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  1. With Robbored presenting the Trophy to Gary.
  2. Refreshing that he didn't pepper his interview with fawning references to Steve Lansdown every other sentence. That got very tedious under MA and LJ
  3. The tannoy........some old bloke has been complaining that he can't hear anything
  4. Indeed , for example it would be like giving total control to someone who's only football experience ended after failing as a goalkeeper in West Brom's youth team and who's management experience consisted of being run out of town at Watford after being outed as a complete fraud and being let go by the mighty Oxford.
  5. Agree I prefer short arsed c***
  6. Or alternatively Norwich City I know the old girl got a lot of ridicule when she'd been on the Chardonnay (and TBF - we all like a drink!) but Delia does knock out a decent pie and surprisingly under her stewardship they have appointed, recruited, and performed quite well. And she's not in SL's league financially.
  7. I think I meant that but you explain it much better. The other point is that of course is that the debt would be a lot smaller if SL hadn't burned through so much cash on the LJ/Ashton "project". Although I accept that's not a popular view on here!
  8. It's not "written off" though, despite Gregor's expression. He has converted Debt to equity, so he owns more shares. When he sells the club one day he will sell those shares and get what they are worth (to someone who wishes to purchase the club). If (big IF right now) the club reaches the PL the value of those shares will increase massively. It's good news but it's not a gift. He has said Jon doesn't want to be involved "going forward", so one day the club WILL be sold.
  9. Brother in law In the picture below they look more like a couple of Mafia dons preparing to wack somebody
  10. We all criticise VAR but without it in a final this is what you get. 1. It's outside the box.2. he dived. Should have been yellow for the diving player.
  11. We bow to your knowledge of well endowed pornstars Major Do you have a favourite ?
  12. I think Coppell WAS expecting to do the recruitment - by that I mean suggest players he wanted and let the club do the negotiations, contracts etc - but that didn't happen in the way he expected......hence the flounce. Coppell suggested Ingmarsson and Kitson but SL vetoed them as too old, expensive, and in Ingmarrson's just recovered from an injury. SL then - behind Coppell's back signed "Jamo" who was equally old, (very) expensive, and (as per Millen) carrying an injury that restricted his training. The other new players - according to KM - arrived at the last minute recommended by agents and again KM said they had little input. At that point Steve Coppell decided I'm out. Coppell was a strange guy though. Simon Jordan - in his book - gave an example of just how difficult he was. Jordan said he asked Coppell who he would like as his assistant and Coppell replied "Bobby Houghton". Jordan says ok we'll make contact and see if he's interested - and what money do you think he'd want?. Coppell then says "he on £400K at Malmo" Jordan " but that's more than you earn here" Coppell " The wage is irrelevant, he wouldn't be interested in a No 2 role anyway" Jordan " so why did you suggest him" Coppell "I didn't, you said who would I like not who would be realistic"
  13. CodeRed


    As seemingly everyone on here was favouring FGR In the L2 playoffs....you may be interested to know they have appointed Rob Edwards ( ex Wolves player & coach and England youth coach) and Ritchie Kyle ( former Assistant Coach of Canada Women) as assistant HC. Presumably Jimmy Ball reverts to youth coach and recently sacked Mark Cooper has popped up as Barrow manager in L2.
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