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  1. I’m currently lying next to @Arthur Daley in bed. Honest! We met on Twitter due our mutual love (despair) of City. He rarely posts on here, is more of a Twitter man! (Although he’s Mert Brown on there)
  2. Real name Marie, but since I was a toddler my nickname has been Dolly/Dolls. Reason being I had a Dolly I carried round in a bag, and everyone called me “Dolly bag lady.” Other half and step kids call me Dolly, and my mum does too.
  3. @Davefevs message back from @Septic Peg. She’s fine, she’s having a break from social media in general. She sends her love, she’s doing fine and she’ll be back at some point.
  4. Life is somewhat hectic for me these days thanks to a certain little monkey keeping me busy, and I’m not in touch with as many people as I used to be, but I’ve facebooked her asking her to check in with her loyal fans.
  5. Never smoked. Never tried it, not even one drag.
  6. He doesn’t do abroad as you well know!
  7. In a canal in Holland
  8. We’re at a wedding, in a tipi, in Leicestershire! However the baby is going to get cranky about 5 to 8, and our hotel is 5 minutes away. . .
  9. I bought mine online and wasn’t charged a fee, is it cos you did it over the phone?
  10. I’m off to AG this morning for my second ‘rona jab, should I keep an eye on the roof?
  11. I’ve seen a post from Claire https://localgiving.org/fundraising/support-Phil/?fbclid=IwAR0MvAL06gTvKpuN3oP0DkIkqS54mLbT8GbXoRkMOu1UU1tLzSH0hNqJYbI
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