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  1. Barton is all boom or bust I have no idea why he is approaching this season in such a manner. Far better to dampen expectations a bit, 'we are newly promoted in a league of some big clubs, a season of consolidation is our aim' rather than all the gung ho nonsense about needing 5 players to compete blah blah blah Gonna end in tears big time As for the Gashead who seems to think we would rather have Barton and Wally... Buddy if that was remotely true we would get Barton and Wael
  2. I thought they changed the rules so that there has to be a consequence to touching the player Falling over 5 steps later is not a consequence, its a dive
  3. Free kick being correctly given to us first of all would have saved all the fuss Sykes was a bit unlucky but I can see why it's a red Freeman very clever to be extremely agressive without raising a hand or foot Don't really see how one goes and not the other mind
  4. Hate that muggy overrated overweighted Cockney ***** by the way
  5. Wells and Massengo in for Martin and Williams A very lightweight midfield that's for sure but glad Martin is being rested
  6. You can see why he was very unsuccessful at his first club with any substance (Stoke)
  7. Wait, they've lost the same amount of games as us this season? I assumed they had 4 wins the way they've been going on
  8. This was epically shit Been promising my lad to see the balloons all week Thursday night we went up Clifton, ascent off and communicated at the last moment Sunday we were on site between 10am and 1pm ok not prime time for the balloons but we didn't see one not even one of the ******* tethered. Plenty of overpriced food (£12 for 1 portion of noodles) and chavvy fairground entertainment Don't call it a balloon fiesta if there are no balloons at the peak family time
  9. Sounds like he's chatting up Lansdown for the City job
  10. Thought he did in that Charlton game tbf, he was proper gutted that night
  11. We might be FA Cup winners if it wasn't for that last bugger
  12. Didn't you see what our fans did when we beat a shite Man Utd?
  13. Many of your posts I agree with wholeheartedly. Totally disagree with this one though. I fully back him
  14. Quite concerning the calibre of club we are struggling against
  15. Any other keeper just catches that corner surely So overrated
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