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  1. Oh yeah, oops! I'd forgotten his name, he's appeared so infrequently..! All I remember is that he's a top player (when fit) at this level.
  2. Much better today - especially last hour of the game. We actually lloked like we had some shape & game plan. Oh to have a fit Johnny Williams in the middle of the pitch and with the dynamic of AW, AS & CM up front, we look like we have some threat at last. Good performances all round today. Well done everyone!
  3. Then you aren't reading my post properly..! I didn't at any point suggest that they any simularities in playing styles or positions - I Said, that they all had the physical attributes to be good players. They all had/have good height, athetisism, pace & strength. Traore (just a random example, demonstrates the kind of career the As could hope for. Betsy, on the other hand, didn't really make the most of his physical attributes and never made a name for himself above the 3rd tier.
  4. Another one who wants to spend a Saturday evening stressing at how Kevin Betsy was a different type of player to AS...! I didn't say they were similar players. I said that both had all the physical attributes to excel at the required level and KB was one who didn't make the most of that. OMG! Seriously...?! Thankfully, that hadn't even come into my consideration.
  5. Now who's being overly specific..! He had the attributes and came with big hopes and made very little impact. OK... Marvin Brown then. Does that make you slightly less stressed...?
  6. What do you think it means..?! Will he go on to be a top championship player, makes an impact in the PL, with his pace & power..... Or will he flatter to deceive and fail at the required level and dissappear into oblivion..?
  7. Kevin Betsy came with alot of promise, had all the attributes a pro footballer should possess physically - but was Shite! Let's hope you're right - and he's is nothing like Betsy in a year or 2's time.
  8. He has all the attributes to be a top player. Let's hope he can realise his potential. Will he look back on a career that matches Adame Traore.... Or turn out to be a Kevin Betsy...?
  9. Hard to read too much into that end result. Fulham are one of the divisions elite - but conceding 6 is never OK in a league match. First 30 mins seemed so positive - yet it was only a matter of time until Fulham over powered us. Happy to write this on off.... As long as we get some positive results in the upcoming matches. 6 games up next that SHOULD all be winnable. I'd expect us to get an absolute minimum of 8 points from those 6 games - should really be hoping for 10 points from them, but let's set an achievable target. If we can't return that, that you can't really point to any tangible improvement atall. Better that and we'll be heading nicely to safety target. Let's judge ourselves against the middle pack of the division, rather than the elite ones, where any result can be classed as a bonus. Still utterly unsure about NP, but let's judge more after the next 6 games.
  10. Well, mate...? It was you who suggested giving his stake to charity - which doesn't show a great level of insight into the format of how betting works.
  11. ... And the ones that say "Think bike" So I wind down the window and shout Naughty Word..!
  12. I like the ones that say "please drive carefully" I keep crashing into the back of other cars whilst reading those..!
  13. That's kind of how betting works mate..! If we were expected to/likely to win, then bookies wouldn't be offering 12-14/1 on us doing it.
  14. We've lost 1 of our last 6 games against Preston..! You are harping back a bit on that example.
  15. Which charity will give you £300 back in return, if City win though...?
  16. A dreadfully piss poor attendance at our game today, or, as Rovers would refer to it... "Bumper home crowd"..!
  17. Makes a refreshing change to see these kind of stats in our favour for once - a pleasant & unexpected surprise, against a team with the quality that Fulham have. Let's hope it continues & we can make it count, second half
  18. Unusual for him to get a positive result on a Saturday..!
  19. Some positives in the last 2 games, yes. I remember posting earlier in the season, after the West Brom debacle I think, let's see how the next 10 games, against largely average teams, pan out. The return has been very underwhelming from those (now 11 games) 14 points from those 11 games is less that I'd been hoping for (11 points from the initial 10 game view) It's just very hard to look any stats from any period of NP's tenure (so far) and gain much optimism from them.
  20. Yeah and the previous 14 games included 3 of the current top 4, arguably by far the harder games so far this season. In which we conceded 7 and scored 1, which unbalance the comparative stats somewhat.
  21. Haven't our last 11 games been against teams generally placed lower (certainly not including the top teams) than some of those in the previous 14 games...? I'm certainly not cracking open any bubbly in celebration at the stats that NP has to show for any period of his tenure..!
  22. It's literally ruined their Christmas & new year...!
  23. Agreed. Whilst it's great to blood some youngsters, I don't agree that that is anywhere near our strongest available line up & unless it proves to be a masterstroke (NP sees them everyday in training & knows far more than I do about them) that looks like a petulant message to SL from the manager, that we are in need of more players (like we don't all know that!) I don't think it's fair on the kids to dump them all in the same team together. I hope I'm wrong & we are developing our own "class of 92" - but let's be honest, we probably aren't...!
  24. LJ joined them on 5th December 2020. Glad he's doing well up there.
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