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  1. In terms of transfers in and out, the two stand out major errors from the club over the last few years was to buy Wells and sell Eliasson. The latter was mismanaged and he should have been a £10m asset not a £1m one. Other player sales were unavoidable but Eliassons was so sad for me
  2. His City career has been a disappointment for him and us. I don't for one minute imagine when he signed he thought he'd be here 5/6 years later. The plan was surely to move through and 2/3 years later increase his wage with a move somewhere else. As it is he has stagnated as much as we have. I could see him somewhere like Millwall if we let him go or a squad player at best at a functional larger club like Sheff Utd
  3. ******* crap They wanna stick numbers 1 to 7 in the stocks at Heathrow and throw eggs at them Open top bus tour for winning, take the punishment for humiliation
  4. First goal a lot of players could score given the run of the ball Second goal wow that is an absolute worldie. 4 perfect touches to spin, get away from the defence and score
  5. Blackburn shouldn't even be competing with us given the state of their attendances but Bristol City seem to need more pounds than others to compete
  6. Absolutely pathetic defending for the majority of those goals, all avoidable. Odowda and Vyner the prime culprits I'm a big fan of OLeary but he seemed to get nowhere near any of them, a problem with his positioning?
  7. This AFCON is proper riveting stuff, 1-0. 0-1, 1-0, 0-1, throw in the odd 0-0 I also see they have made the same mistake as the Euros by making the group stage almost meaningless as 3 out of 4 go through in most groups
  8. Another bloody Londoner coming across and buying our houses
  9. How did the big six all manage to get drawn at home? Magic of the cup
  10. Conway got in many more goalscoring positions in 30 than Wells did in 90? Surely that's a positive for the young lad
  11. The equivalent of saving a penalty to keep the score at 4-0 instead of 5-0 but it seems to mean so much more in test cricket, great work.
  12. Gone backwards since Cotts? I mean the clear empirical evidence says otherwise
  13. After 3 or 4 years of absolutely mugging off teams with our poor stats and sneaking a win, somehow I am not minding to lose when we play as well as that
  14. Crowds are down everywhere due to Covid, our fans are apathetic this season for the first time in about 8 years . Fulham who we play often are hardly more attractive than Shrewsbury who we don't. I would be interested to know when was the last time we had 15,000 (to double our crowd) for a third round FA Cup home game against a non PL team. Doesn't happen. City made the right decision in my opinion
  15. Last home FA cup game 9,000 fans x £10 This home FA cup game 7,000 fans x £23 Well done City for getting the pricing right to bring more money into the club
  16. Not to say we are prime Barce but that is so so much better than anything over the last 2 years
  17. Thank heavens we have lifted ourselves above having to visit that shithole every season
  18. Isn't it about time we changed the forum name? OTIB is a bit late 1990's. One Team In Bristol has no relevance in 2022 and is as pointless and embarrassing as One Team in Stoke, One Team in Nottingham, One Team in Bradford
  19. That's a bit of a step down which is a surprise given he seemed a success at Aberdeen
  20. Surely it depends on the player and how long is left on their contract. Massengo could turn into prime Xavi in the next 6 months but if he isn't going to sign a new deal then he needs to be sold in the summer with a year left. Never should we be in a situation again of letting a £5m asset disappear out the door for nothing
  21. We are on for 55 points, Posh are on for 38 points. It will be as comfortable as that in my opinion
  22. Depends whether you think he's any good or not
  23. Cardiff 2013 and Cardiff 2018 for starters as absolute prime examples of no star goalscoring strikers
  24. I will never never understand why why why when We had Afobe on loan and coming back from injury Still a year and half left of Diedhiou Weimann Semenyo That we spunked a three and a half year contract and ££,£££ per week on NAKHI WELLS
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