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  1. CodeRed


    No, Nige never said he 'hated' Bakinson........that was Spudski - keep up!
  2. CodeRed


    So you ARE bullshitting ."I know - you don't" ....is that it? We're waiting.......
  3. CodeRed


    Don't know what? All this ' I know something you don't ' is a bit girly. Just makes you look a dick.
  4. CodeRed


    Don't talk in riddles, tell us what it is you know about the situation and exactly what TB had done off the pitch so as to help us uninformed folk understand what's gone on. There's such speculation about this it would be good to know the absolute truth.
  5. CodeRed


    Exactly, Nige has decided that Bakinson is not part of his plans and my understanding was that there was some issue that he was not doing what Nige expected in games and in subsequent discussions he disagreed with Nige and was rightly banished. Now there's a pile on and he's being accused of everything under the sun including having a bad influence over the u23 players etc etc without anyone actually knowing the facts - even respected posters saying they 'hate' a young man they've never even met. I think we should dial down the abuse, players come, players go, it's football.
  6. Two things from the interview for me, the first he said something like transfer fees are over for championship clubs - only the PL clubs can afford to spend money. The second when asked if he was still excited about the forthcoming season he admitted he was a bit 'blase'. Whilst the first is obvious for us due to our financial and ffp situation even if that position was better I do believe he's seriously pissed off with seeing Diediou, Palmer, Patterson, Walsh etc, even COD leave for nothing when in all those cases his expectation was for those players to develop, improve, and move on for profit a la Kodjia. On the second he genuinely seemed more enthused by the concert and the utilisation of the stadium financially than the upcoming season..... perhaps he was an Elton fan boy as a young man
  7. I don't get the supposed popularity of JC among the sky viewers, for me he's the worst summariser on TV, arrogant, interrupts constantly, and has the most grating Scouse whine that causes me to mute the sound on any game where he's the pundit.
  8. The narrative will be that they "saved" the rugby club by ensuring sport could continue at the ground. Everybody knows they stole the ground - even their fans if they're honest.
  9. It'll be a Boost to sign him, as long as Richard Gould can Crunchie the numbers within FPP.
  10. That is nice, always marvelled how she crossed that busy road every day unscathed to get to her favourite spot. RIP Molly
  11. Wow, when was this? Not a regular Tesco shopper but saw her whenever I went in.....last time I commented to Mrs CodeRed no cat today. Gutted
  12. Seen the cat many times in Tesco Yate, didn't know she was called Molly........thanks for putting a name to a face!!
  13. Too casual/urban for me...............something like this in red would be nice
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