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  1. I know there is still 20 mins to go but the crowd looks pretty sparse at Sophia Gardens. Imagine if this was a true South West team playing at Taunton or Bristol - it would be packed. Makes me so cross still that we’re not represented as a region, but maybe if it doesn’t take off they’ll change the franchise to truly represent the SW?
  2. Sorry - are you now calling me a bully given you have taken on some weird obsession with my view on this? You seriously need to quit it if so as I take that kind of accusation very seriously. You have not been ‘bounced’ into anything. You have simply been asked by me as to what on earth you meant because you joined the debate and called out people (and me specifically for some weird reason) who want to stay safe and who want their families to stay safe and for the NHS to not be overwhelmed and for society to get back to as normal as possible as ‘obsessive’ and ‘fundamentalist’ which tbh is just weird behaviour, given that most sane human beings want the same thing I presume. But whatever floats your boat.
  3. That you deemed it ok to clarify normal behaviour as fundamentalist and obsessive - just wondering how you justify it but hey ho. Not my situation it’s an old school friend, but it brought the realities of covid to life in a very stark way as opposed to relying on ‘stats’.
  4. You have answered my point but no matter - used to that in this conversation. My old school mate was intubated and in a coma for nearly 8 weeks with very little hope of survival. He survived thank god but will feel the affects no doubt forever. He was 42 at the time. That’s all the ‘evidence’ I need to know on age ranges. You don’t want the vaccine then you crack on but to call people fundamentalists or even obsessives is pathetic tbh. It’s amazing what these conversations uncover.
  5. So you’re classing the vast majority of people in this country who are protecting themselves, their friends and families, the NHS etc as obsessives and fundamentalists? Ok then…
  6. And as a 19 year old (who you quoted earlier) you are treated as an adult - can go to war, marry, buy a house etc etc etc so you can make a choice to have a vaccine. My 21 year old sister in law has as have her pals - slightly older I know but still……..she’s not been blackmailed into it but chosen to have it to protect her and her family and her friends and fellow students etc…… Regards babies and children I would need to see what the official NHS and medical advice was and take it from there but if it’s safe for them to do so then yes of course. Likewise if it is deemed they shouldn’t have it or there is no need for them to have it then I will likewise respect that. Why?
  7. I could start up a new set of arguments here easily but tbh it’s been done to death and rightly you are allowed your opinion and we’ll just never agree. I do find your staunch position strange given you’ve been happy to have it yourself mind, but at least in that respect you are protecting yourself and your family, friends, NHS and fellow citizens so good on you for that. Have a good rest of your day.
  8. There is no blackmail and no coercion - it’s for the good of all of us that as many people as possible take up the vaccine. For those who don’t its their personal choice.
  9. I love life thank you, far from ‘shitting myself behind my sofa’ I’ve been to lots of events since ‘freedom day’ () - cricket, football and tennis - the key point to me being all of these events required people to prove a negative test or a covid passport. Seems people are now faking negative tests and so it’ll have to go down the passport route for now for those that are able to have the vaccine - it’s very very simple and if you don’t want to comply that’s your choice. Simple.
  10. You are just full of nonsense I’m afraid. People have tried to engage with you in an adult conversation but time and again you either can’t prove or even back up to any extent your argument, write childish responses (see new items above) or just write rubbish which is immediately disproved to which you then get upset and or defensive about. This is a common theme across most anti vaxxer contributions I see across social media and in discussion threads. No one here is ‘shitting themselves behind the sofa’ just wanting to do what is right and proper based upon the facts available.
  11. There are not 10’s of millions at all. There’s a few thousand crack pots going on demos spouting absolute nonsense. Far from anywhere near millions.
  12. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry! On a slight positive note the son of the **** that incited violence against NHS staff has said that his mother is beyond help and needs charging; “my mum is definitely beyond help. The problem is because she is so arrogant in her world view and really truly believes that she is a conduit for the truth on a spiritual level, not just a scientific level.” He claimed that his mother thinks that she has “been anointed by God or some other higher power”, and said he had received a text message from his mother this month that read: “You need to listen to me. You and your sister are going to die. The CIA has a plot and half the UK’s population is going to be killed within five years.”
  13. No, Im asking you to provide some factual counter arguments. Not more bollocks brain washed crack pot theories. You can’t and so you are ‘out’. Good work
  14. Tell us why, in this instance, we shouldn’t then? You can’t as you’ve been asked many many times Tens of millions? Really? Where’s that then? Piers Corbyn must’ve upped his game significantly!
  15. Because he has no coherent arguments and just posts childish comments instead.
  16. And no one has called those with medical / age exemptions or any other exemptions anti vaxxers as far as I can see - both here and on wider social media? So don’t understand the point being made tbh.
  17. Jesus what? Argue your point with fact as opposed to nonsense bullshit and then stupid childish follow up comments. It’s pathetic.
  18. Yep I’ll not be attending games in the current climate where you don’t have to show proof of vaccination, exemption or negative test.
  19. They track us anyway (unless you live completely off grid), and can get any info they want about us with a few clicks of a button, so it’s a complete non argument. It’s just mass paranoia and / or an excuse on your part and every other person who uses this as yet another excuse.
  20. Control of what? Trying to control the virus and how many people it makes seriously ill and how many it kills and impacts upon NHS resources? Guessing so. Not the ‘control’ you’re referring to though that’s for sure.
  21. You don’t have to. It’s your choice. How does that not compute with you?!
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