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  1. Towards the end of his time at Man Utd Ferguson mainly delegated all the coaching to his staff. He was more hands-on earlier on his career though.
  2. Away at Preston last game of the season mid to late 90's. Drove up, couldnt get a ticket so walked back to the car to listen to the game on the radio as all the pubs were shut. Lo and behold, the local commentary was Burnley vs The Gas. City lost and we lost one of our mates and spent hours trying to find him (before everyone had mobile phones). Got back to Bristol around 9:30pm.to find pur mate in the pub as he forgot where we parked so jumped on a supporters coach.
  3. Echoing all above, I thought he was excellent. I thought it was telling when Alex Ball said on the commentary for the Millwall game that Williams was one of the most competitive players he has come across and he even argues with him when he refs 5 a-side games in training.
  4. I always liked 'he's only a poor little Gashead, his face is all tattered and torn....'
  5. The ironic thing about those signings was Taylor signed from Swindon and Caesar signed from Arsenal when in reality it looked the other way around
  6. The bloke in the grey t-shirt looks like he's got 4 arms That must mean he also has a minimum of 24 fingers
  7. Fevs, why even bother responding? We've only got 2 senior strikers on our books so why would we pay off the contract on one so he can leave the club just so we can sign a player OOC that we could've signed at anytime before deciding to let Wells go? Essentially saying, let's pay £2m+ so we can sign somebody OOC who has currently no value. Madness Don't get me wrong, there's no doubt in my mind that NW doesn't want to be here, and NP doesn't want to use him as a first choice starter because of that so where we go from here I have no idea.
  8. The 2 posters I enjoyed the most when I first started posting back in 2003(?) were Malone FM and our then resident R*vers fan Dr Faustus. I know Malone, along with Arn, used to post quite a bit on Ziderheads but I haven't been on there for yonks.
  9. Neither will the council or Stephanie with her £45 jackpot from the 50/50 draw
  10. When NP came in last season he had a bag of shit with regards to the players he inherited and we were already in freefall. A fair few of those players have now gone so now he has a smaller bag of shit and people still expect us to be competitive? This mess isn't of Pearsons making and he has had very little money to spend on players to make things better by bringing in players he actually wants. Anyone who thought or thinks this wouldn't be a long, hard season of struggle needs to re-adjust their thinking a little before pouring scorn on somebody who has been handed an absolute shitstorm of a squad.
  11. I've supported us for 40 years and I'm not sure I want to be here. Unfortunately, I'm an idiot so will continue to heap misery on myself for the foreseeable future
  12. Playing much better now. Starting to create and winning second balls.
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