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  1. I was thinking a meet up run and drinks the next time City are on Sky for a Saturday lunchtime away game might work?
  2. Count me in. Cheers, Phil
  3. I only joined at the start of lockdown but I've found it a huge help in getting the trainers on and hitting the road. There is no chance that I'd have made it out as often as I have without you lot. Cheers all.
  4. I'm enjoying seeing where everyone is running but i'm a little frustrated by Strava having always used mapmyrun. Is there a way of delaying the start to allow you to sort out your phone, keys, etc? Unless i'm missing something this doesn't seem to be a feature?
  5. Signed up this morning and went for a gentle plod along the railway path with @Redminster and the young'un.
  6. A friend has dropped out for the game tomorrow. Train and match ticket going for free if anyone can make it. The train leaves Temple Meads at 11:30 and gets back at midnight. A contribution towards the guys costs would be nice but nothing more.
  7. I said no as I simply dont think Danny Wilson is capable of the job of achieving promotion. I'm 28.
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