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  1. The last few Ryder Cups have been totally underwhelming, easily won by the home team. Americans hold it on long courses for their big hitters and Europe on tighter more skilful courses. It's gonna rapidly lose its relevance unless an away team wins soon
  2. It would never happen but it would be nice if alcohol was allowed in the stands but the bars shut whilst the match is in progress. That would avoid the ridiculous need to neck a pint at 2.55 and also avoid people coming and going throughout the game.
  3. More like if O'Driscoll had ran off down the touchline after this win which also took us out of L1 relegation zone Bristol City 2-0 Crawley Town - BBC Sport B
  4. LJ celebrating a last minute winner against one of the biggest clubs in the world. Ashton celebrating a lucky one nil'er against Lincoln bloody City to drag them out of the third division relegation zone
  5. I don't have any respect for blokes who care about fashion, they must be missing something in their lives Those of us with wives, children, good jobs, who bloody cares what we look like Whilst sat here with a lockdown beard, definitely not giving that one up
  6. The just won to pull themselves out of the relegation zone? What a total plonker
  7. Do most of you not see the ball or something
  8. Obviously a yellow for both players
  9. Green won that for you, absolutely gone with 3 overs to go
  10. Probably below the likes of Villa Everton Newcastle Sunderland in terms of fanbase, certainly not top 6 in that sense. Their attendances arent a shock
  11. Survival this season. Play off push next season. True promotion hopefuls third season. Is what I am expecting and being 12th looks like we are ahead of target
  12. Except we are 12th, 11th with a win and 13th with a defeat Take any of those at the end of the season though
  13. 9 from 7 not terrible but the worry is that was 7 easier fixtures, no-one above 9th
  14. The main difference between Johnson and Palmer is one gets to play us twice a season and the other doesn't. There is a reason they are both at lower Championship level sides but Palmer at least has a Prem promotion on his CV
  15. Proudest Ive felt to be British probably since a load of mainly white middle class sorts cheered Farah to victory in 2012 twice
  16. Funny as f Down with the Rovers next season I reckon
  17. Incredible, favourite for SPOTY now in an Olympic year. Unlucky Peaty, Daley, Storey
  18. There's always somewhere to park for free although granted it's not like 10 years ago, turn up at 2.55 and dump the car around the corner
  19. Mark Ashton and Andy Rolls? Maybe Luke Werhan too
  20. He's looking a lot better/healthy than when he joined us Love him
  21. Eggtimer followed by a load of QPR fans telling him to 'come home'. Zero chance of that happening without a replacement
  22. Just about our worse team in what, 35 years? I know it was only 2-1 but it was such a comfortable win
  23. Like they did when drawing at home with Hungary 2 months ago? Great performance tonight I thought
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