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  1. Perhaps, but those are the sort of prices my expertise commands in the market BS2
  2. Indeed. “As the matter is sub-judice (judiciacal/Judy Tzuke/ etc etc) we hope supporters will understand that we cannot comment further at this stage”. There ya go Wally, my Invoice for £2.10 (gentlemen ALWAYS Charge in Guineas) is in the post.
  3. Apols if I have overlooked something but was HNM not involved in either game yesterday? injured? Being Sold? Already deemed fit enough?
  4. Only ‘difficult’, gotta love a lawyer
  5. I bow to your superior knowledge/experience @Glastonbury Red, I am NO ONE’s idea of a lawyer
  6. Except isn’t it irrelevant now? She got the police involved at the time and her statement then is evidence. They seem convinced that an assault had taken place and reported it to the CPS. Understand it will be tougher if she doesn’t give evidence but the CPS saw enough there to get this far. Whether or not she wants to press things almost doesn’t matter. Her choices now are: 1) Giving evidence (which may involve perjury if she isn’t honest or 2) Accepting a charge of wasting police time. neither option will be bery attractive to her.
  7. Yes, legally it is a no-brainer, innocent until proven guilty
  8. Thought I read somewhere game is being streamed for free via the Dons Twitter page.
  9. Watched tonight’s Episode. They played Forest and name checked Brentford.
  10. Loved the comparison. Also amazed that the grass in the Mem looked dead.
  11. I’m always astonished that, to this day, the BBC still play ‘Love resurrection’ by Alison Moyet. What can I do to make light of this dull dull day? What switch can I pull to illuminate the way? Show me one direction I will not question again For a warm injection Is all I need to calm the pain We all need a love (resurrection, just a little divine intervention) We all need a love (resurrection, just a little divine intervention) What seed must I sow to replenish this barren land Teach me to harvest, I want you to grow in my hand
  12. Lee Johnson’s just said Sunderland will be playing in Europe in three years, takes that long to get a midfielder fit.
  13. Yes, I thought he looked very calm on the ball. Worked well alongside Baker.
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