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  1. Not sure how much of a cut he gets out of all the merchandise. However on Wednesday they sold loads of stuff so must make a good living just off those sales.
  2. I was in the shop on Thursday morning and the lad serving me asked if had a season ticket when I bought something. As a non season ticket holder can’t confirm what I’d have received if said yes to him.
  3. Now they’ve got the stadium sorted. The same guy/company going to put a formal bid in later today: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/61923835?at_custom4=24669668-F3A3-11EC-95B0-83EF15F31EAE&at_medium=custom7&at_custom1=[post+type]&at_campaign=64&at_custom2=facebook_page&at_custom3=BBC+Sport&fbclid=IwAR26RltRRpAkPP617e2S9Vcex0MFrt0KAZxV3ZQweuVNO4OhNL60SmdNwDs
  4. He’s playing at Hyde Park Tomorrow night as the in laws have tickets to go.
  5. I went to go get a soft drink about 10 mins before the start and all the bars round the concourse and outside of the bowl were rammed. I think that was why so many empty seats still just before he got going. Although south stand did look relatively empty.
  6. Email just received from Ashton Gate: Our postal delivery partner has just informed us that the tickets which were sent out last week from Ashton Gate for Elton John’s concerts tomorrow (Wednesday) and Sunday have not been distributed by them. Obviously we are extremely disappointed by this and have now taken measures to make it as easy as possible for you to collect your tickets on the day. From 12 noon tomorrow (Wednesday), our hospitality team will be stationed to greet you at the main Winterstoke Road entrance to the stadium (postcode BS3 2LQ). If you would like to collect your tickets before the official opening time of 4pm you are welcome to do so. Please note there is no access past this collection point until 4pm when the Fan Village and Stadium officially opens. On arrival at Gate 1 (Picture A below) make your way to the left – you will see the Wedlock Wall (as below Picture B) to the left of the Ticket Office – our hospitality team will be stationed here from 12 noon. Picture A – Main Entrance Picture B – Hospitality Collection Point You can either collect all of your group’s hospitality tickets in one go i.e. if you are a small group and all arriving together. OR you can collect individual tickets on arrival separately. In order to do this, we will need a guest list so that we can ensure all of your guests are accommodated correctly. Please email us on: events@ashtongate.co.uk with your lead booker name and the guestlist and we will look after the rest. Thank you for your understanding – we are sincerely sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. It is regrettably out of our control, but we will do everything we can to make your evening with Elton one to remember!
  7. The woman i spoke with on the phone said there had been an issue with the first batch of tickets they had received as well. I know mine won't be here in time as walked past the postie after she'd gone past our house and nothing in the post box, so I'll be calling up for re-prints in the morning.
  8. Just called them up. We’re sent out on Friday. If not received by 12 tomorrow to call up and they’ll do re-prints to be collected at the ground. Hoping mine arrive today as heading off about 8am tomorrow morning.
  9. Anyone with Hospitality tickets for tomorrow night, have you received your tickets yet?
  10. Just had an email with all the information about Wednesday and tickets should arrive on or before Tuesday.
  11. Have your tickets arrived yet? I’m also still waiting on a pair of tickets to turn up.
  12. Isn't the giving players shares in a business (sports club or another linked to a business the owner is involved with) what caused part of the problem for Saracens Rugby Club. In the Owner invested in business ventures or gave shares to the players in those businesses instead of paying them through the club. To get around their salary cap rules. So I'm sure would be similar within the world of football and the various FFP regs to stop that happening, however this is the EFL so might be a massive wide loophole they've left open.
  13. I think they do that and have different ad boards for the different nation on the other side of the ground. im sure I’ve seen it when England played away in Sweden. We could see the English as boards. When they did a reverse angle they had local ad boards the other side of the ground. I guess they can get more advertising money by having the two sets of ad boards.
  14. Not the first time they've had their own equipment driven across the pitch, this was linked from 2014 at the bottom of the article - Vandals drive golf buggy on Plymouth Argyle's pitch - BBC News
  15. I’d echo this last paragraph. I started investing in February. Smallish amounts. However one of the coins I’ve invested most in has dropped 60% from what I paid for them all. the amount I’ve put in though is an amount im comfortable if I didn’t see it again. Also going forward only will put in what I don’t mind losing on a monthly basis or can afford that month. Trying to avoid impulse buying as well, as even if goes down now slightly, could be further drops to happen. I’m also trying to spread the coins I have invested in as well. So I’m not all eggs in one basket. I’m currently in that position as 75% of mine are in one coin to enable me to get a debit card from the company I’m using.
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