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  1. I have and they aren’t much different to here tbh. No ones happy with the current situation.
  2. No offence but this is mentioned a lot already In the DH thread. Not sure it needed a new one.
  3. If the latest update is signing Nagy a year ago I could comment if wanted to. As much as I dont like City’s media team and the generally embarrassing cringey content they produce thought it best to provide balance here.
  4. I think the board will have to back him to the hilt if he’s appointed, including keeping him if we are near the drop zone. They won’t be able to back track on this one until it’s too late. IF he’s appointed and if he he’s not successful of course.
  5. Bit of revisionism regards Walsh and Morrell and some of the usual spiel in there, but comes across fairly well. Shame he didn’t speak with a bit more heart and passion and cut out the bull when he was manager. Maybe he is one who comes across as better in print.
  6. Sorry mate knew that’s what you meant - should’ve said. Whatever it is it’ll be complete and utter rollocks - will be fun watching whoever announces it squirm though (as well as completely embarrassing!)
  7. That would be incredible to be fair.
  8. And that will be part of his problem imho. Easy street for them as opposed to the fresh approach we were told was coming.
  9. In complete contrast to what SL said on Talksport....will be sickening if true.
  10. Nothing much has changed there then
  11. But it’s not an excuse and people just won’t buy it (not saying you are btw) especially given what SL said on Talksport. All clubs are in the same boat with Covid and everyone in football will need to cut their cloth accordingly including managers looking for a new job / step up. Also how does it make Holden look (and feel) if they essentially say he’s the cheap option because of the pandemic?
  12. Sorry you’ve lost me. We’re talking about appointing a manager here aren’t we?
  13. And again, that would be understandable and would not be a reason not to appoint a manager with a proven track record as opposed to another stooge. Plenty of managers work with small budgets. It’s a bullshit excuse - if that’s what it comes to.
  14. Not ‘cutting the mustard’ and not agreeing to work within a budget (a very very handsome budget if what LJ had is anything to go by) and develop youth are two different things so which is it? You are just talking absolute crap - bending every argument to the nth degree to suit. With all due respect of course.....
  15. I agree. And what makes you think that most managers with a track record wouldn’t agree either?
  16. Well in that case the ‘ethos’ is well and truly fooooked.
  17. I’d forgive them everything if they turned off the lights in the stands at night games
  18. The perfect ‘yes man’ then in other words?
  19. Good football?!! Did you watch any of the games?
  20. Football for me always has been and always will be about passion. And the current set up in the board room and certainly the apparent appointment of Holden inspires none of it despite millions and millions spent. I don’t give two flying tosses about pragmatism.
  21. Jesus. Funny really, if it wasn’t so sad and desperate.
  22. Oh come on. You surely cannot believe that.
  23. Nearly every Prem club is foreign owned. 40/50% of Champ clubs. I couldn’t give a rats arse whether the owner of our club comes from Bristol or Timbuktu quite frankly because when he makes appointments like DH despite yet again promising the Earth then you can quite clearly see he doesn’t ‘love the club’ quite as much as you think he does. Personally I’ve never got the impression that he does love City as a true fan - his comments about the fan base during the LJ saga a couple of years ago confirmed it for me - and that he just sees us as his way of leaving a legacy. All conjecture
  24. No chance - with all due respect. Timing doesn’t help certainly, but appointing DH at any time would be seen as a complete and utter cluster **** by many.
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