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  1. Dear Steve its time for you to come out and either back NP or sack him. In January we need to bring in at least 5 championship quality players two strikers two wingers and a Tough tackling midfielder. We could get rid of Martin, JD, Palmer, COD, Vyner and Simpson who offer us little to maybe help to fund the signings If NP is not allowed to shape his own squad then you might as well sack him but to find a manager with his experience who would come to BS3 is unlikely so please Steve put your hand in your deep pockets
  2. I know we've been really poor and beaten by a far better team but the Ref is such a homer its a joke
  3. JD Martin HNM all awful today Unlucky to lose Baker after colliding with Bents Wow we need a player like Hugill
  4. Yes, but he has offered very little since and we have been playing with a passenger recently. He needs a rest
  5. Ayman Benarous has travelled with the 1st team today maybe he will be on the bench today ?
  6. We are still suffering from a weak squad of players that were here before Pearson took charge players like COD Palmer Martin Vyner they are all taking up wages and offer us very little (ok Martin plays often but is bang average) then we have to rely on a batch of youngsters who should really be out on loan elsewhere at the moment. SL needs to put his hand in his pocket as we need Two Strikers Two Wide Men and a Creative Midfielder all with championship quality This buy now sell in the future at a profit policy we have is for the future, we need to sort this problem NOW When NP can bring in who he wants/needs we can judge him then
  7. NP has a very tough job and yes we are doing okay ish until now but we still need to loosen the purse strings and bring in a quality striker and two wingers who can ping over crosses playing COD offers us nothing defensively at all and very little attacking wise so why keep playing him. It wasn't just CODs fault today, the loss of Williams, the poor substitute bringing Wells on for Williams instead of a natural midfielder in Bakinson Lets put this one to bed now, nothing went right and were beaten by parachute payments again its a tough league
  8. How that was only 2-0 God only knows totally outclassed by a quality team.. Not looking good for Tuesday night with the midfield injuries we have
  9. No but i think we look shell shocked and chasing shadows. I would have brought Bakinson on for Williams not to disrupt the shape too much bringing Wells on and pushing Andi wide right hasn't hurt them at all
  10. Totally outclassed, defence under constant pressure, weak midfield since Williams went off, Forwards arn't in the game COD has done 2 or 3 decent things but thats about all rest of half hes been anonymous Yes Bournemouth are Prem quality but it does show us how far we are behind the top 5 or 6 teams
  11. All sorted now Thanks Guys Mods thread can be closed
  12. Thanks Rob fingers x'd all went well and i will be back at BS3 in the New Year
  13. Is there anyone able to give my elder brother (75) a lift up to the Bornemouth game from Weston super Mare or Worle areas and return after the match he will help towards fuel costs. I have just been discharged form hospital after Cancer surgery so cannot go myself or give him a lift. Cheers
  14. We all go to football to be entertained and one moment of brilliance can stay in the memory forever and we will always remember Jacki
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