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  1. 'Was there a handball in there' No Sam I don't think that guy has the first clue about football
  2. Grealish isn't up to the mark at this level imo
  3. Why is Denmarks next door neighbour in charge of this game? Its like watching the Eurovision voting
  4. What the **** **** off maklel **** off matterface
  5. Tidy team Denmark, we need to do something about their 3 up top pulling off our defence
  6. **** off Matteface it was right at him Yessssssssss
  7. It's all a bit irrelevant because if he had joined us I highly doubt he'd be playing for England now
  8. Let's just have a British team then, I'd be all up for that in the spirit of Great Britain
  9. Gave at least one, if not two dodgy pens in the France Portugal game. They mentioned he'd gone on Five Live and confirmed by a quick Google search.
  10. He's gone home already and might be retiring
  11. Quote me mate , I'm not even feeling that euphoric, it just seems straightforward
  12. I think we are gonna win the tournament with ease, too much pace upfront for Italy Spain or Denmark to trouble us. Caveated by the easy route and all the home games.
  13. That Yaremchuk is decent, can't see him staying at Gent for long
  14. Total domination, just need to be wary of giving the ball away at the back as their attackers are tidy
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