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  1. I don't think the Jukebox is where you are supposed to be depositing your money..!
  2. Wycome, definitely. It's closer and those who know why, Wycombe in particular, is a good away day, know..!
  3. I'm not what you are talking about - you are always of significance, because as our city rivals I detest everything about your club. I have, however, posted that it's fair play to you for turning the season around and clinching promotion in the most dramatic of ways. I don't like that you've had success, but credit where its due. Now I'm just consoling myself with the fact that at least it's done & out of the way now, rather than it dragging on though the playoffs & you getting a big day out at Wembley.. I don't think that any lower league club can over celebrate the little bits of success that come our way.
  4. It's probably seen as a "massive achievement" to a club who haven't been able to muster a league Derby against their city rivals, since probably a third of their fan base were born.! You have to give them credit for turning their season around and the drama around the circumstances of them clinching promotion is what real football & supporting your club are all about - in reality though, what they did was make a fairly straightforward task, a difficult one. When you sum it up for what it actually is - they've just got themselves out of English footballs basement division..! Whoopee..!
  5. Still less than our average then, in a promotion season for you and an utterly dire season for us. Thanks for pointing that out.
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