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  1. Not sure what sort of side Peterborough had out today but the City side looked quite young. what you have to take into account is age/ experience of players involved , One side could field a few players of first team experience possibly coming back from injury or been on the bench lately against a team of 18 year olds.
  2. My great friend Jerry is on there, cheers us on from above mate
  3. Just watched that, fair play to him for the apology
  4. He made me cry on my birthday when West Germany beat England in 1970 World Cup Also, he had massive thighs.
  5. I was there,can’t remember much about it though
  6. Paul worked for the same company as me for a while, he really was a very nice bloke, RIP mate
  7. You can get a bus up to the ground, save the oxygen tent
  8. Blimey, I’ve been schooled, I stand corrected
  9. Apparently when at City “ran the dressing room” The value of that type of leader can not be under estimated, can’t imagine we had one last season.
  10. Wasn’t the club shop called the “Robbie Robin” in the 60’s or 70’s?
  11. Key word for me was “Robust”, as in “want a more robust squad” we are so lightweight which NP has obviously realised and hopefully will address.
  12. I agree, but how much is Kalas worth after that performance today, he was absolutely dreadful.
  13. With that 1 book of green shield stamps you could redeem it for a lovely orange “Wembley Trophy Football” Apologies to anyone under 50 who has no idea what I’m talking about
  14. Tom Waits Kathy Burke Stephen Fry
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