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  1. NP signings Very Good (at least potentially) Atkinson Tanner James Baker (apart from the pen, he was good last night) OK King Jury's Out Simpson I still think he is the right man for the job but I appreciate that, as each home game goes by, my view gets just a little more difficult to justify.
  2. Nah, he’ll be off to Barca South Glos when Jailbird Joey starts his mailbag stitching.
  3. Maybe noyhis fault, but some things were puzzling. AW was playing midfield but is an attacker. He took off Wells, who had been vaguely threatening and replaced him with COD, a midfielder up top. WhyAW didn’t move forwards and COD go into midfield was odd.
  4. I’d swap HNM for Martinand put AW up top with Wells
  5. Won’t happen ‘til the 95th minute so you can go get a cup of tea
  6. Success has many Fathers Failure is a b*stard
  7. Why unfortunately? Given Rovers’ performances, it’s a act of kindness surely?
  8. Tomlin and Joey, dream team.
  9. No, @Bar BS3, it IS a great analogy
  10. Also, Lansdown has put a tracker in the vaccine…
  11. City Win Rovers lose at home conceding a pen and with 10 men MAIT lose if Carlsberg did Saturday afternoons
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