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  1. Anyone else got problems accessing RobinsTV from abroad today? I'm just getting an Unauthotized country error message on both the TV and iPad app
  2. Got two spare spaces on our minibus to Coventry on Saturday. Leaving Little Stoke at 8:30 and getting back around 22:00. £20 for the minibus. Ticket face value. Send me a PM if you're interested.
  3. Starting topics about Robin Hulbert. The glory days.
  4. First game at Championship level for the ref, despite having more games in League 2 than League 1 so far this season. Be interesting to see how he does.
  5. terpin


    Good memories @Harry Shit about your foot mate. Hopefully getting out on the bike will be one outlet at least.
  6. Not working om Smart TV for me. Having to use the app
  7. Probably as we have won the last 3 with him in charge. Prior to that we had won 4 out of 23:
  8. terpin


    I know pal! Was only thinking about it earlier. Give my right bollock to be sat on that oversized bean bag on the beach once again.
  9. terpin


    Had one the other week that was -14 with a wind chill of -19. Bit of a bastard that one. Had so many layers on that it was basically just waddling rather than running. It's been below -10 every day for a month now. Luckily the gyms finally re-opened yesterday so being able to get in a run on the treadmill this morning was bliss.
  10. Close. Scored against Sheffield Wednesday in the home game after.
  11. We lost the first 5 games after my birth: 17 Aug 1985 Bristol City v Walsall L 2-3 League Division Three 21 Aug 1985 Hereford United v Bristol City L 5-1 League Cup 24 Aug 1985 AFC Bournemouth v Bristol City L 5-0 League Division Three 26 Aug 1985 Bristol City v Gillingham L 1-2 League Division Three 31 Aug 1985 Rotherham United v Bristol City L 2-0 League Division Three However, my son was born in the evening of 3rd May 2014 (better known as Colin Daniel day) so that more than makes up for it.
  12. Completely agree with your assessment apart one one aspect - the signing of Chris Brunt. Haven't seen enough thus far to justify his signing given the depth that we have/had in the same position. He of course needs more time before being written off, but can't hide the feeling that we've gone down a similar road to the one we took when we signed Gary O'Neil.
  13. Quick enough to slate the service when there are problems, so just wanted to add that yesterday the stream worked without issue throughout. This was using the exact same setup as previous weeks when I've experiencd problems (watching on Smart TV). Long may it continue!
  14. My issue is that the setup that I have been using for the past two years, largely without issue, has suddenly started to experience problems. If I had had problems all the time using the Smart TV browser then I would put it down to an incompatability issue and a non-supported device. The feedback from the support team is to use the iPad app as Smart TV is not officially supported. That is fine, but when I then experience the exact same instability issues with the app then it points to an unstable service. Will try the HDMI to TV route on Wednesday against Bournemouth.
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