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  1. lenred

    No knee

    Just got this email from the ESTC. Hopefully the message sticks: An Important Message before Sunday Our England senior men’s team will today begin their EURO 2020 campaign at our home, Wembley Stadium. Major tournaments don’t come around often and when they do, it’s an opportunity to unite friends, families and the country. This collective support is what spurs our team on during challenging moments and it gives them the best chance of succeeding. As the team has reiterated many times, they will collectively take the knee ahead of their fixtures during the tournament. They are doing this as a mechanism of peacefully protesting against discrimination, injustice, and inequality. This is personally important to the players and the values the team collectively represents. This gesture of unity and fighting against inequality can be traced back as far as the 18th century. It is not new, and English football has made it very clear that it does not view this as being aligned to a political organisation or ideology. There can be no doubt as to why the players are taking the knee and what it represents in a footballing context. We encourage those who oppose these values to reflect on the message you are sending to the players you are supporting. Please respect their wishes and remember that we should all be united in the fight to tackle discrimination. Together.
  2. lenred

    Euro 2021/21

    Showed what a captain is. Amazing.
  3. We’ll end up in circles here. Let’s let it be
  4. Not really - you ‘shouted’. Anyway…..
  5. Exactly. And also a player with the right character as well that seems (rightly) vital to Nige. Wouldn’t say no return was ever on the cards. It’s a thread about Morrell? Presume I’m allowed an opinion?
  6. Still bugs me we let him go. Yes I know he hasn’t ripped up trees at Luton but that could be for all manner of reasons. Think there’s a decent player there.
  7. Still coming to terms with the lack of bullshit bingo from our management team. Gould will be the same when we hear from him as well I’m sure judging from interviews I’ve seen with him whilst at Surrey. So so good to just hear it how it is in clear and plain language from those at the helm, long may it continue.
  8. lenred

    No knee

    Keep kidding yourself
  9. lenred

    No knee

    Raheem getting an MBE for his work in tackling racism in sport and Scotland about turning on taking the knee. That’s going to have pissed on a few posters cornflakes this morning that’s for sure!
  10. lenred

    No knee

    Indeed. Wasn’t much comeback on Chelsea supporters as a group from the ‘football lads’ about this defacement was there. It’s just another bullshit excuse…..
  11. lenred

    No knee

    Good for John, he’s been quite vocal about it for a while I think. As has been pointed out so so so many times no one has a problem with those people who don’t want to take the knee or who question it’s validity in a grown up manner as I’m sure John is. Not sure why that doesn’t go in? Meanwhile today’s England footballers (whose opinions are just as valid as John’s) have decided that they do wish to continue with taking the knee for now and as such do not deserve to be boo’d for doing so. Easy isn’t it!
  12. lenred

    No knee

    Meanwhile, flag prep is going well in support of the team on Sunday …..#uptheMarx
  13. lenred

    No knee

    Surely this can’t be true. The ‘lads’ would've been there to give the perpetrators a slap if it was, no? Seriously though, massively good on you. Takes courage to do that.
  14. lenred

    No knee

    Unbelievable? Really? These fine upstanding gents got a ‘slap’ then did they for their nazi salutes? (it’s rhetorical btw they clearly didn’t). https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/international/football-association-england-germany-dortmund-friendly-nazi-gestures-a7776296.html%3famp https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2018/06/21/football/england-supporters-nazi-salute-spt-intl/index.html https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/fan-who-gave-nazi-salute-2341945.amp https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.mylondon.news/news/local-news/football-fan-banned-after-nazi-6011692.amp
  15. lenred

    No knee

    I’ve answered you re ‘crew’ yet still you twist and deflect…..this time to the point of cutting my quote to suit your point You are here vehemently supporting the people supporting the anti anti racism pov. You called me ‘funny’ for having an anti racism position for goodness sakes!!! Anyway I’m done debating / discussing anything with you anymore as you just will not discuss things straight. No doubt you’ll twist this response and you’ll wade in again at some point soon. Until then I bid you adieu.
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