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  1. Cameron Pring looks like the new Joe Bryan
  2. It looks like they are using a phone to film this. When the camera pans round to follow the action its going out of focus making it difficult to follow
  3. I shall never moan about City Streams again this is unwatchable
  4. Has anyone got the stream up yet ?
  5. Exeter game free on You tube and Plymouth game streamed Via Plymouth site at a cost of £2.50 Makes a joke of our cost of a tenner a game
  6. Terry leaves Villa .. He just didn't fancy Dean Smiths wife
  7. Their Keeper is quality Sorry i mean a comedy
  8. We all know how good Bents is and doesn't need to prove himself NP just wanted to take a closer look at Max as he hasn't played much
  9. Ironic that Liam Walshs main reason for signing for Swansea was to play under Cooper
  10. Pring likes to get forward and put over a mean cross which is a bonus
  11. Benarous looks a Baller and look at the size of Joe Low he's a monster
  12. How about Vyner passing to one of their guys to shoot at goal then Max gives the ball straight back to him to have another goal Kamikaze defending to its finest
  13. Matty James looks quality
  14. Seeing the reply of the goal 3 or 4 times now Max should have got that easily he was very poor. His distribution has been poor today as well
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