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  1. Yeh but which season?
  2. Although Italy had more shots and possession, don't remember them having any really good chances and Pickford making any saves of note. It wasn't exactly that kind of game - just tense and never felt we were hanging on. Just not really causing them enough problems though.
  3. By time we get to the latter stages the highest it will be is 25 (but hopefully more like 20) so assuming we get to that then hopefully won't have a huge effect. Group games will be tough especially if playing sides who are more used to 25+ degrees.
  4. He will if he feels we have a better defence I think. Ie part of the reason we did so well was the protection was so good in front of it. Let's not get away from the fact we were probably the width of a post away from winning the tournament and Italy haven't lost for 34 games so they aren't exactly easy to beat. And nor are we - lost twice 21 matches and one was with 10 men v Denmark. A game we actually dominated even with 10 men. He 100% deserves the chance to try again in Qatar after the progress we've made.
  5. The way we controlled the ball in the Denmark semi against a side ranked in top 10. A joy to watch. We are close - its now a question if GS makes us a bit braver when 1-0 versus the very best. And I'm willing to give it to Qatar to see if he can after the progress made.
  6. In fairness everyone said after WC18 that we wouldn't get a better chance. Yet the next major tournament we did. So yes it will be tough in Qatar but this squad is improving which can't be said about the likes of Belgium, Portugal, Germany or Italy. I would imagine Spain, Argentina and Brazil would be be big players at Qatar along with us and France.
  7. There is an argument to say that if we had a better CB than Stones (who has found form in the tournament and most of last season after a difficult time before) then we might not need two sitting in front and we could use the likes of Foden and Sancho more. Perhaps then we wouldn't come across as so negative in the 2nd half? Against the smaller teams like Scotland etc I really don't think we need to be so negative. However I won't argue against Southgate's record overall and like I said before, one width of the post and we probably win the euros so just a bit of tinkering needed I think.
  8. We beat sides ranked 10th, 12th and 14th. We drew with the 7th (who arguably are in top 2 or 3 now). We didn't concede from open play (one free-kick and one corner). We are almost there and if Rashford's pen goes the other side of post I think we go on to win it - that was the key moment. Southgate has earned a chance for Qatar 2022 IMO although I do think we need to be braver at 1-0 versus a top 5 side like WC semi and this final.
  9. This is a difficult one. He clearly gets it and brings everyone together - players and fans - like no manager has done in my lifetime (early 90's onwards). But also he seems to be tactically inept at the big moments. Croatia and Italy - in both 2nd halves we lost it after controlling the first half. I think probably should be given to Qatar and then change.
  10. One of the worst posts ever on here.
  11. Its far from ideal and originally I said I wouldn't go but I will consider it I think especially the loss yesterday makes me more determined so us win something. Although will be hard in the heat. Germany in 24 probably a better chance to win something.
  12. An absolute shambles - what was security etc thinking?! No Covid check which I don’t care about particularly but this then leads to activation of the ticket so stops a lot of people getting through. Why did they not have this like the other games? Mental.
  13. Yeh no Covid checks tonight and people just chancing it to get in so a lot got in without tickets etc.
  14. I mean heartbreaking for everyone and I was at game so even more so. Congratulations to Italy. I said flip a coin before the game and it came down to it really. Good news is the squad is young and we can win something.
  15. Alex_BCFC


    I was on centre today - so good to be back there!
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