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  1. At England Belgium in 2018 there were 3 lads behind me who seemed to have discovered alcohol for the 1st time earlier in the day. They persisted for, much longer than any right minded trio should, with a chant of "Ruben Loftus-Cheeky Nandos". I wished bad things to happen to them.
  2. Worth watching (yet again) in memory of a great fighter.
  3. How high will a dead cat bounce if you weigh it down with shackles?
  4. I know that playing behind closed doors due to lockdown is a large factor, but I agree with 1) not caring in the slightest and 2) feeling an absolute disconnect with the club. I don't feel any attachment to anyone in our squad or the manager. Some or all of them could be sold tomorrow, or vanish off the face of the earth, and I couldn't see me mustering even a smidgen of care. F>ck all of them.
  5. A friend of mine in the US is good friends with Tom Brady (never met the guy myself), and I was chatting to the friend today. He has gone down to Tampa for the game, and was saying that Brady is confident. Whether Brady is talking BS remains to be seen. If I am awake I'll watch it, but if I nod off, no worries. Having lived the other side of the Atlantic for many years I had forgotten what a god-awful time it is broadcast in the UK.
  6. One of those actors who seemed to have been around forever and appeared in everything. I did like The Event. Just a shame it got cancelled after 1 season.
  7. Might as well give us the trophy now.
  8. Excellent news. I don't have any particular issue with the quality of Sky's own cricket coverage, but getting it free to air hopefully widens the audience, and brings new viewers to the sport.
  9. I heard they are waiting for the last winner to complete his lap of honour so they can get on with the trophy presentation.
  10. This is the sort of end phase of a test match that surely even appeals to people who claim test cricket is boring.
  11. Looks like covid has taken down long-time CNN legend Larry King.
  12. Without even reading the link, the answer to the title question will always be "however stupid you guess, some will exceed all expectations".
  13. My wife has been cutting mine through lockdown: I bought a clipper set early on. Mine is pretty short anyway, so it would be hard to go badly wrong. By contrast, my wife asked me to cut hers once. "Just take an inch or so off all around the bottom" was the instruction. I did such a god-awful job (not intentionally mind) I was never asked back.
  14. Not a nice man. But still wrote and produced my favourite pop song of all time.
  15. Cheers for that Silvio. I happened to be watching it, and was racking my mind as to who it was. He came across very well.
  16. I did. To be fair to Fam in this case, I had just been on a tirade specifically about Semenyo.
  17. My wife's reaction to the goal: "is he the one you said was shite?"
  18. I am sure the commentator researched exactly the sort of thing that would unnecessarily wind me up on a Sunday afternoon.
  19. Not just you @Super, I haven't given a F for months. I did get a ticket for PNE, but more to enable meeting my normal match-going crowd that caring about what might happen on the pitch. Close the whole thing down, I wouldn't give a toss.
  20. @Tom F, my selection for the year, sorry for the delay. Prince Philip Billy Connolly Sir Jackie Stewart David Attenborough Jimmy Carter Olivia Newton-John (joker) Rush Limbaugh Harvey Weinstein Michael J Fox George Aligiah
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