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  1. Best Bitch on the pitch...?
  2. Yes, I bet he does wish he could do that. Maybe if he could get something out of the players he does have at his disposal, or could get senior players to sign new contracts, or gave anyone, anywhere, any faith that he has some kind of game plan - he'd probably feel more confident in asking for a better transfer budget. Anyway - genuinely bored of the discussion now. I don't think that NP is doing a very good job. You do. Great! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
  3. I'd say that Andi Wiemann having the season of his life gave us that, despite NP's input, rather than because of it. NP has had the luxury of players like Wiemann being fit throughout his time in charge - as opposed to Holden, who had a crippling injury list to contend with aswell as all the other problems that you've previously mentioned. Whats baffling me is, if we are just treading water until all our older players run their contracts down, then why not stick with Dean "cheap option' Holden to do that - rather than get a higher profile manager in to do it, whilst accepting the inconsistent dross that he's responsible for...?
  4. We sold millions aswell as spend them - but yes, agreed generally. If you are satisfied with the job NP is doing & think we are showing signs of progress & recovery from the Ashton debacle, then that's great. I envy your lack of stress at watching us the utterly infuriating tripe that NP has produced, despite having some perfectly decent players at this level, for the past 18 months.
  5. Possibly, who knows. Our "better manager" now at the helm isn't really pushing your cause forward as a shining example of 2hat can be achieved with a bit more experience. LJ had to go, come the end - but my god, wasn't it nice to actually turn up to games thinking that we might be able to win them, rather than having to settle for the odd, very seldom, scrappy victory..?
  6. I've tried to give NP time (he's hardly new to the job!) It's the complete & utter lack of improvement or direction that frustrates me most. I was delighted when we appointed him - but his record here has been beyond woeful. Without looking it up.. I think I can't be far wrong in saying that in his 18 months here, we've won back to back games ONCE...?! Come on, that is f'ing appalling..!
  7. As would the monies incoming, I should imagine.
  8. LJ also had to sell every decent player that we had..! Come on, you know that aswell, surely. Just saying that LJ spend loads of money is a very one sided, lazy, cock eyed version of reality.
  9. No, it never happened. It was a darn site closer then, than it is now though.
  10. You don't get any of that nonsense under NP..! No false dawns here now. We are consistently inconsistent and seem to have a serious phobia of the top half of the table.
  11. It's completely unfair that we had to struggle in 30+ temperatures, whilst Wigan players didn't - and as for us having to play in midweek, whilst Wigan were granted a bye into the next round is a shocking endightment of the football league hierarchy...... Oh...
  12. Faor play to you mate - that is some super powered brain memory you must have there..... ..... To remember how anyone reacts when we win or play well...!
  13. Under LJ we progressed each season, until the end. We were regularly at least outside hopefulls of a playoff challenge. Please show me the stats from LJ's time here against those of NP...
  14. It's not 3 games, is it. It's 18 bloody months of complete shite, bar the (very odd) exception. What other manager would have had so much tollerence, with the stats record that he's delivered, consistently, over those 18 months..?
  15. Blatent, clear cut Red card. Not sure about the Penalty shout though. Good plau from TC, but I don't think it was a clear cut pen decision.
  16. That's about the only possible way NP's record cam read worse than his overall record..!
  17. How is that unsafe...?! It's just a bit bare of grass. FFS - it's only 10-15 years ago that even top flight games were played on far worse than that, week in, week out - even at the biggest clubs.
  18. I generally agree - but have to say that the fact our incomings were free transfers, has no relation to their quality. Next summer, so one is going to be able to pick up the spine of our squad on free transfers (Bentley, Kalas, Dasilva, Massengo & Wells) no lack 9f quality there - they've chosen to run their contracts down (as perfectly entitled to do so) and are therefore going to be available on free transfers. That's, what... £28 millions pounds worth of fees paid out on those players, of which we aren't going to re-coup a single penny. That's why those clubs making the most of the free transfer market are doing so as shrewd business - not as a scraping the barrel excersise.
  19. If £10 makes or breaks a decision in an entirely "luxury purchase" I'd be very surprised. Buy it or don't buy it - the £10 previous discount is not a given that we are entitled too.
  20. What principle..? You weren't promised it. Its an additional extra that's been offered before, but is entirely discretionary, as what you've paid for is for entry to out 23 home league games & priority period for away tickets. Throwing your toys out the pram because the club, who are in huge yearly losses, aren't giving you an extra tenner off your shirt - that's not principle. That's just petty, entitled, childish nonsense. IMHO.
  21. Actual footage of the referee as their late goal deflects & loops up beyond Bentley......
  22. I didn't think I could be more pissed off about the one that they somehow got given.... I was wrong...!
  23. I think you might have had a bit of a mare here...!
  24. It's literally hard to guess what the referee even thinks he's seen there, to give a penalty. It's baffling! FFS!
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