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  1. M.D

    Alex Scott

    Scott will be first choice as the season progresses
  2. agree and Scott for Palmer
  3. Can't you see the positive progression from the team?
  4. Thing is, we are 3-0 down but I think we are looking a very good team
  5. release the boy Scott.....
  6. He's up in Horfield scaring wild dogs..
  7. Villa look good as you would expect but I'm positive from us so far
  8. I hope Scott gets some game time, do we see him as a Centre mid or more an Attacking midfielder?
  9. Tom Cairney, I was involved in the build of his new house in Surry a couple of years ago, came across as a nice lad..
  10. Im going for Bentley Simpson Kalas. Atkinson. Dasilva Weimann King. James. O'Dowda Palmer Martin
  11. Im always optimistic at this time of year but I am more so now about how it feels the club is moving forward, Nigel and the medical team know what they are doing and in the pre season games lived watched (all of them) we look a lot fitter and organised. Im not expected much this season, progress and Low mid table will do with the foundations being laid for the next season, a push on the play offs..
  12. Just out of interest, Whos contract is up after this season?
  13. Slight knock, training but not being risked in matches Last year he would have played and then been out for a while
  14. Asked about seeing the fans today, "they are not my fans, they are our fans"
  15. I don't, Atkinson was excellent as was Weimann, looks like COD has been coached into a winger..
  16. He looks way above anybody on this pitch. He is working well with King too, you can see they know each others game well. I would think that James and Williams will be a very good centre midfield base for us and I think Scott will be in the first team midfield pretty soon.
  17. Followed by a shocking miss from Martin after a good counter attack from Plymouth
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