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  1. Yeh - I didn’t hit the cap level of 26 to guarantee one as only on 21 but got lucky in the ballot. I have heard of some who are top cappers who were unsuccessful so not sure what is going on and why it’s taking them so long to do a ballot etc.
  2. If I get a ticket yes but its a joke they haven't done the ballot yet.
  3. The usual helpful insight from Robbored.
  4. Insightful analysis as always.
  5. I don’t mind Forest these days - probably their time to go up and after the opening few games they have been best side in league with Fulham. Bit of a wobble at end but I expect them to come through 2nd leg ok.
  6. Who I think: Forest, SW and Port Vale. Who I want: Forest, SW and Northampton
  7. Everton easily - never been. Leeds - crap ground and awful fans. Burnley - boring.
  8. And to think some were worried about relegation when we were safe months ago. Not a great season but expectation wasn’t much more than survival so as long we push into top half next year it’s all good.
  9. Every year the same thing happens. Lots say they won't renew and figures will be down. They never are.
  10. Ref had a shocker. Great game.
  11. Very small time to invade pitch or go on pitch for anything other than promotion or beating Man U etc. Also as many have said, the players kids etc were on there and the last thing they want is a bunch of drunk coked up idiots around them.
  12. Just order what you want online and collect Saturday
  13. Real shithousery from Everton in that half - what they have to do really to have a chance.
  14. Yet frighteningly some of our fans still don’t rate him…
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