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  1. Just needed to add ‘let’s pretend we scored a goal’ by the sounds of it. God that was cringey……
  2. Think the writing has been on the well for the coaches since NP took over. Just needed to get his own men in which he has done with Curtis. Early substitutions, whilst I don’t like them I must admit, may have context. I await to see what he says when asked but maybe an injury, niggle, or just tactical. Agree Simpson though is not a great replacement. Regardless though the fact of the matter is we were left up shit creak by that ***t Ashton and we now have to rebuild which includes staying up this year, nothing more.
  3. Very true. And it’ll be worth it if it does
  4. Yep hopefully one follows the other. But feel a home win is more important and would very much settle many peoples nerves. I don’t care where we get the points but understand why many do.
  5. And who are these mythical figures passing you these ‘messages’? I think you’re lying. Happy for you to prove otherwise.
  6. With the money spent we should be Brighton currently playing the champions love on Sky at the top of the Prem. Or we should have at least been in a similar position at least once or twice over the years Criminal the money wasted here and the ‘leadership’ of Ashton especially.
  7. Not really surprising given the relative values and strengths of the squads today.
  8. Do you honestly think our current situation has nothing to do with how Ashton and LJ left us? Spunking all the kitty and more on shite, stripping rhe squad of quality, replacing with shite and leaving us nothing to work with of note? Having to scratch around to sign a £350k defender from Carlisle? If not you’re as bad as the person I was actually responding to. As that was the point.
  9. Hope they are ok ID. Seems a worrying trend atm.
  10. Yeah I would really take being back pre stadium rebuild overall I think. But that’s more to do with atmosphere and togetherness. Just an ‘event’ these days. Like the cinema or theatre.
  11. Sorry not sure what your referring to as I think a post may be missing but really hope everyone is ok
  12. You literally have no idea how football works do you. It’s ok, it’s rhetorical.
  13. Sorry literally no idea what your talking about. Quoted the wrong post maybe?
  14. It’s genuinely unbelievable. No ******* clue
  15. I’d heartily disagree on this. Cardiff look absolutely dog dirt imho. Will be shocked if we are behind them come the end of the season.
  16. What do you expect ffs? Where was your anger at Ashton and LJ for bleeding out clubs coffers dry? Nowhere iirc.
  17. Never ceases to amaze me the anger Pearson gets. The anger should be directed at that smarmy ***t Ashton and his sidekick LJ for ****Ing us over so badly that we are left in this position with no money and a weak squad.
  18. As in Palace as well? Didn’t know he was Bristolian if it’s him.
  19. Pittman has scored again for the Gas. Can we afford to buy him back in Jan?!
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