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  1. Your use of language would suggest otherwise but whatever floats your boat.
  2. It would be very simple for you to copy someone’s username to cover your tracks. But if you are Brighton you haven’t answered why you are so bent out of shape about a league 2 fan having a go about a league 2 rival on a Championship forum. Very odd behaviour if you aren’t
  3. Bullshit you are. And if you are (and not the ‘sad Gas head Bas tard’ that I think you are) then knowing someone’s posting history and tearing into them behind a keyboard and on a site that has nothing to do with you or your team is equally as sad tbh!
  4. We’ve got a new CEO and he has endeared himself to most of us by just talking plain English (not bullshitese) in his single interview that he has done since being here and then simply getting on with his work behind the scenes out of the media spotlight, not acting like some desparate school kid needing love and affection from ‘his fans’. Bloke needs help and if you don’t go up this season so will you Ipswich fans! Feel sorry for you but very very happy he is not our issue any more.
  5. If any of you that have BT Sport haven’t seen the ‘Greavsie’ documentary I’d highly recommend it. I’m sure they’ll be showing it again over the next day or so and will hold even more poignancy now - it’s a superb documentary. https://www.bt.com/sport/football/features/greavsie-charts-the-rise-fall-and-rebirth-of-jimmy-greaves
  6. Jimmy Greaves has passed away. Obviously been ill for a while but very sad news nonetheless. Well before my time playing wise but his figures are phenomenal and Saint and Greavsie on a Saturday lunchtime helped form my love of the game when I was very young. RIP Jimmy.
  7. Oh I am don’t worry about that. Posted before that it’s the best ‘transfer’ we’ve had for years!
  8. Jesus ****ing Christ - the man’s narcissism seriously knows no bounds does it. What a cockwomble. How did we ever get involved with him.
  9. Did not see that coming. Fantastic result, well in City!
  10. Can they afford to sack him? (Can they afford not to )
  11. So non league it’s untrue. Wouldn’t look out of place at Manor Farm!
  12. Kent - have a real dislike for Rob Key who seems to not like us for some reason so would love to beat them in the final.
  13. How the hell have we just done that?! Up the ‘set!!
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