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  1. Apologies if I missed this... are season card holders being sent new cards ahead of the season or will I need to hunt for the existing ones I have somewhere in the house?
  2. Who are the other 2 out of interest?
  3. Good work! love a badge me
  4. For a savoury treat their cheese twists are also by far the best you can get!
  5. Overload time! Massengo (c) Lansbury(vc) bakinson (nagy) (scott)
  6. Thing is I'm working tomorrow and won't have any time to call them before 12. Have just contacted tsb It seems the issue is that the expiry date on the card payments isn't sticking when it is sent to the bank, not sure if it'll be the same for everyone or just those with tsb* *edit - Successful payment with a different card/bank, seems to be a tsb issue
  7. Tried to renew just now but seems TSB is down, got to the end but says unable to redeem another supporter's credit. Do not try to process again as it may be pending. Issue being I can't check if it's pending on my tsb account as its down! Don't really fancy paying twice Serves me right for leaving it till the last minute I guess!
  8. Kalas (vyner) Massengo (nagy) Best of (c)
  9. Sessengon (vc) (vyner) Bakinson (c) (massengo) Semenyo (wells)
  10. Kalas (vc) (vyner) Massengo (c) (palmer) Wells (semenyo)
  11. Sessengon (vyner) Massengo (c) (palmer) Wells (vc) (fammy)
  12. Kalas (c) (vyner) Nagy (vc) (palmer) Fammy (wells)
  13. Kalas (c) (vyner) Massengo (nagy) Semenyo (vc) (fammy)
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