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  1. Why any City fan wouldn’t welcome Gary Johnson back with a positive reception is beyond me. Best times I’ve had supporting City. I’ll never forget Palace away in the playoffs.
  2. You can get Kwaremont beer delivered to the UK. Maybe not the best Belgian beer but feels right on Ronde day!
  3. All this talk about the championship being a super competitive and exciting league but with 3 games to go promotion is done, playoffs are done, 2 of the relegation spots are likely to have been taken and the only thing left if who goes down out of Derby and Rotherham!
  4. It’s utterly bizarre how this has worked out. You would assume they were very much aware of how unpopular it would be which is why it was all so clandestine. However as soon as this became apparent they all back track. Surely they did a full assessment of likely outcomes before they went ahead with this and I can’t really understand how they didn’t have a plan for this sort of reaction. It’s all very strange and feels like it’s been rushed through. All this talk of football clubs being businesses but a business (a successful one anyway) wouldn’t even consider making and implementing a decision as big as this in such a way. You would assume at the very least they expected an initial negative reaction which they planned on riding out. Perhaps it was the threat of legal intervention from the government that they didn’t anticipate and really spooked them. They probably thought that with COVID going on they wouldn’t care but actually everyone was just happy to have something else to talk about for a bit!
  5. How the rest of the premier league react is going to be very important in terms of how football will rebuild without those clubs. Do they spend the next 10 years desperately trying to get in to the new league or do they work with the rest of the football league to make long lasting change for the betterment of the game. The latter may involve ending the premier league and returning to a single football league structure as the TV money would surely go from the premier league and the clubs would be back to relying on fan support for income. It’s hard to imagine the latter I’m afraid but you never know.
  6. This last point is very important. This is a crossing the Rubicon type moment. The damage has been done and cannot be undone by a back track. These clubs no longer have a place in the English football league structure as they are currently owned and run. They do not believe in fair and open competition. This was clear before but has now been writ large.
  7. If this does go ahead you would imagine that over time there would be a correction and things might end up in a preferable situation for the many with the levels of money and consideration of fans and the local community back to something more like the levels there used to be. Unfortunately it’s going to be a good few years with domestic leagues and international competition missing that top end edge that knowing it has all the best players brings. This will have an effect in our league and below as everyone will just know that something is missing. The majority of players will not be willing to take enormous pay cuts to play in a domestic league and second rate international tournaments. Eventually when the super league runs it’s course and the global audience gets bored only the meaninglessness turgid fair on offer the players will come back into the fold and perhaps those clubs who left will reform or join at the bottom and work their way back up again. I don’t think it would bother me too much. I watch City for the match day experience not the quality of football (although decent quality every now and then is nice). However I can’t be sure that it won’t feel diminished for me as well.
  8. A big endorsement of Appleton on Radio 5 from a chap who presents a football league podcast and is an Oxford fan. Probably knows a lot more about him than most on here (myself absolutely included). Described him as progressive with an excellent recruitment ethos. As many have said after Johnson and Holden it would be great to appoint someone with some experience of doing well as a football manager for an extended period of time.
  9. It is also I believe a term used positively by South Africans. Certainly someone I used to work with told me that he would want to be referred to as coloured and if someone called him mixed race he would find that much more offensive even though a few years ago I think that was a more widely accepted term at the time in this country at least.
  10. It clearly isn’t the sensible choice. He would cost a fortune and has never worked in England but just imagine the Fabio Cannavaro at City! I’m not sure I would even care if he was rubbish!
  11. Took the little one out for a walk this morning to Ashton Hill Plantation and had a nose over the wall at the lads training on the way back. It feels a bit different to a few weeks ago when there were only a few of them doing fitness drills on their own. Definitely created some sense of anticipation. The same cannot be said for the young un (2 and a bit years old) who said ‘What are all those people doing daddy? They look silly’. LJ was giving some instructions at the time and doing a lot of pointing so it did make me wonder if he is now the youngest person to ever give LJ some stick!
  12. Whilst clearly this would be what everyone would prefer a vaccination could be years away or not arrive at all. We can’t wait for it. It has to be treated as a good to have if/when it arrives and not something that starts a return to normality. I also don’t really see how trying to restart football will have a negative impact on vaccination research but I’m happy to be corrected on this. They claim to have more testing capacity than is currently being used and will continue to expand it before football restarts so that shouldn’t be a major issue (although the government’s record on this is terrible). Clearly if they are taking testing capacity away from more essential areas then this should be a major consideration. The same goes for the emergency services but again I imagine they hope that that the situation is a little less volatile by the time it restarts so it should be manageable. If not then again they will have to have a massive rethink. It might not lift your morale but I imagine there are plenty of people who would be delighted to be able to watch some football on TV and have one extra thing to think and talk about that isn’t the virus. They may well come up with some very creative ways of making the viewing experience more appealing especially given that it’s not likely to be a short term fix but could be in place for quite a while. These people’s livelihoods are directly related to football. They have to think about how to start things again just like every other business in the country.
  13. Before I right this I will state that I am as conflicted about the place of sport during this situation as anyone is and don't know what the right answer is or really what my opinion is! My view seems to change every day. I miss football, professional cycling and as an amateur triathlete all my races have or probably will be cancelled for the foreseeable future. All these things upset me. However I will say that it is interesting how it has taken a crisis in the developed world to make people take the view that there are more important things than sport. There are international crises every single day. Right now east Africa is going to be consumed by a plague of billions of locusts which will wipe out crops for millions. Virtually nobody outside of the affected regions would even know about it let alone do something about it. The suffering of refugees in camps across the world is horrendous. We don't assume that we should stop sport until these issues are solved. I don't know why this is, perhaps because they aren't in front of us every day, or maybe because people don't think there is a solution. Perhaps sport helps us forget or ignore these thing by giving us something else to focus on. I include myself in this. Perhaps that is a good thing as there will always be things like this and if you can avoid it people don't want to think about it. If this is going to be with us for years then are we just going to have to accept that and start things up again as normal with the acceptance that death rates will be higher and life expectancy a bit shorter. We have such developed healthcare systems in the developed world that perseveration of life at all costs seems to be everything. Should we just change our view on this? This situation gives you time to think about these things. I don't think my simple mind is really up to the task!
  14. It is amazing really how people write off a player who hardly anyone had heard of until a day or so ago before he's even been on the pitch. I would say give him half a dozen games before writing him off at least but maybe give the lad 15 minutes if nothing else!
  15. So a young black kid follows Mendy on twitter because he's a big fan of his and wants to emulate him one day. He sees Silva make a post like this and it upsets him but he should just clear off his twitter because it's banter and if doesn't get it then too bad. A young white kid sees this and thinks its ok to say that to a kid at school who might not like the joke. It's ok though it's banter. It's not even about whether this post is racist or being offended on someone's behalf. It is about considering that there are people out there who might not see it the same way as you do and it might well upset people. It is about thinking for two minutes before posting something on twitter but i guess that's not how things work these days. Think it, post it, don't worry about the consequences.
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