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  1. TMWANG50


    Yeah I signed up back in 2020 thinking it was a good idea! It's a really nice route to be honest from Gloucester to Sharpness. I'm contempliating just doing the 25k race next year and running more against the clock than the distance.
  2. TMWANG50


    50K update, it was bloomin hot, a canal tow path is very tricky to run on when its this dry, I survived, not sure I can face that distance again...
  3. TMWANG50


    Yeah I think you have two be running at least twice a week to maintain a level of running fitness any less and you start to drop off a bit..sounds like you are doing a decent job at getting back on track though Alex
  4. TMWANG50


    Blimey thats good going I thought 50k was a long way!
  5. TMWANG50


    Good stuff. I've got a 50k race in 3 weeks so Westonbirt isn't deal preparation but both have been carried over from last year so I am giving it a go. I think this is my third attempt not been up there for it since 2016 though so hope I'm still as quick
  6. TMWANG50


    I wasn't aware of this sounds like a good idea. Are any of the South Glos runners doing the Westonbirt 10k this weekend?
  7. The Bears need a major overhaul (a bit like a certain football club not too many miles away) I can only imagine what idiotic trade up they have lined up for the 10th best quarter back when we have two already! It will be worth staying up for though Date for for your diary - full schedule released on May 12th should get further info on the UK games at the same time.
  8. We are miles off Brentford the result completely flattered us, they are the latest of a number of clubs to have started off in a similar position and flown past us and got to the Prem. Some have come down again and gone further South but I'd argue at least they took the plunge even if t was a calculated gamble/risk but plenty are still in a better position than we are. Recruitment wise we are a sham we don't seem to recruit very well in our immediate catchment area and rely too much on the academy. Just look at Brentford I can name these players who we missed for cheap sums who would all walk into our side, did we scout any of them as all played not a million miles away from Ashton Gate - Watkins (Exeter), Pinnock (FGR via Barnsley), Henry (Walsall). Fosu (Oxford) that's before you even look at their excellent foreign recruitment where bar Juju and Eliason ours has been a disaster. Good luck to Brentford maybe Mark Ashton might want to give them a call..
  9. TMWANG50


    I'm set a bit back from Chase Lane down a track but there are about 40 houses on Inglestone Common but quite a few are not actually on the main road, lovely location but not great for deliveries or broadband :laugh:! King Lane is one of my usual routes, when I was marathon training I used to be run 9k to Chipping Sodbury parkrun then run home again usually into a head wind on Sodbury Common! I do a lot with a group from Wotton-U-Edge these days (surprisingly brutal hills on every run) so actually run less on my own doorstep, but it you see anyone walking two dogs on Chase Lane that will be me...
  10. I think the Rams have the better deal as Stafford is probably the most under rated QB out there and he deserves his shot, bit of a gamble if he gets hit in week 1 tho! I'm delighted to see Goff in the same Dvision as the Bears he's a player we love to rub in the dirt and hasn't really reached is potential and looks on a downward curve. The Rams obviously have a win or bust strategy which is quite refreshing as a lot of these first round picks never amount to much.
  11. TMWANG50


    Good to see this post still going strong you've all given me the bug to do more. Weird to see the mentions of Chase Lane as I actually live on it! There are two routes up to Hawkesbury the one past the monument is brutal the other past Hawkesbury church is a little easier but feels longer. One day I will be able to get up either running the whole way :laugh:. Keep up the good work!
  12. Matt Le Fluff being called a coward by his own fans has broken me ha ha ha
  13. 12,000 - including 7,500 vaccinated medical key workers have been invited ridiculous in the current climate
  14. The Packers not getting a call from the refs that's the biggest joke of the playoff's ha ha ha ha ha ha No Pack No Matt Le Flower what a muppet going for a Field goal...
  15. Quite a weekend of playoffs, The Packers contiue to be the team to watch, will Mahomes pass concussion protocal next week, The Bills contiue to fly under the radar and why did the Browns not gamble on fourth down on the final drive! I wasn't surprised to see the Saints flatter to deceive thought even the Bears matched them quite well last week. Tom Brady is in another Championship and they've already beaten the Packers this year.... some great games to look forward to next weekend...
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