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  1. Tbh, I'm not even angry or upset as this is the exact same thing this club has done throughout my 35 years of supporting and ive come to expect this type of decision by the club. Let's face it, we are renowned as a club that can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory time and time again. I am looking forward to some funny comments from our more emotional fans though. There's bound to be some absolute gems. Every cloud and all that....
  2. If its in the final minute of the match, then the ref would've blown and the players would've had their showers by the time JET finished his run up.
  3. We've been supporters long enough to know whatever the club say in the media, some fans will twist it to make it seem worse than intended. The most sensible option for the club (any club for that matter) is to say nothing and only say something once contracts have been signed. I actually agree with the media silence from the club until they have something concrete to tell us. Otherwise its just irrelevant platitudes to please the impatient. Surely nobody would be interested in Mark Ashton saying ' we have looked at all the available options, and we know the type of person we, as
  4. Without a doubt, there is definitely an element of truth there Dave. Its almost as if they have believed the media hype that we are a well run and financed club and and have convinced themselves that we must not deviate from this path without realising that the best people constantly adapt to changing circumstances. O'Driscoll called it when he was appointed, when he said that managers in the future will benefit from the processes he was implementing at the time. He knew the club was an utter shower of shit and had to be dragged into modern times but it would take years that he would
  5. Concerning this part of your previous post: There needs to be a damn good reason why it’s taking this long and I’d bloody love to know what it is. In the absence of even a shred of information I’m struggling to conclude anything other than boardroom incompetence. The only reason I can see is a financial one. Mainly, we are talking the wrong appointment could cost the club millions in mis-spent money. With the way finances have been reduced for the vast majority of non-Premier League clubs in this current pandemic climate, I have the feeling we DO have finances spare to imp
  6. CR, I completely understand your concern and I also have the same concerns but my point being was that IF the board wanted to take their time, now is the optimum time to do it. That wasn't me excusing it. Do I think it should take this long? Absolutely not. Do I think we will get the best available manager? Absolutely not. Do I think that there are conflicting opinions within the hiring 'committee' ? Absolutely yes, and it all depends on who has the most clout in this situation. Let's face it, it should never take this long to pick a football manager considering there are
  7. Ffs, we have no games for ages, the players are having a break and we don't appear to be that active in the transfer market yet. If the club feel like they want to take time to decide who our next gaffer is, now would be the time to do it. Whether they make the right decision remains to be seen but I, personally, have no issues with the club taking their time over this. However, if Holden or Macallister get the job after all this I will not be impressed.
  8. Halfway through and have had to stop to cook food. Fair to say he really dislikes Steve Evans. Can't wait to listen to the rest. Great work (again) guys
  9. I cant wait for Saint and Greavsie tomorrow morning for the build-up
  10. I would've rather watched my parents have sex for 45 minutes than that shower. Surely, the 2nd 45 can only get better.... The football obviously, as my parents are in their 70's and I can't imagine they've got 90mins in them at that age
  11. https://www.football365.com/news/quote-unquote-pardews-when-youre-the-king Absolutely no chance I would have him anywhere near our club His arrogance doesn't sit well with me.
  12. Does he also do scouting for Leeds Utd?
  13. If the G*s are playing at home that won't be concern.
  14. More than likely, but wouldn't be surprised if all they could afford was a gazebo.
  15. Doh! Of course it is. Tbf, I was tossing up whether to include NoM or FoaBP, and it was Welcome to the Terrordome that swung it for me so that's probably why I typed that. Both fantastic albums though.
  16. My top 10 in no particular order 1: OK Computer- Radiohead 2: White Blood Cells- White Stripes 3: Welcome to the Terrordome- Public Enemy 4: Enter the 36 Chambers- Wu Tang Clan 5: Pills, Thrills and Bellyaches- Happy Mondays 6: The Beatles- Revolver 7: Boys & Girls in America- The Hold Steady 8: Like Clockwork- Queens of the Stone Age 9: We are Beautiful, We are Doomed- Los Campesinos! 10: Harvest- Neil Young Notable mentions to Sign O the Times- Prince and Panic Prevention- Jamie T This will obviously change tomorrow when I rem
  17. You mean the MK Dons that have only been in existence since 2004 from a town that has only been in existence since the late 60's? Surely the R*vers who have been in existence since the late 1800's from a city that has been around since the 11th century would be able to garner a larger following than a club and a town that have next to no history? They do have da famuss quarterzz after all.
  18. Listened to this earlier and thought it was brilliant. Well done guys. Bradley comes across as honest, passionate and a genuine fan of football and that alone is refreshing to hear. Two things I will take from that is: A. Dont mess with Leroy Lita B. Adel Taarabt is an absolute shambles of a human
  19. Been there a couple of times. An absolutely beautiful horseshoe bay. Anyway, in Toulouse for the 98 World cup, outside a bar one night before the Romania game I saw a guy in a City shirt sat on the pavement chatting to a guy in a Rovers shirt. Turned around to my mates and said this could only happen nearly 900 miles from Bristol.
  20. Good, insightful questions and honest, well thought out answers. Fair play to both of you. I am looking forward to reading the whole article when it is done.
  21. With our PA system I can imagine nobody would be able to tell the difference between boos and cheers
  22. That reminds me of when we played Portsmouth in a pre season friendly a few years back and Glen Johnson absolutely bossed the game from right back. He was different gravy that day.
  23. That's the one I was thinking of. That's the one I was thinking of. That's the one I was thinking of.
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