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  1. We are almost safe with todays win. I don’t think we are anywhere near as bad as your Peterborough’s etc - in fact there have been signs we are playing much better lately so hopeful for a safe mid table finish rather than bottom 8 or something.
  2. Webster has looked pretty good tonight - be good to see him considered for England in March.
  3. I said at time we did ok Saturday - anyone in league would be smashed right now and we at least put up a fight for 40 mins. We are improving!
  4. We were also dreadful whilst we are improving now. I don’t see them as crucial myself - think we will be safe long before the end.
  5. This kind of result just proves we’ve got pretty much nothing to worry about in regards to relegation. Signs of improvement and 11 points clear. Beat Cardiff are we won’t be too far away from safety as I reckon 42 points max.
  6. It’s making what used to be a really competitive league a bit of a joke. It’s now getting like the prem where hardly anyone new can get up. Blackburn are doing well and along with QPR it shows what standing by good managers for 3-4 years can do for you despite not having great funds. City will need to do the same with Pearson.
  7. They are a team on incredible form - we weren’t awful by any means today. We can’t be expecting a league 1 cb to compete with Mitrovic. Last 4 games I think we’ve shown real progression in terms of performance. Unlucky v QPR, good 2nd half v Millwall, good last week against a weaker Fulham and we know the score today. Don’t think anyone in our league could have lived with them today.
  8. I said it on match thread - the green shoots of recovery are there. Vyner though is a league 1 centre back vs a lower end prem striker. Complete mis match. But we are playing much better and I’m feeling far more confident about games against teams at our level now (ie not Fulham, Bournemouth etc)
  9. Weirdly, despite being 5-2 down, the green shoots of recovery are there. Just playing vyner v mitrovic is a joke. But overall the play is so much better and you can see it starting to come together.
  10. This could mess up a lot of peoples 5-0 bets
  11. An encouraging display and there have been signs of improvement in the last couple of games. Although once Fulham brought in their quality they had enough to beat us which is a concern for next week.
  12. We won’t go down from here. Probably need about 12 points for safety.
  13. Didn’t we say that last season? We will be ok this and need to keep improving like we have so far this season.
  14. Indeed - completely pointless. Like a lot of the rules, a tickbox exercise.
  15. I don’t mind paying £35 for every away game at Fulham if they end up like the last 5 have. Sadly I think their poor run will end by then - probably ending with us.
  16. He's terrible but we have no option up top if we want to play the way Pearson does. It's like Vyner, neither are good enough but options are limited.
  17. 6 wins we will be comfortably safe. Based on current run rate 39 points will be enough. I would say 42 for definite.
  18. At current run rate 39 will be enough. Probably 42 at max. Barnsley and Derby are gone. 5 wins now good enough.
  19. Nothing makes it ok - if ref doesn't do anything then so what? It’s not hard to resist throwing anything at a player.
  20. Breezed in at 2.50. A look at my phone but that isn’t a proper check as could have been a screenshot of anyones pass. Pointless.
  21. Bunch of idiots - sadly football attracts a few scumbags.
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