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    RIP Tinners

    So sorry for the loss of your pal and fellow Red Rob, and condolences to all of his friends and family. Sounds like he was a very interesting and lovely bloke. RIP.
  2. I’m enjoying it very much thanks. It’s fantastic! Just sick of those who slag the manager off constantly on these pages then pretending they are ‘happy’. Thanks for the feedback though
  3. Get the **** in!!!!! There’s going to be some miserable ***** on here tonight!!! Yes!!!!!
  4. My thoughts exactly. Went in Saturday after the game during the ‘price hike’ and it was still reasonable considering a lot of Bristol prices these days - £20 odd for 5 pints. If I hadn’t read this I wouldn’t have known any different. Better to look at it that it’s just a lot cheaper sometimes - like the old 50p a pint night at uni! Still a lot cheaper than the ground and better quality as well.
  5. We’re in a worse position financially than those clubs mentioned though aren’t we? So have to be even more careful / prudent?
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    It’s rife at the rugby as well. No one from the club seems to care less!
  7. Yep that’s fair. Balanced criticism of NP is absolutely due from yesterday’s performance, as he himself said very openly in the post match interviews. We were nowhere near good enough yesterday in nearly all facets of the game and the way Bell was left to fend the right hand side was especially crazy.
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    blanked post - sorry
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    Get the point but I think we know that rugby crowds are very different to football crowds for a myriad of reasons. Not comparing like with like.
  10. Thanks Dave. I guess my point is that although relegation is looking more and more likely it’s not yet definite and so nothing will be sorted until such time that it’s confirmed as the price of the club will be dependant upon it and the administrators will obviously be looking for as much as possible. May look even more incompetent if they sell it at league 1 price and they do somehow escape?
  11. Surely a sale won’t be agreed until such time that their fate this season is known and what the likelihood of further points deductions is known. Or is that too simplistic a view?
  12. They have according to Transfermarkt - three to our one
  13. What’s the excuse for the shite referees we’ve had then?!
  14. You find fans slagging off our own players ‘entertaining’. Mores the point you are looking forward to it so much you started a thread about it a whole 5 days before the game itself. As I said. Odd.
  15. How are any of the situations Graham Potter has been in in English football in any way comparable to what NP has had to deal with here?
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