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  1. Thought I read somewhere game is being streamed for free via the Dons Twitter page.
  2. Watched tonight’s Episode. They played Forest and name checked Brentford.
  3. Loved the comparison. Also amazed that the grass in the Mem looked dead.
  4. I’m always astonished that, to this day, the BBC still play ‘Love resurrection’ by Alison Moyet. What can I do to make light of this dull dull day? What switch can I pull to illuminate the way? Show me one direction I will not question again For a warm injection Is all I need to calm the pain We all need a love (resurrection, just a little divine intervention) We all need a love (resurrection, just a little divine intervention) What seed must I sow to replenish this barren land Teach me to harvest, I want you to grow in my hand
  5. Lee Johnson’s just said Sunderland will be playing in Europe in three years, takes that long to get a midfielder fit.
  6. Yes, I thought he looked very calm on the ball. Worked well alongside Baker.
  7. Also http://www.hesgoal.com/news/82842/Bristol_City_vs_Celtic.html
  8. Doesn’t help with your refund, but the game is on hesgoal
  9. I remember driving down the M6 and really really struggling to stay awake. Luckily, came to Lancaster services and parked. Clock said 6:36 and I closed my eyes. Woke at 6:38 wide awake, no chance of napping. You wouldn’t have thought two minutes would do anything for you but it was astonishing.
  10. I thought Nige said he would be ready t'other day?
  11. You’ve been ‘whooshed” Sam. We had a Labour government in 1966 and the joke is that we will never win trophies under a Tory government. ‘It’s a joke, that’s all
  12. Is he the nicest man in football? This is his tweet to Emma Raducanu after her withdrawal from Wimbledon. With all he’s got going on at the Euros, he does this. The more I hear about this fella, the more I like him. Just a shame he plays for Manure.
  13. I meant the movie, but it could’ve been either
  14. I think it’s a Northern expression. I first heard it when I moved to Manchester in 1977, and hear it still very often in a non football context (e.g.”shall we go fora a pint early doors?). So my guess (and it’s only a guess) is that it is a Northern thing that is slowly creeping Southwards (much as I am hearing people here in Merseyside saying things are “lush” recently when, until recently, I only ever heard it in Bristol and it’s environs.
  15. Yes, I remember watching that. England refused to enter a team and somehow BAFC got entered and won. In the film, the BA captain does a team pep talk, I seem to remember the phrase “Give ‘em Iron” (think a lot of the team worked in a iron smelting factory).
  16. Flame-Grilled DOES taste better
  17. Showing my ignorance of football tactics/positions here, but will we be likely to see James Williams Nagy and HNM on the pitch at the same time?
  18. Or Grealish, who is a Trippee
  19. Dated yourself there @Norn Iron trying to remember who recorded that. Leapy Lee?
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