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  1. Exactly this. Repeated acts of violence in differing situations didn't stop them employing him in the first place. So to say that anyone found guilty of it will be dismissed, seems a bit odd. It's not been a one off, which has led to him being a reformed character - he's a repeat offender, so Weal has made himself look a bit daft there.
  2. I was under the impression that his Mrs had phones 999 claiming to have been kicked in the head by JB. I think we've all jumped the gun somewhat here and it now appears that JB was just unfortunate that whilst out with his wife, police officers, for no reason, without any claim of such action, decided to go door knocking in the hope of bumping into JB, at which time they were going to accuse him of having kicked his wife in the head. It all seems a tad harsh now, as that (according to BRFC) appears to be exactly how it played out..!
  3. Out of interest... What was your stance when it became apparent, beyond any reasonable doubt, that Darrell wanked off dogs as a pass time..? Was that OK, because no harm was done, or did you feel that was a tad inappropriate..?
  4. Not football related, but this is the best one I've seen...
  5. Why though..? I honestly don't get it..! It's not even a factual analysis, like possession. It's utterly pointless & irrelevant, as far as I can see.
  6. I've always found the expected goals nonsense to be, well, nonsense. Who gives a **** what some algarythm thinks should be the case..?! The beauty of football is that it's not easy to predict. It a typical modern day need that it pampers too. I don't understand it and have absolutely no interest in finding out more about it.
  7. They must be taking the boycott VERY seriously. So much so that they were even rehearsing it whilst Gerry Francis, Malcolm Allison, John Ward, Paul Trollope, Russell Osman, Ian Holloway, Paul Buckle, Dopey Darrell, Ben Garner and others were in charge...!
  8. What is possibly even more baffling, is that surely its a great opportunity for them to even just pretend to take the morale high ground and call for his head - not because they condem his (alleged) actions, but because he's been worse than dire as their manager..! Yet they actually seem to rate the bloke..! He doesn't even stack up well against Ben Garner FFS..!
  9. If you've got a significant amount of time to spare, here is a link to a summary of Barton's previous misdemeanours. From numerous training ground bust ups, to an incredible number of Red cards for violet conduct, to stubbing a cigar out in a youth team players eye, to attacking members of the public, numerous arrests, charges and sentences passed on him, to inflammatory remarks and public spats with fellow professionals.... How any football club could even consider appointing him as manager of their club is beyond belief..! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9114297/Joey-Bartons-incredible-rap-sheet-sacking-Fleetwood-Town.html
  10. His Mrs sounds like a delightful character aswell then..! Match made in heaven, and perfectly suited to his current workplace.
  11. Sounds like a statutory rape charge may also be forthcoming..!
  12. They have devised a very cunning plan to avoid their usual embarrassing exit. The further down the leagues they drop, the less lower league teams there are to know them out..! No they are hopeful of their own giat killing scalp against the likes of Morecombe or Cheltenham Town..!
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