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  1. I was talking to a friend the other day, incidentally who lives in Portishead (I used to) but have now moved into Bristol. We got talking about Severnside. He said quote 'bs3 is where we belong' bearing in mind it would probably be easier for people from that neck of the woods to get to and from games at the proposed new site. He added he would not attend games there out of principle. So my point being Mr Lansdown... DO NOT assume you will attract new support from the surrounding area, in fact you may just lose current local (to Severnside) support as in this case. I personally think it is a disgraceful proposition and the board should be ashamed Also Mr Lansdown can you give me a ball park figure on how much money has been spent (wasted in some cases) over the years on Planning Applications, Feasibility Studies, Design Fees etc on the following? Hengrove Park The Fruit Market Ashton Gate Redevelopment and now Severnside? a pretty penny I have no doubt that could have been better utilised elsewhere at the club!
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