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  1. He comes over as an entitled nob who thinks every club should be begging him to manage them and when they don't he plays the race card. "I was one of the best players in the world" - have you ever heard any other player say that? Not even Ronaldo or Messi say that. A complete ****.
  2. Hopefully the coaches will have fuel! I see some non League games have been postponed because the away team's coach provider can't get diesel.
  3. Except that Chelmsford is a City, it was granted City status in 2012. RR said Town. But didn't specify dates for his quiz question.
  4. How so? Population of Slough is 164,000 Population of Warrington is 209,000
  5. The population of Warrington is greater than Slough - so no.
  6. No, By size of resident - so the answer is Yate.
  7. Don't you mean sweet potato paprika and nudja skinny fries? .......if we're talking Rugby
  8. Saw they dug in and got a result, hopefully they can grow now into the next round. Definitely green shoots of recovery on show. May they reap their rewards.
  9. They are......but just pulled one back 1-2
  10. That's correct, Sky listed all this week's championship games for RB coverage on their website, but pulled all of them about 2 weeks ago. Some websites and newspapers missed that and aren't updated (too busy writing about Harry Kane I guess). The rest of our midweek games from Luton onwards are listed sky website as on the RB so it's just this week not being shown. As stated RTV is available to buy for £10 even if you are UK based. No VPN required.
  11. This 100% A huge loss, I feel so sorry for Cheese, he had all the ability to succeed in the top flight and it ended in the 2nd game. I was in the open end right in line with the clash with Shilton that finished his career. These days he'd have seen the top specialists and would have played again. I remember reading him saying the club had him running up and down the Dolman stand for hours to " strengthen the knee" he was in agony but kept at it.. in later years when he saw an NHS specialist he told him that was the worst thing to do and had caused irreparable damage.
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