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  1. 0 shots on target Can Fielding actually keep his kicks on the pitch?
  2. Sky Bet Super Boost - Harry Kane to score anytime now 3/1 (not evens) I also have a net builder on with Kane to score anytime, Mason mount shot on target and Hojbjerg & Phillips booked at roughly 60/1 Always gamble responsibly mind
  3. On paper exactly what we’ve been missing at the back and hopefully he can continue to progress doing up a league. Does anyone have a link to ‘best of’ compilation that usually flys around when we are linked/sign new player?
  4. This follows on from my snippet of inside info (which I passed on roughly month ago) about HNM being unhappy and already planning on “leaving Bristol” (I’m not sure how to post link to my previous post) Iv not doubt the medical care in the past has led to many players leaving and indeed not joining for similar reasoning. Let’s hope Dave Rennie and Nige can sort it out
  5. I have griezmann at 22/1 for golden boot, £10 EW In terms of whole competition, this is probably a couple years too early for England with lack of experience within squad, probably the complete opposite to Belgium who have prob passed their peak. Portuguese aren’t as strong defensively as others, and the Italians need a world class striker. Germany and Spain havnt been in best of form and Holland don’t have strength of other teams. I’d be surprised if France don’t win
  6. Morning All! Was chatting to a Liverpool friend of mine last night and he asked me about City ‘losing’ 12 players (I had to inform him they were OOC and right decision on majority) - we spoke about the summer plans for club and it brought up a couple general query’s that Iv since pondered. 1) We’ve all heard the saying “we’ve told the player to find a new club” but what is the process behind this? As far as I was aware players/agents can’t actively look for new employers whilst contracted so would this be a case of the club formally instructing agents/players they can directly contact other clubs (I guess signing some form of release form?) so as to not breach contract? 2) Does a Transfer List as such actually exist or is this something made up on Footy games? Would there be a national website where clubs put “available players” on a database with basic information and approx fee? Or is it just a case of using media forms to let other clubs know players can leave? Anyone got any idea on either just to clear this up?
  7. I probably scored more own goals than actual goals in my lifetime, but I did play mainly as an “attacking full back” but which I loved running forward thinking I was Cafu but couldn’t actually tackle v well Anyway one game whilst our team was attacking i remember a ball being played over top defence, the goalie ran towards it (by corner flag) and cleared it from danger. It came over the halfway line direct into my path (playing right back) and attempted what could only be described as Beckham-esque - magical moment seeing the ball land in the goal not bouncing once and lobbing a player on the line trying to defend. Dillerious scenes. Only for the referee to then speak to linesman who was flagging and the goal was disallowed as player was offside from first ball played. Never been so gutted……
  8. Weimann (exercise 1 year option) and Lansbury (1 year deal) will stay, Walsh & Baker will be offered contracts but I believe they will move on. All others will be told to find new clubs
  9. Has Owura been told he’s not getting new contract? Sure I read that somewhere
  10. Swansea v Derby despite generous odds is too risky, with Swansea being poor recently and Derby needing just point to be safe realistically. Iv gone for small treble of Bournemouth, Bolton and Torquay at around 4.5/1
  11. Good point, not sure how I didn’t spot that obvious mistake DRINK UP. THY ZIDER. BCFC We we’re also thinking of local Bristolian sayings like - GERT. LUSH. LIKE ALRIGHT. ME. BABBER. Any other suggestions?
  12. Incase you need help understanding what item is https://www.etsy.com/shop/iceiceengraving/
  13. Haha I knew this would happen Yes as someone said they are effectively whiskey stones (stainless steel cubes with non toxic gel inside that freezes) you add to drink. But we have lazer machine to engrave them and have numerous designs (set of 3) but wanted to City related ideas. Thought of - ALWAYS. BELIEVE. BCFC/ROBINS BCFC. SHIRT/NUMBER (pic). NAME DRINK UP. ME CIDER. THE GATE NIGEL. PEARSONS. CIDER ARMY
  14. @Davefevs is the man for this, there is definitely a list of each player and his respective contract available on here
  15. Yeah cheers for that, I did think that might be the case. Fans can choose what they have on the cubes anyway but thought I’d use yesterday’s great news as example.
  16. Evening all! After some advice.... My partner has started a business selling personalised Stainless Steel Ice Cubes, which can be custom made with words or images. I mentioned today about the great news of Pearson signing and she said about making a City related set based on this news. The sets are sold in 3 and the initial idea was to write 1) Nigel Pearson 2) Cider Army 3) BCFC - but I wasn’t sure if writing BCFC would incur copyright issues? Any help would be appreciated, or even suggestions as what to write
  17. One thing I havnt really seen mentioned about Pearson is the obvious pull he would have as a manager in this league. He’s easily one of the most high profile (if not best) Managers we’ve potentially had and players will be well aware of the success he’s had at this level. If it’s to believe that most business this window with be with OOC players, there will be more clubs battling for each player, and having Pearson on side will help us no end.
  18. He should have been shipped out last year, and we should have kept Szmodics....
  19. Well unless it’s done by April 30th 3pm we won’t hear anything for 3 days with this social media strike.....
  20. It’s interesting to see Semenyo has hardly featured in recent games. He’s been dangerous as an impact sub, and posssibly because the new formation doesn’t suit him, but I do wonder if he’s another that has his mind on a move elsewhere as rumoured interest from other clubs
  21. At this current point I have no enthusiasm to waste my Saturdays watching this team. BUT I know that (for 14th consecutive season) I will eventually stump up the money right before deadline when I panic and realise not much time left.
  22. Am I missing something? I would have thought this subject would be at the very top with lots of City fans thankful that our Chairman has pumped a reported 40million into this state of the art training facility, which is going to really help push the club on and help develop players of all ages. At a time of financial uncertainty and many clubs looking at cutting costs to survive, we have a forward thinking progressive board who are actively trying to get our beloved club into the Promised Land, and for that I’m very grateful.
  23. I still can’t fathom out the hatred (perhaps too strong a word) against COD - ok he’s not necessarily an automatic starter, but he’s certainly worth a squad place. He’s one of the few players in our squad with the pace and dribbling ability to pass a player, is a hard worker, a good technical player, and someone with a good amount of experience at this level whilst being relatively young too. He shown couple times once given some regular game time he can be a good player for us
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