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  1. That’s the point of a forum - probably not quite hang of it yet?
  2. The usual fascinating insight.
  3. What does he actually offer? He runs round like a headless chicken. Doesn’t win ball enough to be a defensive central midfielder. Doesn’t create anything and doesn’t score. I can see why Pearson doesn’t favour him. We really need a new central midfielder.
  4. They hammered us for a lot of the 2nd half and deserved the win. The worst thing about first two games is how poorly we’ve managed being ahead in both games. Obviously much worse yesterday.
  5. Apparently they are changing sponsor after the backlash. Betfred willing to step in.
  6. First and foremost though - you are a joker.
  7. We played ok today - think 1-1 was a fair reflection but freak goal was cruel. Though Naismith and Sykes looked good. Conway looked threatening. Vyner did ok but still remains a targeted weak link. Plenty of positives and although we did concede late, it wasn’t due to sitting back or poor defending. Finally ref didn’t help us and looked like we should have had a pen on Atkinson?
  8. Toronto is a great city / only spent a few days there earlier this year but really enjoyed it.
  9. A lot of bad things have happened in the world over last few years. Neighbours ending has to be the worst
  10. Can’t be many who had ticket for men and women euro final - but I’m one of them
  11. No this was obviously missed in the carnage I guess. I’m pleased it was. These things happen - bit like when stokes got that extra run v NZ in WC final. Overall Lancs threw it away as think they only need 52 off 48 with 7 wickets in hand.
  12. https://www.lords.org/lords/news-stories/mcc-clarification-on-vitality-blast-finals-day-202
  13. Usual over reaction like most things these days. A lot of it clickbait etc.
  14. Alex_BCFC


    We’ve had others too- Rusedski or Radacanu ridge, Heather hill and konta contours
  15. Alex_BCFC


    I’ve been many times - it’s really poor. They re sell if people leave but they don’t get people in quick enough.
  16. Alex_BCFC


    Sinner looked much better than Alcaraz today - was lucky enough to be on centre today!
  17. I’ve got a ticket to final.
  18. What a game! Thought it looked hopeless but incredible last few overs.
  19. Was at game tonight - we only started to play after we went 1 down and Grealish coming on made a huge difference. Overall probably a fair result.
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