bench at city, if he’s offered a chance of lower money but with game time, surely that would be attractive at his age.
  11. Wells is a Goalscorer and will get you 10/15 goals a season given the game time. He is a natural finisher! Something we missed today.
  12. I’ve looked at other squads today and other players involved in Euros are all starting for their teams. That’s the easy answer to say they are not playing because they’ve come back late. They’ve all had enough training and opportunities in friendlies. Don’t forget NP left Kalas on the bench v Villa!
  13. I’ve said in other thread, I can see Nagy, Kalas and Wells going, three of the bigger earners and valuable assets at the club. NP doesn’t rate them.
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