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  1. Perhaps so - I don't know. I just know the stat I saw, which contradicts many peoples view of his contribution.
  2. I saw a stat on Football league World (or something like that) very recently that had Chris Martin listed as having won the most headers of anyone in the whole championship so far this season.
  3. A good & very welcome win! Still very concerning that, again, we have around 30% possession in games - it's simply not good enough and invites pressure & problems - that need rectifying ASAP. A good with though, so can't complain too much, but stats also need to improve to build some momentum. Every 3 points are massive at the moment. Get safety guaranteed ASAP and then build from there.
  4. Fair play to Sutton though, playing an almost full strength team against these minnows. Egg on their face though!
  5. More importantly - increasing the gap between us and the bottom 3, currently!
  6. Sutton on their way to avoiding a potential banana skin & embarrassing cup upset..!
  7. 14% possession. Really..?! Edit - then we score..! Somewhat against the run of play I'm presuming..? Get in though!
  8. The team does look reasonable on paper (Bakinson aside, based on recent performances) Let's hope they have been organised & given some sort of game plan today...!
  9. Gary Shelton would do just nicely..!
  10. I agree, but Bakinson must be a nightmare to play along side! After all his early promise, when he broke into the team & looked like a new Patrick Viera... He now looks more like a new Tony Dining..!
  11. I agree with this. I actually don't think we have a critical lack of quality. We have serious problems with the management getting the best out them or using them properly. Our total & utter lack of shape, game plan & tactics are our biggest problem, as is the lack of any impact during the games. We set up badly and nothing is changed when we are often fortunate not to several goals behind - then the eventual substitutions rarely make sense or have much impact. The lack of tactical nouce shown by NP is staggering...!
  12. So you think that NP is doing a reasonable job in getting the best out of the recourses that he has at his disposal..? You think we look organised & have a game plan...? Not being good enough is one think - looking like a clueless shambles, more often than not, is another.
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