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  1. Ha! I’d forgotten about that!
  2. Flint was engaged to Marlon Packs wife’s sister, they’d been together a while and he’d taken on her two children. He cheated on her with the actress Chanel Cresswell and they broke up.
  3. Again, it’s the club who tell us where to be if we want to hand over the awards. Their argument is they need to focus on the games left, and we can’t do it post season as they all bugger off on holiday. For what it’s worth I agree with you, but given the last few seasons there’s been a combination of covid/not much to celebrate, there hasn’t really been much of an argument to push for a bigger “event” as such. The last time that happened was pre covid and in 2017 when Tammy won everything, that happened out on the stage in the Winterstoke car park. I guess that’s why the players do the lap at the end of the last home game, so fans can show their appreciation then.
  4. No, because they haven’t been done for at least two years, so we need to do a job lot on the trophies.
  5. It’s the club who want it at the training ground on a non match day, we just have had to fit in with that. We’d love it on the pitch just before kick off, but have been told we’re not allowed to do that
  6. Because the engraver who does all our work wasn’t taking orders during covid, and is now stupidly busy so we couldn’t get it sorted in time for yesterday. Rest assured we’re on his waiting list.
  7. Jerry is on this, and there should be an update imminently
  8. Are you looking at the right website? https://www.bristolcitysupporters.org/category/news/ In answer to the question, no we haven’t had anything shown to us about pricing etc.
  9. I had to tell him off last home game, he was chatting away, and the queue to get his book signed was across the walkway and down the stairs! Security were getting stroppy about the obstructions!
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