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  1. Can't get in either but not too bothered at the moment, it's saving me watching a few more minutes of Johnsonball.
  2. On the plus side I can't see us conceding today, but don't think I can see us scoring tonight either.
  3. I have a friend who came from Brno and she loves Bristol because it reminds her of home too. It’s to do with our general attitude and outlook on life in this part of the country than the architecture obviously ...and whilst we look at that picture and think how stunning it is, to them that’s their normal so it is English architecture that amazes her. I’ve caught her being captivated by some hum-drum buildings in my opinion
  4. Saw the title and thought “who with? Surely not County?”
  5. And what is it, 14 games since we were able to field an actual left back?
  6. Posting history on otib. 3 posts praising what the Gas are doing in League 1. Struggle to find something positive about City. Hmmm
  7. I think Fam’s just that guy at work that gets on well with everyone but doesn’t socialise outside of work. That image from earlier in the season where KP & Afobe are celebrating and Fam (an unused substitute) looks as delighted in the background. The players also all celebrate with him when he scores. As an aside, I’ve been noting how many of our players go and celebrate with the goal scorer than with other teams, it is often quite a difference. I think LJ has done a decent job of putting together a squad that have a good spirit and want each other to do well....a consequence of the o
  8. City players scoring against Brazil and for England. What a time to be alive.
  9. This is almost up there with beating Man U. A Bristol City player has just equalised against Brazil. Let’s just take a moment to let that sink in.
  10. Semenyo in particular was kept because of this season’s home grown rule. (At least I think it came in this season)
  11. It’s a special feature Invision have that corrects Robbored’s version of players’ names to their actual name.
  12. ...and we did follow him back. Part of me thinks it would have been funny to ghost him though
  13. At least I made you happy to be right that he’s injured. Makes 1 of us.
  14. Go and do some actual research then. Something the main two journalists haven't appeared to have done. It started doing the rounds on Twitter on Wednesday evening after @bcfcmitch posted that he'd done his ACL. This was shortly after 10pm. About half hour later he deleted this tweet but the story continued. The next morning, The Post, who had spent half the Summer publishing any tenuous link on Twitter as transfer fact, published a story that he was suspected to have a season ending ACL injury and 30mins later, once in the wild, Peter O'Rourke did similar quoting his "source close t
  15. Depends whether he starts but if LJ sticks with the side that beat Stoke I think it'd be disrespectful to Fam to sing his replacement from the bench's name on 40 mins. Support the players whilst they are on the pitch.
  16. I've gone all in on him not being injured. Get the winner Saturday Benik!
  17. So when arriving for training on Monday they filmed that. Absolutely no relevance that BA isn’t in it.
  18. I’m starting to believe he isn’t injured and a couple of journos chucked in throwaway lines about speaking to sources & the club is taking advantage of BBC & HITC reporting its true.
  19. Plus if we all believe he’s out for the season, what does seeing him in the team do to our mood? We will be well up for it!
  20. What if it isn’t true that he’s injured though. What if Swansea believe the reputable sources saying he is and spend the next few days preparing for playing against Fam. It might gain us a 1% advantage but at this level that can be the difference. I repeat, the club have nothing to gain by announcing anything. Anything they announce doesn’t change the reality of whether he is fit to play on Saturday.
  21. If Afobe isn’t injured what do the club have to gain from revealing that fact? It’s not like we’d all be gutted come kick off on Saturday to find him in the starting lineup! Afobe scores. City fans: *cross arms and refuse to celebrate because the club did a Boris Johnson*
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