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  1. Ref was a disgrace how he never booked anyone i dont know, they should have had 3 or 4 players booked maybe 2 of them sent off a shocking penalty the guy just fell over this is what you get from Turkish Refs
  2. Team Coach broken down on Humber Bridge club trying to get taxis to get players to game
  3. Theres not many people who earn the right to be called Legend but Stoney you are one, i tell that story of us away at Sheff Utd time and time again and it always gets a laugh you sir are a true BCFC Legend RIP Mate
  4. Trouble is when Semenyo is back Scott will go back to wing back where he's less effective
  5. Anyone know who Araoye is, he's on the bench for us ?
  6. I cant believe this isnt being televised what a tinpot club Bournemouth must be even the G*s televise thier friendlies. Its like going back to the dark ages not being able to watch
  7. Is this game not being televised ? i cant find it anywhere
  8. I remember seeing an interview on TV with Simon Pegg and he said that they decided to make Nick Frost wear a R*vers shirt in the film to make him more believable as a Village Idiot type character, and those thick G*sheads took it as a compliment haha ....
  9. You would have thought he would support West Ham as he liked blowing bubbles
  10. Thanks I think the P&R will be a little too far for the pensioner i give a lift to
  11. Anyone know how much they are charging to park in County Gates this season ? Cheers CTID
  12. A lot better once Wells Sykes and Wilson came on and ran at their defence didnt deserve the win but we did defend well and kept a clean sheet so happy days
  13. Perhaps we've been told not to attack today because we want to practise 90 mins of Defending
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