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  1. Any stream links? Asking for a friend (my dad funnily enough )
  2. This is a non story. Cam missed lots of pre season due to a niggly injury, and now has to work his way back to full fitness and get himself back in the team, There were a couple of enquiries for Cam over the summer, but these were rebuffed by City - NP told Pring how important he would be this year (competing with one of our better performers/players) and he would get plenty of game time due to the 5 sub ruling and fitness needed at LWB/RWB positions.
  3. Pearson still believes the best way to save a game when behind is to make sure every attacker is on the field, and hope a long ball sticks upfront for something lucky to happen. We then bypass the midfield because they have all been replaced by strikers
  4. Another performance where like before, I come away still wondering how to get the best out of HNM - obviously a good technical player, but he dosnt tackle like Williams, he dosnt possess the passing/dribbling ability of Scott, and can’t shield the back 4 like James……. So what can he do? Maybe in a 433 we can afford to give him more freedom to use his energy effectively as a ‘box to box’ player, but Pearson only appears to have Plan A and I don’t think he’ll be drastically changing formations just because of 2 games
  5. Looking for some inspiration for this years Dream Team name, any suggestions?
  6. I did see Weimann was 35/1 to be top goalscorer, which i thought was generous considering last years total
  7. I know we are in discussions for one player who is OOC next summer and been told, "talks going well"
  8. Why would HNM sign a contract just so the club who currently employ him get a fee, and thus stop his own chances of a decent sign on fee at another club if he decides to leave - would you do the same for your employer??
  9. I dont want to get pulled into the HNM argument regarding stats, but its clear to see there's a talented footballer there - personally im still not sure what his favoured position/role is. The point i wanted to make on this thread, was why is there such fuss made over a player who's not really a guaranteed starter, whereas nothing is being asked about Bentley, Kalas and JD who (in my opinion) are more important to the squad, and their contracts are also up next summer too. @Davefevs I did try finding your document about player contracts, but could you confirm if this is the case and Bentley/Kalas/JD are also OOC next summer.
  10. 1) What will be City's final league position? 11th 2) How many points will City get this season? 66 3) Will City score 60 (or more) League goals this season? Yes 4) Will City concede 60 (or more) League goals this season? No 5) Who will finish as City's top scorer? Semenyo 6) How many League goals will City's top scorer (whether the player named in Q5 or ano.) get? 16 7) Who will finish as City's 2nd top scorer? Weimann How many League goals will City's 2nd top scorer (whether the player named in Q7 or ano.) get? 12 9.) How many academy graduates will make their City debuts this season in League or Cup competitions? 4 10) Will Duncan Idehen make 15 (or more) League appearances for City this season? No 11) Will Joe Williams make 25 (or more) League appearances for City this season? Yes 12) Will Stefan Bajic make 10 (or more) League appearances for City this season? No 13) Will Antoine Semenyo still be a City player on the last day of the season? Yes 14 Will Han Noah Massengo still be a City player on the last day of the season? No 15) Will Tomas Kalas still be a City player on the last day of the season? No 16) Will Nahki Wells still be a City player on the last day of the season? No 17) Which month will Antoine Semenyo make his first on-field appearance for City this season? September 18) Which month will Ayman Benarous make his first on-field appearance for City this season? Feb 19) Will City sign a striker either before the end of this window, or in the January window? No 20) Who will be City's player of the season? Atkinson 21) What will the Official attendance be for the first home game against Sunderland to the nearest thousand? 24,000 22) What will City's Official average League attendance be this season to the nearest thousand? 21,000 23) In which round will City be knocked out of the F.A. Cup? 4th 24) In which round will City be knocked out of the Carabou Cup? 3rd 25) How many City players will be sent off in all competitions this season? 3 26) Who will be the first City player to be sent off this season? Williams 27) How many penalties, in all competitions, will City be awarded this season? 5 28) How many penalties will City score? 4 29) Will any City player score a first-team hat-trick this season? Yes 30) Will Nigel Pearson still be City's manager on the last day of the season? Yes Young City players: Bell, Conway, Towler, Kadji, Owers, Palmer-Holden, 1) Which of these 6 will make the most appearances for City, in all competitions, this season? Conway 2) Which of these 6 will score the most goals for City in all competitions? Conway Gas: 1) Final League position? 19th 2) Average League attendance, to the nearest thousand? 8,000 3) Will Matty Taylor score against Rovers this season? Yes 4) Will Marlon Pack score against Rovers this season? Yes 5) Will Tyreeq Bakinson score against Rovers this season? No 6) Will Joey Barton still be Rovers' manager on the last day of the season? No Welsh Rivals, Cardiff & Swansea 1) Will O'Dowda score for Cardiff against City? No 2) Who will finish higher, Cardiff or City? City 3) How many points will City get against Cardiff 0,1,2,3,4 or 6 ? 4 4) Who will finish higher, Swansea or City? City 5) How many points will City get against Swansea, 0,1,2,3,4 or 6? 3 Lee Johnson's Hibs 1) What position will Hibernian finish in the SPL this season? 6th 2) Will Lee Johnson still be Hibernian manager on the last day of the season? Yes Ashton's Ipswich 1) Will Ipswich be promoted this season either automatically or through the play-offs? No 2) Will Mark Ashton still be there at the end of the season. Yes Steve Cotterill 1) Will Cotts lead Shrewsbury to promotion? No 2) How many points will Cotts' Shrewsbury take off Rovers 0,1,2,3,4,or 6? 4 3) Which club will finish higher, Shrewsbury or Rovers? Shrewsbury Old Boys 1) Will Bobby Reid score 7 (or more) PL goals for Fulham? No 2) Will Josh Brownhill score for Burnley against City this season? No 3) Will Aden Flint score for Stoke against City this season? Yes 4) Will Kasey Palmer score for Coventry against City this season? No Championship 1) Which club will finish top of the Championship? Norwich 2) Which club will finish bottom of the Championship? Rotherham
  11. Don’t forget Taylor Moore too who has effectively left (year loan) and had some of his wages paid so that’s another off the books
  12. It’s good that he’s out of the squad (even thou he dosnt officially have a number) but in reality his departure dosnt mean much, as his low wages/received fee will have no impact on FFP and him leaving won’t mean we are now in position to sign someone else.
  13. Making it big in the world now Dave, getting invites to the HPC - I always knew you were destined for the top
  14. Vyner lost man back stick - and thats why he wont be used much. There's always a mistake...... 3-1
  15. Atkinson playing as he finished last year, could be a big player for us
  16. This. Nail on head. Let’s not forget Dasilva who is also on final year of contract. Things are happening behind the scenes thou, you don’t hear everything in the press…..
  17. I phoned up City on Tuesday asking this very question, as iv been waiting to buy 2 home tops until getting rewards discount. Was told the Loyalty Scheme was still being finalised but would be announced before first home game - either the club are very unprofessional not having this confirmed when the season tickets started selling, or very 'business minded' leaving the announcement until first game, as by that point the majority would have already bought their tops (and other merchandise) at full price, thus the club making 10% extra on all sales.
  18. Did i read somewhere there's an additional 20min being played today? I know its only 2 friendlies so far, but from what iv seen we are much fitter team than before, wing backs will be a hugely important position for us, and we will be much more solid/hard to beat
  19. I see Bayerns new away kit is very similar to the leaked pic I saw, everyone wants to be like little Bristol City
  20. I spoke to someone yesterday who was lucky enough to watch the game, and said Naismith was extremely vocal at the back, constantly talking to James and Atkinson about players. Plus he seemed quite confident if he was 1v1 with opposition player as last man. Perhaps it was deemed that Klose was more comfortable on his right foot than Naismith, and hence being put on the right hand side of a 3 (with Kalas being out) but definitely no denying City have signed another "leader" at the back, and a confident ball playing one at that.
  21. Is it a 433 now - Tanner Towler Idehen Pring Massengo Vyner King Conway Weimann Bell
  22. Bear in mind just because Scott and Semenyo have been given better squad numbers (in an old fashioned sense), it has no relevance as to whether they stay or not - City has a price for each player, and if that's met then you can say "Bonjour"
  23. I asked this question a little while ago, then upon some digging found the email had been sent yesterday and was in my junk mail - hope this helps!
  24. Speaking of season tickets, i see City have tweeted saying codes have been sent out to watch todays friendly - anyone received theirs yet?
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