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  1. Are you kachina in disguise?
  2. In my year at school we had Michael toze and Tom foot They were best of friends!
  3. Thank you @RedYoshi for all the hard work you put into this throughout the season! It certainly made the season a lot more interesting! already looking forward to next season. Maybe we could have a random bonus option for each game? Something like predict number of yellow cards/fouls etc
  4. You sound like a barrel of laughs! Personally I'm excited regardless of who we get in. I mean anything has to be better than what was served up by LJ for the majority of the season?
  5. One game left, one chip left. All in. Overload on forwards: Fammy (c) wells (vc) weimann 6-0 win fammy hattrick, wells (2) weimann (1) come at me! Off to the bookies to put a quid on it
  6. #AnnounceTheGoalkeeperSocks
  7. Kalas (baker) Paterson (vc) (smith) Best of chip for forwards (c)
  8. Bit of a bold statement that! What colour will the home kit be?
  9. Got thrown with the last game as I was all confused with being back to work but I'm #backstronger Baker (kalas) Smith (c)(paterson) Fammy (vc) (wells)
  10. @Code Red has made it very difficult for me to work out if the people 'falling' for it actually are? Or in fact are they producing a double whoosh for those whooshing them? it hurts my brain.
  11. Gotta go and now. Have always supported him up to this point. He's had time to take stock during lockdown, he has a fully fit squad to choose from (by far the best squad we've had in my time of watching city) and we still serve up utter dross. Sorry Mr Johnson but your time is up!
  12. For today: Vyner (baker) Nagy (c) (smith) Afobe (vc) (wells)
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