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  1. Wouldn’t do anything if I was a steward to be fair - they don’t get paid enough to deal with that shit. However there were literally hundreds of robo cops there today. Wtf are they doing when the facilties are being smashed up? Just wondering….
  2. Closest they’ll be getting to AG anytime soon (ever), weirdos.
  3. Today proved why it was best for all concerned. He’s a bang average player and nothing I’ve seen from him since he left, including today, will ever convince me otherwise.
  4. We have to slip the Heddlu at Cardiff central every time we visit your place in order to go for a pint let alone find a pub that’s open.
  5. As I said not disagreeing. But Keane made his debut in 2016/17. Things were different, and Keane was a decent squad option at the time who had been with Southgate through the age groups. Webster is a far better footballer and a better option - now.
  6. I think Keane was decent when he got his chance and deserved it at the time. He’s regressed massively since then and Webster’s star has never been higher than it is now. Think he has to be close to a call up now. Don’t think the ‘fashionable club’ thing will make much difference with Southgate (although you could say Brighton are pretty hipster at the moment!) and Webster will be the next cab on the rank.
  7. Completely agree - Millwall made a good noise with only 900 odd the other week so 3000 will make a racket. How the powers that be don’t see how that must affect the team I’ll never know. They will claim ‘health and safety’ but most other clubs seem to be able to deal with home and away fans right next to each other just fine. It winds me up watching MOTD and there being a small line of stewards between home and away fans - let alone fences / blocks of seats - these are at highly charged games - Spurs v Chelsea and West Ham v Leeds last week spring to mind but it’s most games every week. But its one of those things that will forever fall on deaf ears with our club it seems. Sanitisation is what the owners want and therefore that’s what they get.
  8. I was being facetious BW. Completely agree with you on all points.
  9. Sorry that’s not on trend here. It’s all Vyners fault and he is the devil incarnate. Keep up!
  10. I refer the right honourable poster to my previous reply! Wow.
  11. Agree but think Vyner does have to do better there. It’s poor to put up such a weak and poorly positioned attempt to stop him.
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